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Tape Notes
In The Woods
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Biffy Ep was awesome!
Costey is the man... very cool show breaking down the tracks with actual demos and sound clips seamlessly edited well done!
Exploding Songs!
A podcast where musicians take apart their songs, and piece by piece, tell the story of how they were made... each episode looks at 3 songs off one album with both musician and producer. Together with the host. Starting with the original idea of the song all the way through it’s completion. So if you’re like me and have searched far and wide for Podcasts similar to Song Exploder well my friend I’m pleased to inform you that you have finally found it!
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A grateful amateur
Love this Podcast
Really interesting and awesome podcast for anyone interested in the production and songwriting process behind some amazing records. Love hearing the early demos and isolated original stems. And diving into multiple songs on the record really gets you into the headspace of the artist at the time of the recordings. The Little Dragon and The 1975 episodes were fantastic. Keep it up!!!
614 Music Blog
At first I wasn’t sure if it was gonna be too close to Song Exploder but it has a style of its own, not to mention is more extensive. Plus, some good artists featured!
Jack Sommer
The. Best.
Such an amazing podcast! I discovered it when John interviewed Dave Bayley from Glass Animals (my favorite band) and I have listened to that episode 4 times because there’s so much to it and it’s so interesting and incredible! Even when an episode is about a band or producer I haven’t heard of before, I end up falling in love with their music because of the experience of listening to how it was made.
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A gold nugget for all musicians and die-hard music fans
Combines very inspiring musician stories with great technical and applicable tips when you write or produce music. This podcasts makes you a better musician/producer.
So interesting to hear behind the scenes! Great podcast :)
This podcast is seriously awesome
Love this concept, it’s always so awesome to hear artists talk about their craft!
Chelsey Cohen
A really great listen! Great to hear from both the artists and the producers and how they work together!
Good work
Insider chats with cool people. Interesting, funny and probably my fave podcast right now. Please keep going!