Teller County Sheriff Podcast
Teller County Sheriff Podcast
The Teller County Sheriff's Office
This is a podcast to enable Sheriff Jason Mikesell to speak directly to his constituents.
Public Service Announcement - Marijuana and Colorado’s Crime Rate
In this public service announcement, Sheriff Mikesell discusses marijuana and its relationship to the rising crime rate throughout Colorado. He also discusses the dangers allowing local recreational dispensaries presents to the residents of Teller County and especially to our children. He identifies the current push for recreational dispensaries as coming from casino owners who do not want to pay local taxes and who do not live in the area and therefore have no personal stake in our residential quality of life.
Aug 2, 2022
14 min
TCSO Podcast - National Night Out
Sheriff Mikesell, Lieutenant Bunting, and Tommy from the Honorary Deputy Sheriff Association discuss the upcoming law enforcement / community event, the National Night Out which will be taking place the evening of August 2nd.
Jul 20, 2022
9 min
TCSO Podcast - Welcome to the New DIrector of the Offfice of Emergency Management
In this episode, we welcome Jay Teague as the new Director for the Office of Emergency Management and talk about the roles and responsibilities of the office.
Jun 14, 2022
32 min
TCSO Podcast - Emergency Notification in Teller County
We want to make sure everyone possible in Teller County is able to receive emergency notifications that are specific to their locations. We recently found that some residents were having trouble or confusion accessing Peak Alerts, the emergency alert system from the El Paso and Teller County 9-1-1 Authority. So this episode will help you along with the process, let you know about the system's capabilities, and dispel any false rumors about the system. Once registered the phone numbers you may receive notifications from are: The Teller County Sheriff's Office: 719 387 7723 The Woodland Park Police Department: 719 354 2703 Or the 9-1-1 authority: 88911 To sign up for Peak Alerts, go to For more information on how Peak Alerts works, go to
May 24, 2022
24 min
TCSO Podcast - The ”Ready, Set, Go” Evacuation Model and Pre-Planning for an Emergency
Today in a bit of a different format, Tommy from the Honorary Deputy Sheriff's Association, with help from Commander Sullivan and Lieutenant Bunting talk to you about preparing for an evacuation should it become necessary in an emergency.
May 12, 2022
9 min
TCSO Podcast - Sitting Down with the Woodland Park Chief of Police
In this episode, Sheriff Mikesell, Lieutenant Bunting, and Tommy from the HDSA welcome Woodland Park's Chief of Police, Chief Chris Deisler. We discuss his background, his relationship with his officers, other first responders and the community, and his vision for the future of Woodland Park PD. Find out more about the Woodpand Park PD at
May 5, 2022
19 min
TCSO Podcast - The Sheriff Speaks About Crime Rates and Fighting Crime in the Current Climate
Tommy Allen from the Honorary Deputy Sheriff Association hosts this podcast and is joined by Sheriff Mikesell and Lieutenant Bunting with Undersheriff Bishop lending support in the background!
Apr 28, 2022
34 min
TSCO Podcast - Teller County Public Health
I apologize for the long break between podcasts. I tested positive for COVID-19 and was observing quarantine guidance over the two weeks we didn't post anything. On that note, this week's podcast is with Teller County Public Health. Tommy Allen from the Honorary Deputy Sheriff Association, Sheriff Jason Mikesell, and Lieutenant Renee Bunting are joined by the outgoing Public Health Director Martha Hubbard and the incoming Director Michelle Wolff. In the podcast we thank Ms. Hubbard for her service to Teller County, welcome Ms. Wolff who will continue to provide great leadership, and talk about the services of Public Health (not just with COVID-19 but with all their services). For more information on COVID-19, you can visit
Nov 11, 2021
20 min
TCSO Podcast - Meeting our Superintendents of Schools
In today's world, it seems a great Superintendent has to be part administrator, part counselor, and part superhero. With that in mind, we have the distinct pleasure of welcoming our county's Superintendents into the studio. Mathew Neal, Superintendent of Schools for the Woodland Park School District and Miriam Mondragon, Superintendent of Schools for the Cripple Creek and Victor School District join Commander Lad Sullivan, Lieutenant Renee Bunting, and Tommy Allen from the HDSA to introduce themselves to our listeners and to talk about the current and future times for our county's schools.
Oct 19, 2021
27 min
TCSO Podcast - Driver Preparedness  and Road Safety
We are very excited to be starting up the Teller County Sheriff's Office Podcast again! This episode is hosted by Tommy Allen of the Honorary Deputy Sheriff Association, and he's joined by Sheriff Jason Mikesell, Commander Lad Sullivan, and Lieutenant Renee Bunting. The subject for today is driver preparedness in general and in relation to the coming colder weather. We also talk briefly about Shop with a Hero, which will take place in December. If you wish to donate, go to and click the "Take Action" button on the upper right of the page.
Oct 11, 2021
14 min
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