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Artifact becoming Twitter? X in decline. And why Meta’s smart glasses look interesting.
Brought to you by TogetherLetters & Edgewise! In this episode:  Spotify launches Jam, a real-time collaborative playlist controlled by up to 32 people TikTok debuts new tools and technology to label AI content Artifact is becoming Twitter, too Elon Musk Says X Users Are Posting Fewer Posts Per Day Than People Had Been Tweeting  Neuralink is recruiting subjects for the first human trial of its brain-computer interface Desalination system could produce freshwater that is cheaper than tap water Ford the first OEM to offer digital license plate Amazon Prime Video Content to Include Ads Starting Early 2024 Netflix Prepares to Send Its Final Red Envelope EU's Thierry Breton tells Apple to open everything to rivals Google Podcasts to shut down in 2024 with listeners migrated to YouTube Music Google Messages has been installed 5 billion times Widow of man who died driving off collapsed bridge sues Google for directing him there FCC announces plans to reinstate net neutrality Meta’s smart glasses can take calls, play music, and livestream from your face Meta’s AI chatbot plan includes a ‘sassy robot’ for younger users ChatGPT can now see, hear, and speak An NYPD security robot will be patrolling the Times Square subway station Weird and Wacky:  If You Resold Taylor Swift Eras Tour Tickets, the IRS Is Watching The SR-71 Blackbird Astro-Nav System (aka R2-D2) worked by tracking the stars and was so powerful that it could see the stars even in daylight Artist Who Submitted Empty Canvases to Danish Museum Must Repay $70,000 Don’t throw out those used coffee grounds—use them for 3D printing instead Bob Menendez asks how much a kilo of gold is worth. We answer. Tech Rec: Sanjay - Yale Assure Lock 2 Adam - Lapse App Find us here: & Tech Talk Y’all is a production of Edgewise.Media --- Send in a voice message:
Sep 29, 2023
42 min
It’s for kids and kid-like humans
Brought to you by TogetherLetters & Edgewise! In this episode:  ‘Toy Story’-Themed Animated Simulcast Of NFL Game Set To Stream On Disney+ And ESPN+ Spotify launches 'daylist' because it knows your music taste varies throughout the day Single-bladed floating wind turbine promises half the cost, more power Scientists Invented a Super-Slippery Toilet That Nothing Sticks to Hallmark and Venmo will let people send cash with greeting cards Ring’s new Pet Tag puts a QR code on your dog or cat’s collar to help if they go missing Appeals Court Upholds Public.Resource.Org’s Right to Post Public Laws and Regulations Online California lawmakers pass bill to make it easier to delete online personal data Google to pay $93m in settlement over deceptive location tracking Google says it can’t fix Pixel Watches, please just buy a new one Google Bard AI Dips into Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube TikTok will fund Black Friday deals to take on Amazon Elon Musk says X may go behind a paywall for everyone so he can 'combat vast armies of bots' Billionaire Crypto Promoter Mark Cuban Lost Nearly $1M In Common Scam Instacart soars 40% in its trading debut Weird and Wacky:  Coca-Cola launches beverage created with the help of artificial intelligence Crayola, beloved for its crayons, is now selling flowers Bear spotted at Disney World prompts closure of parts of Magic Kingdom US military asks the public for help finding its missing F-35 fighter jet after its pilot had to eject while training over South Carolina Tech Rec: Sanjay - Leviton Smart Switches  Adam - iTailor --- Send in a voice message:
Sep 20, 2023
41 min
AI Maps, Robot Surgeons, and Smart Coffee Mugs
Brought to you by TogetherLetters & Edgewise! In this episode:  This AI-powered app wants to optimize Google Maps' multi-stop routes A bumper sticker mocking Elon Musk is sparking a polarizing debate about what it means to drive a Tesla Person Dies After Cruise Robotaxi Blocks San Francisco Ambulance, Fire Department Says Facebook is getting rid of the News tab in Europe China bans government officials from using iPhones at work Da Vinci robot surgeon removes inoperable tumor, saving patient’s life Weird and Wacky:  Study discovers unexpected link between internet use and dementia Toothpaste Ingredient Could Extend the Range of Electric Cars Tech Rec: Sanjay - Home Assistant Yellow  Adam - Ember Mug 2 Find us here: & Tech Talk Y’all is a production of Edgewise.Media Season 12 - Episode 300:  Intro  Brought to you by TogetherLetters & Edgewise! --- Send in a voice message:
Sep 6, 2023
30 min
We made it!
