The Adventures of Danny and Mike
The Adventures of Danny and Mike
Jeremy Balon, Danny Tamberelli, Michael C. Maronna
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Not exactly weekly, but I do love these guys
Interesting guys with interesting topics and guests, with a healthy dose of nostalgia. It’s cool to feel like I now know the stars of a fantastic show of my childhood (which holds up beautifully by the way). Jeremy holds it together, so props to him too!
How I got here
I was watching an AOP&P DVD today and decided to read the Wikipedia artie... uh, article as it played. At the very bottom, the last thing I read, was that there is a podcast, airing weekly.
So good
Such a great podcast! Love it!
Awesomeness Personified
It's two guys from my childhood, who still know how to put a smile on my face. It makes me happy knowing how these T.V. brothers have grown up to still enjoy eachothers company. There's nothing to not like about listening to this show.
Lifeless Blue Dog Ball!!!
Love that these guys (Danny-Pete & Mike C.-Pete)are doing this! Been listening since the beginig and it's lots of fun! Loved the show "Adventures of Pete&Pete" (of course) as a kid, again in my 20's and still now at 40...What, you didn't know that? KEEP IT UP GUYS!!! (jeremy included) #NightCrawlers4Life
Cool beans
Part of my week thanks guys:
Western horror champ
Not funny
Trash. Whataburger is delicious
Dr. Pi Ness
Can’t live without Danny & Mike!
The Politics Man
Pete and Pete!!!!!!
I am blown away that there’s a podcast with “Pete and Pete”! I haven’t gotten to listen to an episode yet, but from the reviews I’m sure I won’t be disappointed! It’s awesome to see these guys are back together and making this podcast
Chaloux Shoots
A must-listen!
I just learned this podcast existed yesterday, being a giant “Pete and Pete” fan I had to listen. These two still have great chemistry and the topics are interesting
Missing something
Usually the episodes are hit or miss, with a strong guests the guys are great, then sometimes you end up listening to an hour of tense dialogue and inside jokes.
You have to let it grow on you.
I started listening to this podcast last fall during after a nostalgia kick viewing of Pete and Pete (seems to be the norm). I can't remember what the first episode I listened to was but I decided to listen to more and more, jumping around their archive accumulated over the past few years. Eventually it just grows on you. It's impossible to sell this podcast to anyone else. The only way to explain it is "These two guys who played brothers on a Nick show talk, sometimes with a guest." Sometimes the episodes are super awkward (I really do not recommend the first minisode but the second is alright). Generally the worst episodes are ones where Mike is insecure and mean, Jeremy is insecure and awkward/unfunny, and Danny seems more like a babysitter than a participant. This isn't super common, definitely don't let it discourage you from further listening. What's really great about this podcast is also what makes it so difficult to explain it to others: there's no theme, rhyme, or reason for any of this. They're (usually) good conversationalists. At their best, Mike is super funny, Danny is great at adding to the conversation/making sure guests feel comfortable and open and allowing laughs to grow, and producer Jeremy makes great call-backs. Eventually this podcast feels like having friends who you can listen to contently in any setting. I usually listen at work to pass the time. There are some really touching episodes (there's the one-shot where Jeremy talks about a childhood diagnosis and Mike discusses his depression) and some really hilarious episodes that never get old (Taylor Hamberelli, Video Gaming Live w/ Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon, Getting Grieco'd, and Corrupt Files). Just listen to it. Start with some of these suggestions and see if it's for you. The best episodes are the ones that came out this past winter/fall (2016/2017) and the non-lives from this late spring/summer 2017. Also pat me on the back for avoiding a forced Pete and Pete pun to round this review out.
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Very enjoyable. Feels like you are hanging with pals at the bar. Fun little podcast.
Not My Thing
Nothing happened during the episode. Best of luck with future endeavors.
