Tea With Tiffany J
Tea With Tiffany J
Tiffany M. Johnson
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New Fave, New Hobby!
Finally!! A podcast that’s relatable, real and raw conversation. I usually don’t do podcast because they all make me sleepy, but this podcast kept me engaged and talking to my phone like yessssss! I love this! Thanks Tiff for believing in yourself enough to give us this content it’s much needed!! You inspire so many!
Wonderful insight
Tiff! I grew up with this young lady and it’s so refreshing to hear her journey to adulthood. Great content! I actually listen to it in the gym so I’m working on my body while working my brain listening to another viewpoint and learning. Give it a listen!
Hooked from episode 1
I just listened to episode 1 realignment. I love how raw and authentic Tiffany is! I will be listening to all episodes. I wish this podcast much success ❤️
Love it! 💚
I love this podcast! Thanks for keeping it real and raw! We love to hear it and keep dropping those gems 💎💎
Jaylan Rose
A Breath of Fresh Air 💛
This podcast isn't only inspirational but it is so refreshing. Especially after listening to how raw, relatable, and honest Tiffany is. Listening to this podcast is very therapeutic and truly a breath of fresh air! Keep doing your thing girl!🙌🏽🙌🏽
This podcast is amazing with relatable topics discussed amongst our peers. I love the fact that everyone has a voice here and have a safe space to express themselves . Looking forward to sipping Tea with Tiffany J in the episodes to come💕
Great New Podcast!!!
I really enjoy the raw and real ness of the host and her guests. I’m looking forward for what’s to come!!! Keep it up 👏👏👏
TK 🥰
Love tea with TiffanyJ!
From honest and transparent conversations to daring topics with friends from afar, Tea with TiffanyJ will have you wanting to sip more! Have you had your tea? 💚🎙☕️
Love it!
I love hearing my generation give their perspective on real life issues! We are often slow to speak, especially men! Very refreshing and raw! Y’all keep it up! 💪🏾❤️
Gotta have my TEA!!!
Every episode adds another rung to the ladder! The conversations and discussions are realistic, captivating, and relatable! I often times find myself talking back like I’m a panelist EVERY EPISODE! Thanks Tiff for taking the bold steps to speak about these candid topics!
Love it!!!!! ❤️❤️
I love listening to each episode! It’s refreshing and great to hear other people’s point of views on popular topics that are relatable! This was wayyyyy overdue!!
Love the content
Keep up the interesting topics and discussions! Can’t wait to see what’s next!! RMR
This Podcast is the TRUTH!
I look forward to listening to this Podcast. I truly enjoy the content!
All the from the UAE...Thank you!
An authentic podcast that is unfiltered, real and relatable❤️❤️Looking forward to tuning in with more Tea with Tiffany☕️
Sharda Shann
Worth the Listen!
Tiffany J definitely gives a non conventional yet necessary twist on what tea time should be in the millennial generation! Bringing us all things real, all things transparent, all things candid, this podcast serves every avenue. Keep the tea coming Tiff! My cup is always ready for you ♥️✨☕️
The Guided Millennial
Love! Love! Love!
Love the millennial topics and how you have opened yourself up to the world and share your experiences. Keep the episodes coming!!❤️
Kiki Hart
Better than chicken soup for the soul!
Great content that is super relevant, especially for minority millennials who are dealing with so much. Tiffany’s words truly soothe the soul 💕
Laci (Kristen)
Excellent Content
I enjoy listening weekly to this podcast! Her podcast are always filled with laughter and enlightenment! Tea with TiffanyJ allows you to see life issues from a different perspective. I couldn't think of a more perfect time for this platform than now. Many blessings in your future endeavors!
My new fav!
One of my favorite new podcasts!!! I rely enjoy Tea with Tiffany!!!
Thank You Tiffany J
Thank you for creating a podcast that’s relatable on so many levels for young adults! Keep the ☕️ tea coming girl! 💜
Amazing Topics
Just finished listening to episode 4: Just Breathe and I’m hooked! I’m about to dive into episode 3 right after this! Millennial Marriage sounds like a very interesting topic. Heard the first couple of seconds of episode 3 and was like “oh yeah this one right here” lol. This young lady is well-spoken and her words invoke thought. Very inspirational! If you haven’t subscribed, you’re missing out on this Tea with Tiffany honey!
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“Millennial Marriage” : Great Topic
First I want to say ,Tiffany I am so proud and happy for you! 🙌🏾. You are doing your thing sis ! I really like that topic Millennial Marriage b/c I believe this needs to be talked about more in our generation. I agree with the young lady that people in relationships need to be on the same page b/c if they are not it will not work out . I also agree that our generation values are terrible and we need to start valuing important things and not be self entitled. Like the young lady said it is “we /us” in a relationship , comprise is the key ! The podcast was great ! I enjoyed and thank you for bringing this conversation up! - Love Sadie aka Cloud ☁️ 9
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Look forward to listening to your podcast every week! Love the way you keep it REAL and keep me laughing, reflecting, and feeling encouraged after every episode. Would give it 6 stars if I could. Keep it up Tiff! So proud of you ❤️
X-Tina UAE
In awe
In awe with your realness, your openness, and your vulnerability. Thank you for this. Can’t wait to listen to more! ✌🏾& ❤️
Great Podcast!
I am always in search of a great podcast & this is definitely one I’ve added to my list. Great/engaging topics along with transparency and open/honest conversation! Keep them coming Tiffany!
Very transparent
Great content! Very transparent and honest. Can’t wait to hear more
Real Talk
One of the realest podcast out right now. Truly enjoy listening and being apart of this podcast. Keep up the great work Tiff.
Tea with Tiffany is definitely for this culture! These are conversations that’s needed!!!!
Phenomenal Tay
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