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UFOs And Aliens Part One With Jim Moroney
Jim Moroney has over 25 years of experience in UFO research and is an accomplished public speaker. A grounded highly proficient professional educator and international speaker, he has captivated audiences with his personal experiences and his insight into the UFO phenomenon.   A formal education in science, transpersonal psychology and health and safety, Jim Moroney is the author of the “UFO's and Aliens - Is There Anyone Out There" and "The Extraterrestrial Answer Book" and "The New Bridge” and manages the Alberta UFO Website.  Jim is the full-time Executive Director for the Alberta Municipal Health and Safety Association and instructs health and safety and occupational hygiene courses part-time at the University of Calgary. He has also instructed at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and University of Alberta. Jim’s style is collaborative and his presentations are engaging and effective with a dose of humor. He has dedicated himself to exploring this controversial subject and sharing his knowledge with those who wish to listen. A guest on national television and radio, he has delivered to numerous conferences and symposiums. Topics include “Contact – A Process To Understand”, “Planning for the Extraterrestrial Presence”, “UFO’s - What Can We Predict and How Should We Plan”.
Jul 5, 2011
1 hr
The Herbal Alchemist Handbook With Karen Harrison
Magick and the Healing Arts have developed hand in hand through the long centuries of human history. Before the advent of modern chemistry, the medical and ritual needs of peoples in all societies were met with the careful harvest, formulation and application of herbal medicines. Derived from ingredients found locally, in forest, meadow, and stream, these elixirs, philtres, oils and salves saved lives and transfigured awareness. Using observation and an intricate understanding of the natural world—from the astrological movement of the stars and planets, to the cycles of the earth’s seasons – the ancients knew when and where to gather herbs for peak potency and efficacy. This knowledge, as applicable today as it was millennia ago, is gathered here in an easy-to-use compendium. Master herbalist and magickal practitioner Karen Harrison shows how to select herbs based on their astrological associations as well as their medicinal properties. With a material magica of more than 150 herbs and a multitude of recipes, readers will learn how to blend incense, ceremonial oils, bath salts, herbal amulets, fluid condensers, and herbal philtres; and how to use them in meditation, ritual, or energy work. Karen Harrison has been involved with magick, the psychic arts, and occultism since early childhood.She earned a Master of Herbology from the Emerson College of Herbology in Montreal, and is the proprietress of Moon Magick Alchemical Apothecary. She and her husband also own Isis Books, Gifts and Healing Oasis in Denver, Colorado (, the largest and most complete brick and mortar store in the U.S. specializing in world spirituality, magick and herbs/essential oils
Jul 2, 2011
1 hr 55 min
The Key Of Life With Author Randolph Rogers
From the author In just about everyone’s life, there comes a time when they may question their reason for existing. For me that journey began on a day in June of 1995, shortly after I had moved into my new home. A feeling swept over me that an old friend from grade school, Kathy Lynch, had passed away. I had not seen Kathy since 1973 but now I couldn’t get her, or the feeling that she was gone from this world, out of my mind. My former news background is one of many forces pushing me in an intense search to find what became of her. My investigation quickly turns into an obsession, driven by dreams and a pattern of synchronistic events. Along the way, I find that myself, Kathy, and a mysterious author named L.W. Rogers, are somehow all linked together in the past. The pieces of a larger puzzle begin to emerge and prophecies I’ve foretold are revealed to be the truth as I uncover a story about past lives, present circumstances and reincarnation.               Through a series of acupuncture induced regression sessions, my life follows a metaphysical journey along a cryptic path that has me, at times, questioning my own sanity. The emotional ride that develops threatens to tear apart everything I had worked so hard to accomplish. The only thing sustaining me is my undying belief that events will occur to prove I am on the right course.   This is a true story, about who we are, why we are here and how we are all connected. That connection is meticulously documented as you follow my quest for the truth and then proven in an ending, that is really only the beginning, in The Key Of Life.
Jun 28, 2011
56 min
Where Did The Towers Go With Author Dr Judy Wood
Also joining me and Dr Wood will be Andrew Johnson to discuss his free ebook 911 finding the truthOver a half mile of vertical building height, containing nearly 150 football fields of floor space, was reduced to a near-level field of dust and debris, where rescue workers walked horizontally or rappelled into empty caverns to look for survivors. How was this possible given the standard laws of engineering and physics?The 9/11 Commission Report bypassed this central issue, as did the report of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Contrary to its stated objective of determining “why and how WTC 1 and WTC 2 collapsed,” the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) made the stunning admission that it did not investigate how the towers fell.Neither the standard view–that the Twin Towers collapsed from fire–nor the standard opposition view–that they were intentionally detonated by “thermite explosives”– explains the evidence, nor do they follow the laws of engineering and physics.Dr. Wood left Clemson to research the 9/11 conundrum full time, and she has focused her research strictly on physical evidence and scientific principles. “Where Did the Towers Go?” provides an understandable, credible, and photo-enhanced summary of Dr. Wood’s disturbing findings, which resulted in her lawsuit against the contractors of the NIST report.
Jun 25, 2011
2 hr 1 min
The Real Men In Black With Nick Redfern
 The Men in Black are Back: This Time, They’re Real . . . San Francisco, CA (June 1, 2011) –– Who are the "Men in Black"? In the blockbuster Hollywood movie of the same name, they were fictional characters. In real life, they are fearsome individuals who attempt to silence the witnesses of UFO and other paranormal phenomena. In his latest book, The Real Men in Black: Evidence, Famous Cases, and True Stories of These Mysterious Men and Their Connection to the UFO Phenomena, the popular, bestselling author Nick Redfern reveals the hidden world of these notorious government operatives. He documents their origin and lays out classic cases, previously unknown reports and secret government files, while laying out the many theories that explain the mystery. Some of the hair-raising highlights of The Real Men in Black: The story of Albert Bender, the first man to claim an encounter with Men in Black The involvement of MIB in the Mothman saga in the town of Point Pleasant, WV Encounters with MIB at Loch Ness Exclusive interviews with leading researchers of the MIB phenomenon Author, lecturer, and journalist Nick Redfern is world-famous for writing about unsolved mysteries, from Bigfoot, UFOs and lake monsters to alien encounters and government conspiracies. Among his many exploits he has investigated aliens in Mexico, vampires in Puerto Rico, werewolves in England and crashed UFOs.
Jun 21, 2011
1 hr