Talking Sack!
Talking Sack!
Jackson Barnum
Movies, thoughts and auto racing.
Talking Football with Robert O'Neill.
Rob is back and he has some takes. 
Sep 6
54 min
NASCAR regular season is OVER
we also talk about playoffs and how tires are made.
Sep 2
1 hr 5 min
Dover double header weekend
If you see this, I'm still in the pit
Aug 28
53 min
Daytona Road week plus NBA playoffs
Jeff Gordon is the coolest Nascar driver of all time.
Aug 19
50 min
Nascar update #7
Audios a bit quite due to my current living situation hopefully back to normal next week
Aug 12
1 hr 9 min
Nascar weekly update #6
We go back to wacky world of auto racing
Aug 4
1 hr 11 min
Welcome to fight island
Mexicanmamba93 is back to talk about UFC and other shit
Jul 30
1 hr 12 min
Weekly update #5
Nascar and Nuggets
Jul 28
59 min
Weekly Nascar update #4
Liz is back for more Nascar and current world musings
Jul 20
55 min
Welcome to The Money Plane!
Rob and Liz are here for the biggest crossover event since Avengers
Jul 18
53 min
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