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Thank Me Later
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Great show
Lee and Noelle Kay are super talented and provide great content on the culture! Do yourself a favor and subscribe to this show and give them the 5 stars they deserve!!!
Sole Searching
Good Lookin Lee has such a great sound. The show gives some insight into NYC that is usually not in the limelight. The podcast is great and covers topics from Black issues (including Queer!) among other topics that you can relate to whether you are Queer & Black or not.
it’s good. very very good
Heard about this in a small FB group. Listened, laughed, learned. Subscribed! The candor between the hosts and their guests is what makes this show. They lay it all out in the table. Much love -cbc from High Hopes Podcast
Raw af🔥🔥🔥
I love your energy ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿 keep doing yo thang love! Great topics and delivery on point
Queen Quaymo
Well rounded show
Funny hosts, fun topics and interesting guests! There are many intriguing people as guests from creatives, entrepreneurs and jewelry makers! It’s easy to binge a bunch of episodes in one siting since there are so many to choose from! Great content!
Great Show!
Production value is excellent. Love the content.
Love it!
Great show, I love the insight and how diverse the topics are. Great energy, I’m always waiting on the next show to drop!
the authenticity and love is real. support & blessings! ✨
Yassssss 👏👏👏 issaaaaa vibeeeeee
ThankMeLater podcast top 2 and its not 2.
The host Lee and Zoe lead these episodes around a variety of topics. Exploring sides of the LGBT community, the entertainment industry and so much more. This podcast is genuinely so refreshing. It gives a face and an identity to a community that has been lacking in the podcast space. Its informative and I can feel some of my own experiences being reflected on the show. Not to mention its entertaining!! There is definitely a good balance of seriousness and friendly banter. From Lee’s mini tangents to Zoe’s sly remarks the show will have you dying. They’re funny as hell! Its Definitely worth a listen and I cant wait to hear whats next !
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Fan since day 1
I am so honored to know and happy for my dear friend “GoodLookinLee”. This goes back to the days when we’d have conversations in BBB staircase about your hopes and dreams and to watch you flourish and smash each and every goal you’ve set out to accomplish. This is by far one of my favorite podcast shows. I find myself eager to listen in for the new one each week. Thank you for the entertainment and continuing to be your genuine self. Keep striving Lee!
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Yeni B
Millennials W Millionaire Minds
Valuable topics, content that'll make you laugh and make you think, keep it up !
Important mixed with Entertainment
Really love the content and the way the hosts can flow from a very hard but important topic to then talk something fun and lighthearted. It makes for great podcast content when I walk away feeling a range of feelings. Please keep producing great content for this fan!
Absolutely LOVE this show!!
What refreshing people discussing interesting topics! I love this podcast! Extremely addicting! Keep up the great work!!!!
Great show, great content!
Love the show, makes me laugh the whole running time. Keep them coming!