Season 12 - Episode 300:  Intro  Brought to you by TogetherLetters & Edgewise! In this episode:  Apple lends support to California State Right to Repair bill Why some people are buying MacBook Pros with broken displays Magic Leap AR headset that set the stage for Apple Vision Pro will ‘cease to function’ Why Streaming Services Are Pushing Subscribers to Ad Tiers Max will launch a 24/7 CNN stream for all subscribers next month Threads on the web widely rolling out X wants permission to start collecting your biometric data and employment history OpenAI Launches Business Version of ChatGPT That Competes With Microsoft A VC firm has built an AI-powered pitch deck generator for startup founders — and is giving it away for free Google’s AI-powered note-taking app is the messy beginning of something great Amazon CEO Andy Jassy tells employees it's 'past' time to commit to the company's RTO mandate and their jobs are at stake Smucker's has found a return-to-office solution that workers seem to like — in-person work for only 22 weeks a year Weird and Wacky:  Pokémon Game That’s All About Sleep Hits 10 Million Downloads Columbus Dispatch pauses AI sports writing tool following viral story Tech Rec: Sanjay - ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium Adam - Namelix Find us here: & Tech Talk Y’all is a production of Edgewise.Media --- Send in a voice message:
Sep 3, 2023
34 min
It didn’t break, it was aggressively disassembled
Brought to you by TogetherLetters & Edgewise! In this episode:  A long term vision for YouTube’s medical misinformation policies Linear TV Viewing Drops Below 50% of U.S. Television Usage for First Time, Streaming Hits Record High: Nielsen Netflix finally streams video games, too American Airlines sues a travel site to crack down on consumers who use this trick to save money Cruise Agrees to Reduce Driverless Car Fleet in San Francisco After Crash Taxi drivers are earning more from viral TikToks than from rides IBM Plans To Replace Nearly 8,000 Jobs With AI — These Jobs Are First to Go Microsoft retracts AI-written article advising tourists to visit a food bank on an empty stomach Microsoft is bringing Python to Excel LinkedIn and CLEAR Continue to Enhance Digital Safety, Expand Free Identity Verification to Canada's LinkedIn Users Experian fined $650,000 for not letting you opt out of its spammy emails ‘Broken’ solar panels manufactured specifically for South Africa Revolutionary Electrolyzer Efficiently Converts CO2 into Renewable Propane Fuel LK-99 isn’t a superconductor — how science sleuths solved the mystery Russia’s Luna-25 probe crashes on the moon Scientists Extracted a Pink Floyd Song From Someone's Brain Waves. Here’s what it sounds like A Drug For Regrowing Teeth Could Be Available Within The Next Decade Buyers of Bored Ape NFTs sue after digital apes turn out to be bad investment Elon Musk says users on X, formerly Twitter, will lose ability to block unwanted followers, eliminating key safety feature Social Platform Gains 100K Users in Days Even in Depths of a Bear Market Threads on the web is here Weird and Wacky:  LG now sells this bizarre TV in a suitcase, and I must have it Cheese and chips: parmesan producers fight fakes with microtransponders The original voice of Mario is stepping away from the role, Nintendo says Tech Rec: Sanjay - TimeGuessr  Adam - Clean Monday Meals Find us here: & Tech Talk Y’all is a production of Edgewise.Media --- Send in a voice message:
Aug 24, 2023
42 min
If you need something done, go viral
Brought to you by TogetherLetters & Edgewise! In this episode:  Author discovers AI-generated counterfeit books written in her name on Amazon CNET is deleting old articles to try to improve its Google Search ranking Google is helping pilots route flights to create fewer contrails, which is better for the climate Amazon Cuts Dozens of House Brands as It Battles Costs, Regulators BlueJeans, Verizon’s Google Meet competitor you’ve never heard of, is shutting down  Prepare your Firefox desktop extension for the upcoming Android release Musk dumps remaining Twitter-branded stuff in auction Video calls are coming to X, formerly Twitter, CEO confirms These 5 New High-Speed Trains Are Coming to the U.S. Inspired by attacks on bakery, state law allows doxing victims to sue online harassers for money Weird and Wacky:  The Mic Cardi B Threw at a Fan Just Sold for Nearly $100,000 on eBay San Francisco's North Beach streets clogged as long line of Cruise robotaxis come to a standstill Supermarket AI meal planner app suggests recipe that would create chlorine gas Tech Rec: Sanjay - Fold 'N Fly  Adam - Find us here: & Tech Talk Y’all is a production of Edgewise.Media --- Send in a voice message:
Aug 16, 2023
32 min
Zoom in office, but not getting paid to play Uno
Brought to you by TogetherLetters & Edgewise! In this episode:  Musk's X to pay legal bills of people 'unfairly treated' for posting on platform Twitter Gives Verified Users Option to Hide Their Checkmark of Shame France's AFP sues Musk's X social media, cites refusal to discuss payment for news Threads user count falls to new lows, highlighting retention challenges How Tesla’s yarn unspooled Hackers manage to unlock Tesla software-locked features worth up to $15,000 Google Takes a Page Out of Twitter's Book: Invites Employees to Sleep 'On Campus' for a Fee Google is making Reading mode settings slightly harder to access in Chrome Google Messages turning on RCS by default, group E2E encryption launches YouTube uses AI to summarize videos in latest test The remote work revolution is officially dead: Zoom just told employees to return to the office. End of an era: Zoom tells employees to return to office for work Zoom can now train its A.I. using some customer data, according to updated terms  New acoustic attack steals data from keystrokes with 95% accuracy True shape of lithium revealed for the first time City of Hope scientists develop targeted chemotherapy able to kill all solid tumors in preclinical research NASA Reaches Voyager 2 With a Last-Ditch ‘Shout’ Across the Void Weird and Wacky:  Mattel wants to pay you $277 an hour to play Uno Pay no attention to the USB port behind the “no USB” sticker Tech Rec: Adam - Benro SLIM Aluminum Lightweight Travel Tripod Kit Sanjay - Framework Laptop  Find us here: & Tech Talk Y’all is a production of Edgewise.Media --- Send in a voice message:
Aug 9, 2023
40 min
Blaze your what?
