The All Things Coheed Podcast
The All Things Coheed Podcast
All Things Coheed Podcast
The All Things Coheed Podcast! Made by fans, for fans. Whether you're a new or old fan, this is the podcast for you! Join your hosts Devin, and a guy named Rob, as they cover the wide spectrum of albums, comics, and many side projects, in addition to current happenings in the world of Coheed.
Episode 112- Post-Cruise Pt. 2 + 2023 Finale
For our final episode of 2023, Devin and A Guy Named Rob discuss the events of the S.S. Neverender II in depth! We also have a few features from COTF who shared their experiences this year. See y’all in 2024 for more All Things Coheed! Moments Before vinyl:
Dec 29, 2023
1 hr 43 min
Episode 111- Post-Cruise Pt. 1 + L.S. Dunes, WWWY, and NWFT Comic Hype
Join Devin and A Guy Named Rob as we go over some of the rad happenings on the S.S. Neverender II, talk about the current L.S. Dunes tour, the upcoming When We Were Young Festival, and the pre-orders for No World For Tomorrow. We also choose a winner of our MBBM Revolver variants giveaway!
Nov 17, 2023
58 min
Episode 110- My Brother's Blood Machine Issue 6
Join Devin, Jan, Holley, and Alex as we discuss the secrets of Margretville. the final issue of My Brother's Blood Machine... for now? Evil Ink: Jetpack Comics Variant: Revolver Variant: Jetpack Comics TPB:
Nov 3, 2023
59 min
Episode 109- Post-Tour, Pre-Cruise: S.S. Neverender II Hype
Join Alyssamarie, Blue, Devin, and A Guy Named Rob as we close out discussion on the NWFTWM Neverender tour, and get hype for the S.S. Neverender II... Stay until the end of the episode for a bonus mini-interview with Sean Redman of The Neverenders!!! Be sure to check out our socials to learn how to win a custom 1 of 4 skate deck signed by Coheed and Cambria (special thanks to Andrew Burford). Coheed and Cambria Second U.S. Leg Tour Poster APs - Drum Set Confessional Fan T-Shirt Design Competition - L.S. Dunes Merch - S.S. Neverender -
Oct 20, 2023
1 hr 36 min
Episode 108- Pre-Cruise MEGA Interview
Devin and A Guy Named Rob get together with a ton of COTF who are going on the S.S. Neverender! We talk lineups, setlists, and activities, all while getting to know the members of our community. We hope you enjoy this absolutely jam packed episode filled with laughs and excitement! Follow our guests: Andrew: Check out Andrew's collection page, here: Chel: Check out Chel's music, here: Cookeh: Follow Cookeh on Twitch, here: Cypress: Jeremy: Josh: Check out the Free For All podcast, here: Kim: Lizzy: Matthew: Randi: Ray: Ryan: Skylar: A ton of our guests gave a shout out to Josh Eppard's Drum Set Confessional- check out their website, here:
Oct 6, 2023
2 hr 47 min
Episode 107- All Things Nate Kelley
On this very special episode of All Things Coheed, Devin and A Guy Named Rob are joined by original Coheed and Cambria/ Shabutie/ Beautiful Loser drummer, the legendary Nate Kelley. Nate has also been a part of a few other projects, which you can check out here: Laterals: Divest (Live at CBGB's): Lazy Suns: Pontius Pilate Sales Pitch: Johnny Neutrino And The Secret Weapon:
Sep 22, 2023
1 hr 26 min
Episode 106- End Of Summer '23 Jamboree
On this episode of the All Things Coheed podcast, Devin and A Guy Named Rob jump into recent news across Heaven’s Fence. With new side project happenings, merch, and a few announcements of our own, we are happy to be releasing another episode for our listeners. My Brother’s Blood Machine Vinyl and Trade Paperback + Signed Print (IMPORTANT UPDATE: deadline extended- order by 9/10 for a Claudio signature!) Coheed Coffee: Old Wounds/ Benadryl Subreddit Vinyl: S.S. Neverender: Drum Set Confessional Merch: Also, Josh has a new Patreon! Check it out here:
Sep 8, 2023
32 min
Episode 105- Drum Set Confessional Interview Pt. 2
Josh Eppard and Robert Aronoff continue their interview with ATC. In this part we talk about Vaxis III, recording TCBTS, movies, the second S.S. Neverender, and what Drum Set Confessional was like live! Plus, updates on Red Dawn, The Paint Awake, and so much more. This is not an episode you want to miss!
Aug 25, 2023
1 hr 6 min
Episode 104- Drum Set Confessional Interview Pt. 1
Josh Eppard and Robert Aronoff join Devin and A Guy Named Rob as we talk about dealing with addiction, the formation of Drum Set Confessional, and things to come. This is part one of a two part interview! Be sure to follow Drum Set Confessional over on their socials YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: And check out their website here:
Aug 11, 2023
1 hr 9 min
Episode 103- Side Project Surprise Summer '23
Join Devin and A Guy Named Rob as we discuss the upcoming L.S. Dunes and The Prize Fighter Inferno tours! Claudio's twitch: PFI tour dates: L.S. Dunes tour dates:
Jul 28, 2023
38 min
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