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Metal music discussion and interviews with people in all aspects of the underground and above! Support this podcast:
Ep 18- Build a Band Workshop
In this episode returning guests Micah and Patrick join me in making 3 kickass bands out of deceased musicians. We also talk US festival names because why not. Disclosure: My mic gets crappier as the episode goes on, apologies upfront for it --- Support this podcast:
Sep 5
49 min
EP-17 Johnny Throckmorton
Back in the early 2000's, a band from Richmond VA caught my attention with their outrageous name. That band's name was Alabama Thunderpussy (also featuring the legendary Erik Larsen from Avail fame on guitar). I met Johnny when my band Temptation's Wings played a show with his current band He Wolf in Richmond VA in the summer of 2019. I professed my love of that band to him that night and decided he was perfect for this podcast when I started it earlier this year.  We talk about all kinds of subjects including pre internet promoting, High on Fire, Waken, Richmond bands now and then, crooked contracts and so much more! --- Support this podcast:
Sep 5
1 hr 19 min
Ep 16 Sabbath VS Sabbath
2 men enter, both men leave? Our first ever vs episode pits 2 champions against the impossible task of what era of sabbath was better. Returning guests Joe Eldridge(Lord Shadebeast) and the pride of Kentucky Pat Whitaker battle it out. Find out who reigns supreme! --- Support this podcast:
Sep 5
55 min
Ep-15 Jarvis Leatherby
Curious to hear what hard work and dedication can do? Meet Jarvis Leatherby, mastermind,  singer and bassist of the excellent American heavy metal band Night Demon from Ventura, CA. I met these guys by getting them a date here in Asheville NC while on tour for their debut album back in 2015. We reminisce about that time and talk about the rise of Night Demon since then. Enjoy!! --- Support this podcast:
Sep 5
1 hr 54 min
Ep 14-Top 6-6-6 Volume 1
We decided to try something a bit different in this episode and have 3 opinions on the top 6 underrated bands going right now. It was a pretty fun episode and we hope you dig it! --- Support this podcast:
Sep 5
1 hr 6 min
Ep-13 Talking Soundtracks
Were back from a small break and still talking music! Me and Patrick talked up some soundtracks to some movies tv and video games that we remembered from our youth, we didn't love each one we picked but the requirement for choosing them was nostalgia. Enjoy!! --- Support this podcast:
Sep 5
1 hr 9 min
EP-12 Matt Evans
If you have ever been to the Odditorium in Asheville to see a band then this guy made it possible. This unsung hero's name is Matt Evans and he is the booking manager for The Odditorium. In this episode we discuss the perils and rewards of booking acts for a venue and some Asheville music talk of course! --- Support this podcast:
Sep 5
1 hr 16 min
Ep 11-Sebastian Baltes
Were cranking it up to 11 for this episode talking to the bassist for Howling Giant, Seabass. You may remember him from Ep 6 but this time we speak about growing up with a father who had some huge accomplishments as a touring musician as the bass player for Accept. Not many people can say their dad rocks and really mean it! --- Support this podcast:
Sep 5
1 hr 24 min
Ep 10-Skulthor Ebonblade Retrospective
In case you don't know I play drums in the band Temptation's Wings. I got the guys together to make an episode on our first album we made with Chad in the band on bass. Listen as we talk each track and what our overall thoughts of the album 3 years later are! --- Support this podcast:
Sep 16, 2020
1 hr
Ep 9-David Paul Seymour
Art is such an important part of music, this man's is among the best! I go back with David from being a fan to a client to an acquaintance of sorts. He took time out of his super busy schedule to tell me whats been going on with all his projects and we get a sneak peak of what it sounds like when somebody is in his yard without permission! --- Support this podcast:
Sep 16, 2020
58 min
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