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That Paleo Show
The Wellness Couch
Dr Brett Hill (Chiropractor) is passionate about helping people get healthy naturally and believes that your body needs no help to perform at it’s best, just no interference. This show will help you get back to basics and redefine the way you eat, think, and move in order to maximise your innate potential.
TPS 286: This Is The End
“This is the end, beautiful friend, the end” The Doors After 6 years of recording That Paleo Show once a week it is time for it to come to an end. In this short episode I explain why I have decided to end That Paleo Show, have an chance to thank all of you for Listen In
Nov 15, 2018
12 min
TPS 285: CrossFit and Paleo with Maty Barker
This week we get the lowdown on CrossFit and Paleo (and what Brett is really like at the gym) from his CrossFit Coach Maty Barker. Maty shares his story from being the ‘fat kid’ at school to getting into fitness and diet and eventually making it a career. In a very entertaining episode Maty shares Listen In
Oct 18, 2018
33 min
TPS 284: Natural energy and detoxification with Dr Elson Haas
This week Brett and George are joined by an integrative doctor with 40 years experience to talk about why he believes health comes from “lifestyle first, natural therapies next and drugs and surgery last”. Dr Elson Haas shares his wisdom developed over 4 decades in practice to talk about how to re-calibrate your bodies energy, Listen In
Oct 11, 2018
32 min
TPS 283: Paleo Pro
This week Brett and George talk to Bill Fitzsimmons and Douglas Smith from Paleo Pro about healthy sources of protein and the benefits of collagen. Bill and Doug share with us a little about their journey and their passion for helping people perform at their best with a diet of ‘happy plants and happy animals’. Listen In
Oct 4, 2018
32 min
TPS 282: Additive Free Kids
This week George and Brett interview Francine Bell from Additive Free Kids about all of the nasties that are creeping into our kids foods. Francine shares her experiences with her 5 boys who experienced challenges ranging from asthma to behavioural issues and inflammatory issues that she believes can be attributed to these additives. In a Listen In
Sep 27, 2018
33 min
TPS 281: Going Primal
This week Brett welcomes back Helen Marshall from The Primal Alternative to talk about her journey to ill health following conventional wisdom and back again following a primal lifestyle. Helen shares how she was introduced to the low fat message back in England and how eventually when coupled with her lifestyle, and then the addition Listen In
Sep 20, 2018
34 min
TPS 280: What is the perfect microbiome?
This week Brett interviews The Functional Naturopath, Dan Sipple about gut health, leaky gut, IBS and a whole lot more. This interview topic was sparked by a follower of George’s Facebook page (Civilized Caveman) who wanted to know more and Dan certainly delivers. The conversation ranges from Dan’s health journey, to what we know about Listen In
Sep 13, 2018
33 min
TPS 279: LIVE from The Wellness Summit
This week is a bit of an episode with a difference as we join Brett LIVE at The Wellness Summit to hear his talk “You Can Handle The Truth” presented to the sold out crowd of 600 people in the Collingwood Town Hall in Melbourne. Brett talks about personal responsibility, authenticity, the nature of truth Listen In
Sep 6, 2018
24 min
TPS 278: FLASHBACK – When we first met George
This weeks episode of That Paleo Show is a blast from the past as we head back to 2014, when we first met George Bryant on That Paleo Show. George shared his inspirational story and background (as well as his love for bacon and hugs) and we all fell in love with the great man. Listen In
Aug 30, 2018
34 min
TPS 277: Bondi Rescue
This week Brett has a great chat with Andrew Reid and Dean Gladstone from the hit TV show Bondi Rescue about what they do to keep in shape and to maintain their health. The boys talk about everything from diet, to exercise and mindset and have such a great, laid back, practical approach to health Listen In
Aug 23, 2018
33 min
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