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An in-depth analysis of tech issues and topics. Hosted by Chris Fisher and Allan Jude, with over 20+ years in the technology industry. Tune in and get engaged by deep critical analysis and conversation around technologies’ milestones.
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Jan 11, 2018
1 min
Trials of TLS | TechSNAP 350
The trials and tribulations of the long journey to TLS 1.3 & the “middleware” that’s keeping us from having nice things. Plus a pack of Leaky S3 bucket stories & the data that was exposed. Then we do a deep dive into some SMB fundamentals & practical tips to stay on top of suspicious network traffic.
Dec 29, 2017
50 min
All Natural Namespaces | TechSNAP 349
Network Namespaces have been around for a while, but there may be be some very practical ways to use them that you’ve never considered. Wes does a deep dive into a very flexible tool. Plus what might be the world’s most important killswitch, the real dollar values for stolen credentials & the 19 year old attack that’s back.
Dec 22, 2017
50 min
Server Neglect | TechSNAP 348
Authors of one of the most infamous botnets of all time get busted, researchers discover keyloggers built into HP Laptops, the major HomeKit flaw no one is talking about & the new version of FreeNAS packs a lot of features for a point release. Plus an update on the show and what to expect & we attempt something TechSNAP could never do as a video production, a live double FreeNAS upgrade!
Dec 15, 2017
49 min
A Farewell to Dan | TechSNAP 347
We say farewell to Dan, but don't despair, we've still got a ton of great topics to cover as we say goodbye. We compare the handling of recent data breaches at imgur & DJI, share some in-depth guides on beefing up your security posture & see Dan off with some of your finest feedback and the world's tastiest roundup.
Nov 30, 2017
1 hr 39 min
Neutral Nets | TechSNAP 346
We get depressed over some new stats confirming our worst fears about the huge number of outdated and unpatched android systems. But, in some good news, Github wants to help you, and your open source projects, stay secure with their new Security Alerts feature. We discuss the details and what it needs to be relevant. Plus some handy tips for getting out of a sticky situation in git, a net neutrality PSA, and some big news from Dan.
Nov 20, 2017
1 hr 17 min
Namespaces GOTO Jail | TechSNAP 345
We can't contain our excitement as we dive deep into the world of jails, zones & so-called linux containers. Dan shares his years of experience using the time-tested original bad boy of containers, FreeBSD jails. Wes breaks down cgroups, namespaces & explains how they come together to create a container. Plus we discuss similarities, differences, workflows & more! And of course your fantastic feedback, a record setting round-up & so much more!
Nov 18, 2017
1 hr 52 min
SSL Strippers | TechSNAP 344
You may think that’s a secure password field, but don’t be fooled! We’ve got the disturbing tale of some negligent websites & their fraudulent fonts. Then, some top tips to evaluate the security of your banking institutions & best practices for verbal passwords. Plus, a controversial discussion of opsec, obfuscation, security & you!
Nov 8, 2017
1 hr 18 min
Low Security Pillow Storage | TechSNAP 343
We've got some top tips to turn you from ssh-novice to port-forwarding master. Plus the latest on the confusing story of Kaspersky, the NSA & a bone-headed contractor. Then, our backup sense is tingling, with the story of $30,000 lost to a forgotten pin. And of course your fantastic feedback, a record setting round-up & so much more on this week's episode of TechSNAP!
Oct 31, 2017
1 hr 27 min
Cloudy with a chance of ABI | TechSNAP 342
We air Microsoft's dirty laundry as news leaks about their less than stellar handling of a security database breach, plus a fascinating story of deceit, white lies, and tacos; all par for the course in the world of social engineering, and we find out that so-called-smart cards might not be so smart, after it is revealed that millions are vulnerable to a crippling cryptographic attack & more!
Oct 24, 2017
1 hr 41 min
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