Tell Me About Your Mother
Tell Me About Your Mother
Critical Frequency
Your mom is likely the first female role model you had--good or bad. Journalist Amy Westervelt talks to a variety of women about what their mothers taught them, connecting these personal histories to the broader story of modern women.
New Year, New Book, and Introducing New Pods!
Check out Amy's new book, Forget "Having It All": How America Messed Up Motherhood—and How to Fix It  ( We'll be back with another season later in 2019, but in the meantime, check out some other Critical Frequency pods, Peace of Mind with Bhi Bhiman ( launching January 18th and The Double Shift (, the podcast for a new generation of mothers, launching February 11th.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 5, 2019
4 min
Best of TMAYM, with Ashley C. Ford, Porochista Khakpour, Rebecca Traister, Aparna Nancherla, and more
In our season 3 finale, we take a listen back through three seasons full of fascinating women. Episode sponsors: StoryWorth - visit for $20 offZola - visit to start your free website and get $50 off your registry completion Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 10, 2018
38 min
What Amy Roost Learned from Her Mom about Civil Rights, Keeping Quiet, Parenting, and More
Journalist and podcaster Amy Roost has a really incredible life story, starting with the fact that she was a "replacement" child in a wild adoption story. Here she tells us that story, plus how watching her mother taught her to fight for civil rights, never live vicariously through her children, and speak her truth.Episode sponsor: Zola - visit to start your free wedding website and get $50 off your registry today! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 9, 2018
50 min
Jenny Kaplan and Her Mom Kathy Manninng on the New "Year of the Woman"
Jenny Kaplan grew up watching her mom take herself and her career as seriously as she took her family and her broader community. This year her mom was one of hundreds of women who decided to run in the wake of the 2016 election, prompting Jenny herself to make some big moves. Here, she tells us about her mom, and introduces her new podcast Women Belong in the House.Episode Sponnsor: LOLA - visit and use TELLME for 40% off all subscriptions for Lola's non-toxic and organic feminine products. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 7, 2018
18 min
Author Rebecca Traister on Living Feminist Ideals and Who's Allowed to Have a Temper
Author Rebecca Traister's new book Good and Mad looks at how society has handled women's rage throughout history, how it has been punished, and how it has served as a catalyst for political victories and social change. In this episode, we get some interesting insights into the first woman Traister studied, and how it formed her ideas about womanhood, work, feminism, and more. Episode sponsor: Care/of - for 25% off your first month, visit and use the promo code TELLME Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 9, 2018
28 min
Giphy's Stephanie Weber on Growing Up with a Single Mom Who Taught Her to Navigate Tech, Know Her Worth, and Never Fake an Orgasm
Giphy producer Stephanie Weber moved around a lot as a kid. Her single mom wasn't following men in the 1980s, she was chasing a career as a computer programmer. They were a tight unit then and still are today, but Stephanie sometimes wonders if growing up in a matriarchal family has had an impact on her relationships with men today. This episode's sponsor is Sun Basket. Visit for $35 off your first box.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 30, 2018
30 min
Ski Mountaineer Hilaree Nelson (O'Neil) on How Her Mom Inspired Her to Climb Mountains
Legendary ski mountaineer Hilaree Nelson is the first woman to have climbed and ski'd down so many mountains it's hard to count. She was determined to keep it up after having kids, in part because of the impression her mom left on her as a kid. For $50 off select Casper mattresses: and use the code "mother" at check out. Terms and conditions apply.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 21, 2018
18 min
Storyteller Emily Zulauf on Moving Closer to Her Mom, and Why Every Parent Should Have the Race Talk
Emily Zulauf is the Fiction Lead for a new game studio in Seattle, where she tries to come up with cool characters and weird, scifi-y names for things. Before that, she was with Pixar Animation Studios, where she worked as a Script Supervisor for Inside Out. She spent two years as the co-executive director of the Seattle Clemency Project, and she's a mom with a four-year-old daughter. Episode sponsor: Casper - Go to for $50 off select mattresses. Terms and conditions apply.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 15, 2018
1 hr
Amy Westervelt on the Mom Who Started It All
After a few requests from listeners, Amy tells the story of her own complicated mother-daughter relationship.This week's episode is sponsored by:Audible -- visit for a free 30-day trial and a free audiobook!Casper - visit for $50 off select mattresses Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 7, 2018
43 min
Writer Sarah Miller on Narcissism, Emotional Distance, and the Unrealistic Expectations We Put on Moms
Sarah Miller is an editor for Popula and a writer (mostly of super smart humor pieces) for The New Yorker, The Cut, and various other publications. In this episode she talks about what she admires about her mom, what she wishes were different, and the misogyny inherent in the expectations most people place on their mothers and their relationships with them. This episode of TMAYM is sponsored by SunBasket. Go to for $35 off your first order! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 31, 2018
42 min
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