Rich 3017
Good boys
Entertaining fellows
Truly enjoy the podcast. Got into a P&P nostalgia kick awhile back, led me to the new stuff they were doing and I haven't looked back. Good on ya, mates. Keep up the good work
Mr. Stephen Pike
A text message to my sister:
"Just to catch you up so you're not wondering about this podcast-- Danny tamberelli aka little Pete is about 34 and you can hear the years of cigarettes and cholesterol in his voice. Sexy in an aging Italian way. Mike aka big Pete is 38 (that's right, pushing 40. We're old) is monotone and does NO emoting (hearing him say the word sex is confusing edging towards disturbing). They live in Brooklyn (probably) and the whole podcast is just them talking about random personal stuff (mutual friends, chipped teeth, where they went to lunch, etc.) peppered with long seconds of complete silence. It's kind of cool that they've been good friends since Pete and Pete and when they are funny little Pete is more goofy and big Pete has a super biting wit. Don't know if you care about any of that stuff but there it is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯" Her response? "That sounds terrible" One star for long friendships, one star for big Pete's (admittedly rare) moments of sparkling wit.
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Listen to Jounce!
I usually don't like podcasts but this podcast is awesome & All That!
Happily Deranged!
This podcast is absolutely awesome! Danny and Mike are as funny as ever, and their back and forth banter and rants are enjoyable and awesomely nostalgic. Good to see these two being the Petes again!
Holy fcuk!
I'm so mad at myself for not knowing this podcast existed sooner!! They're the best.
DJ Brightside
Great podcast! Keep up the great shows! :)
Why didn't I know this existed sooner?!
I really hope there's more, this is a dream come true for lifelong fans of Pete & Pete.
(Insert Jamaican horn)
Blood brothers til the end
As a huge Pete and Pete fan I was excited it seems like they never stopped being brothers. It just keeps getting better and better every episode and I find myself laughing out loud
Good. But it gets rough sometimes.
I've enjoyed almost every episode of the show so far.... except the December show. Is there a "razzie" awards for podcasts? I want to submit that episode for worst podcast episode of all time.
Your fake TV brothers are here for you
Are you kidding? This is like a podcast dream - Danny and Mike all grown up with stories to tell but still the same guys who were so great on Pete & Pete, and with Kurt B on the first episode no less.
Nick Bensen
Funny for Pete & Pete's sake!
I was at comikaze, met the Pete's and they are awesome and the podcast is great and funny! -the punisher
Love it!!!
Definitely need these more than once a month. So great.
Quite the podcast, these guys truly don't hold back! Highly recommended
elementary backstroke
good to see you guys are not dead or worse. why can't i get this podcast on kreb-tunes?
Just stumbled upon this. Awesome to see (hear?) these two together
PLEEASE DON'T JUST DO ONCE A MONTH!! This is too good of an idea. I love your show.
Dan From NJghnbmdsdjsjaka
Not Bad.
Little Pete has grown up to sound eerily similar to Doug Benson.
KrebStar Hydro-Thruster 2000
I had to stop at 30min, Now I'm trying again.
From the vast wasteland of podcasts out there it's easy to tell when you have funny guys who are great conversationalists. This podcast is not that. I was so excited to see this I subscribed immediatly. Now I'm just passing the 32 minute mark waiting for it to be funny or even vaugly interesting. I'll tag along for the sake of nostalgia in hopes it gets better but man. If these guys were talking in the other room I would ask them to keep it down.
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Im the Derby
Good for fans of Pete and Pete
Awesome, If you grew up watching Pete and Pete that means you have all kinds of questions and concerns like I do. Hopefully this podcast can clear some of those questions up for us. First episode was great, can not wait for next episode. Thanks for coming back danny an mike!!
I like this. I don't feel the need to elaborate. 5 stars
Macks Jacks
Great First Show Guys
Episode 1 is a great hour-long stint about the 9/11 conspiracy and how little Pete was behind it all. Also, Portland and strippers...lots and lots of strippers. Excellent episode. Looking forward to more adventures.
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