Terrorism 360 Podcast
Terrorism 360 Podcast
Gary LaFree
Terrorism 360° is a podcast brought to you by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) headquartered at the University of Maryland. In this podcast, Dr. Gary LaFree, the Founding Director of START, interviews the world’s leading experts on terrorism and responses to terrorism. This podcast explores their research, their insights into the causes and consequences of terrorism, and their recommendations for policy makers. The central organizing principle of this podcast is that sensible policy on terrorism requires an objective, science-based approach. But beyond this, we would like to approach terrorism from a wide variety of perspectives—hence the title, Terrorism 360. Our 15 guests on the podcast are all researchers who have contributed directly to scholarship on terrorism. In selecting our guests, we have tried to invite a diversity of opinions.  Some of our guests feel that worldwide responses to terrorism have not been strong enough—others feel that they have been far too strong. Some feel that the threat of terrorism is increasing—others that it is diminishing. See more on our website at start.umd.edu
EP 15: Peace and Conflict: A Conversation with Jonathan Wilkenfeld
In this episode of Terrorism 360°, Founding Director of START Dr. Gary LaFree interviews Dr. Jonathan Wilkenfeld, a professor at the University of Maryland and Director of the ICONS simulation project at START. He is a specialist in foreign policy decision-making, crisis behavior, and mediation, as well as in the use of simulation in political science. Since 1977, Wilkenfeld has served as co-Director of the International Crisis Behavior Project, a cross-national study of international crises in the twentieth century.
Dec 18, 2018
1 hr 4 min
EP 14: Building Community Resilience to Terrorism: A Conversation with Stevan Weine
In this episode of Terrorism 360°, Founding Director of START Dr. Gary LaFree interviews Dr. Stevan Weine, a professor of Psychiatry at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine, where he also the Director of the Center for Global Health and Director of Global Medicine. His research mission is to develop, implement, and evaluate psychosocial interventions that are feasible, acceptable, and effective with respect to the complex real-life contexts where migrants and refugees live.
Dec 18, 2018
48 min
EP 13: ISIS and Religiously Inspired Terrorism: A Conversation with Jessica Stern
In this episode of Terrorism 360°, Founding Director of START Dr. Gary LaFree interviews Dr. Jessica Stern, an expert on perpetrators of violence and the possible connections between trauma and terror in the field of terrorism studies. She has written on terrorist groups across religions and ideologies, among them neo-Nazis, Islamists, anarchists, and white supremacists, writing also about anti-terrorist movements. She is currently working on a study of Radovan Karadzic, a former politician indicted for war crimes in Bosnia.
Dec 11, 2018
1 hr 6 min