Tell Me About Your Song
Tell Me About Your Song
Jacob Haller
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Love It
Last night, I had the chance to sit down with Jacob for an upcoming episode. This is a wonderful podcast and Jacob's sense of humor and candor really make it something special.
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Great podcast, if you like songs or storytelling. I love hearing the process and story behind the music, great skills at interviewing as well.
Really fascinating and helpful
I came to "Tell Me About Your Song" via "Song Exploder," and I'm really pleased that I did. I'm a music fan and aspiring songwriter, so this podcast really floats my boat. It gives some really interesting insight into quite diverse processes of the chosen songwriters. The host, Jacob Haller, is a talented songwriter himself, and his intelligent and profound questions are very often what I'd ask myself. I highly recommend this to music enthusiasts and/or songwriters.
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he said what?
Great angle on songwriting
I love the format of diving deep into one song: hearing the musician to musician conversation with questions about lyrics, themes, instruments, chord choices... As a musician who lived in Rhode Island for 5 years, it’s a great way to get my “Rhode Island fix” and continue the connection with a state filled with great music-makers. It was great to hear Jacob Haller turn the magnifying glass on himself as a guest once, and also to hear the ways he gets songwriters to say a lot — even when they start out thinking they have nothing much to say!
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R Panitch
Love it! Thoughtful and inspiring. Casual, but carefully edited so as to make each minute count.
Grace Elm
I didn't know most of the artists or songs before digging into this podcast and I have enjoyed getting to know both better. Jacob is clearly a thoughtful, smart, and engaging interviewer. I went back over the list to recommend a good one to start with. And you know what? They're all great. Highly recommended.
Best behind-the-scenes peek
I loved the episodes I've listened to so far. These songwriters are so articulate about their inspirations, as well as honest about the themes that have emerged through the song-writing process. Jacob Haller gives the songwriters the freedom to be wide-ranging in where the conversation goes - exactly what I want from a podcast like this. Thanks for doing it!
My favorite new podcast
As a fan, it's fun to hear the stories behind the songs. As a songwriter, it's interesting to hear other songwriters' methods. The conversations are casual, which puts both the subjects and the listener at ease. Very well done. I look forward to future episodes.
Ian Fitzgerald
Worth the 20 minutes!
A fascinating glimpse into the artistic process of various songwriters. When I heard of this podcast, I thought it was a good concept, but the actual podcast is not just good, its great. Both interviewer and interviewees are genuine and interesting. Bonus points for the cool-factor of having possibly-unreleased recordings of the songs discussed.