Brought to you by TogetherLetters & Edgewise! In this episode:  'Blaze Your Glory!': Twitter Has a Bizarre New Slogan After 'X' Rebrand “Blaze your glory!”—Twitter’s “X” becomes first one-letter iPhone app Twitter’s Obnoxious 'X' Sign Is Gone Elon Musk and company take @x handle from its original user. He got zero dollars for it. Google engineers want to make ad-blocking (near) impossible Google Docs brings line numbers to everyone's documents Multiview comes to YouTube and gets official YouTube TV launch, but with limits Need a friend? There’s an app for that EU passes law to blanket highways with fast EV chargers by end of 2025 The Power Station - Some Like It Hot  The World’s Largest Wind Turbine Has Been Switched On Ultra-fast niobium batteries boast 6-min charge for Lotus Elise-based EV A Room-Temperature Superconductor? New Developments A spectacular superconductor claim is making news. Here’s why experts are doubtful Fiber-infused ink enables 3D-printed heart muscle to beat Dude who made a USB-C iPhone is back with an AirPods case that has a replaceable battery U.S. Hunts Chinese Malware That Could Disrupt American Military Operations Pentagon hit by ‘critical compromise’ of US air force communications NASA is launching its own streaming service later this year NASA accidentally severs contact with Voyager 2 probe 12 billion miles from Earth Weird and Wacky:  Uber self-driving car test driver pleads guilty to endangerment in pedestrian death case You could win free sandwiches for life if you change your name to 'Subway’ Interactive map shows which US cities will be underwater in 2050 Tech Rec: Sanjay - Flash Museum Adam - Tactical Pen – Self Defense Pen & Multi-tool Pen - Flashlight Survival Pen Find us here: & --- Send in a voice message:
Aug 2, 2023
45 min
I’m still gonna call it Twitter, rejecting cultural vandalism
Brought to you by TogetherLetters & Edgewise! In this episode:  Twitter becomes X Musk Says Twitter Will Change Logo to X, ‘Bid Adieu’ to Bird Twitter's new 'X' logo looks suspiciously like a generic Unicode symbol The problem with X? Meta, Microsoft, hundreds more own trademarks to new Twitter name Twitter Announces Coming Restrictions on How Many DMs Non-Twitter Blue Users Can Send Your iPhone Can Now Decode the Warning Lights in Your Car iPhone 15 might not get a spectacular battery tech upgrade after all Meta cancels Quest Pro, stops development of Quest Pro 2 Threads Is Already Losing Its Allure for Users, Adding Urgency for New Features Scripps Research scientists develop AI tool to track the detailed evolution of viral pandemics India’s AI newsreaders are multilingual, cost-saving and ‘never tired’. Can they replace humans? Apple is already using its chatbot for internal work Sam Altman's Worldcoin eyeball-scanning crypto project launches IRS moves forward with a new free-file tax return system, supporters and critics mobilize Signal is finally getting a major feature Telegram launched four years ago Exotic New Silicon-Based Speakers Are Coming to Next-Generation Earbuds TikTok is adding support for text posts A battle of rickshaw apps shows the promise of India’s digital stack Amazon says it’ll ditch plastic padded mailers Reddit takes control of popular subreddit that protested API changes Weird and Wacky:  Scientists Stunned As Cracked Metal Heals Itself Before Their Eyes Tech Rec: Adam - OCEARCH Shark Tracker Sanjay - Batteryless jump starter Find us here: & Tech Talk Y’all is a production of Edgewise.Media --- Send in a voice message:
Jul 27, 2023
47 min
Could they be building evil Knight Rider?
In this episode:  Kevin Mitnick, Hacker Who Eluded Authorities, Is Dead at 59 The Biden administration is tackling smart devices with a new cybersecurity label Meta is giving away its AI tech to try to beat ChatGPT WormGPT - The Generative AI Tool Cybercriminals Are Using to Launch BEC Attacks Apple Preps Ajax Generative AI, ‘Apple GPT’ to Rival OpenAI and Google The tech that could make the iPhone 15 last hours longer – and change phones forever First Tesla Cybertruck to Roll Off the Line Looks Like It Has a Misaligned Door The Quiet Rise of Real-Time Crime Centers France set to allow police to spy through phones Netflix’s Next Act Is Investing in Video Games Weird and Wacky:  Woman in France hit by suspected meteorite while drinking coffee on her porch AI resurrection of Brazilian singer for car ad sparks joy and ethical worries Hyundai put speakers in its new electric car so you can blast fake engine noises around your neighborhood — see it in action A surprisingly simple way to foil car thieves Bipartisan Measure Aims to Force Release of U.F.O. Records Tech Rec: Sanjay - CardPointers Adam - Tech Talk Y’all is a production of Edgewise.Media --- Send in a voice message:
Jul 21, 2023
43 min
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