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Created for the tennis enthusiast! Get a peek behind the scenes from touring pros, industry experts, the physics behind tennis & gear guides! You'll stay up to date & well versed in all things tennis and learn more than you can imagine about gear (think: racquets, shoes, strings and MORE)!Powered by Tennis Warehouse.
Customize Your Tennis Racquets: Everything you need to know to start customizing your gear like a pro
Customizing your tennis racquet may sound intimidating if you've never done it or tried. But our experts are here to keep it simple and answer any questions you might have about customization.We talk about it all! Curious if you should use lead or tungsten?! Which one does Tennis Warehouse prefer and use? Want to know if changing your string gauge can change your swingweight? Want to learn where to apply weight to change the playability of your racquet? Or do you want to try and customize your light Babolat to play just like Roger Federer's racquet?Then listen up! Troy, Chris, Jaye and Michelle all talk about how they first started customizing their own sticks and how detailed they are now. They offer some important tips for anyone wanting to customize and start playing around with weight! Any questions?! Let us know Learn even more: Ready, set, CUSTOMIZE! Happy Hitting!
Oct 20
35 min
Jim Baugh: He's Done it all in the Tennis World! Now, this Grassroots Tennis Advocate Pushes for Healthier Youth in America
There's no doubt about it, Jim Baugh has been a leader and innovator in the tennis industry! And now, he has taken his grassroots approach to help the kids of America become healthier and smarter! His accomplishments are endless as he was the VP of Sales and Marketing at Prince, the former President of Wilson Sporting Goods as well as General Manager of Tennis & Golf, he helped revolutionize the industry and has also worked with several top players in many capacities! He joins us to talk to us about his current project which he started in 2013: PHIT AMERICA. As the CEO, today it is his priority to improve the health and academic results of 50 million children in the USA by providing all kids with increased physical activity programs and helping children afford to play organized sports. Learn more about PHIT AMERICA: https://phitamerica.orgSign the Petition: DONATE: Contact Jim & get involved: jim@phitamerica.orgLet's get America moving and playing tennis! Happy Hitting!
Oct 13
53 min
Richard Pancho Gonzalez: Unsung American Tennis Great & the Legacy He's Left Behind
If you are a tennis enthusiast, there is a good chance you have heard of Pancho Gonzalez. But there is also a good chance you don't actually know how much of an impact this man had on our sport. In this episode, Pancho's family gives us an overview of all the things he accomplished as a player who competed before the Open Era began. Inspired by this American hero who fought his way through the tennis world with grit and passion, they continue to share Pancho’s story of perseverance and accomplishment with the youth of today in hopes to inspire them to dream big dreams and in doing so they have built the Richard Pancho Gonzalez Youth Foundation. Founded in 2013, the Gonzalez family started this organization with a mission to inspire and enhance the lives of today’s youth through physical fitness, academic pursuit and character building through the sport of tennis.Donate Now: Learn More: Shop all things Tennis all over the World!🇺🇸 Tennis Warehouse: 🇪🇺 TW Europe: 🇦🇺 Tennis Only AUS:  Happy Hitting!
Oct 6
1 hr 7 min
Roger Federer is here! The GOAT geeks out about his Tennis Gear (including his Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 & more)
Sep 29
14 min
Beyond the Playtest: Global Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racquet Review
Our playtesters from around the world come together to chat about the new Babolat Pure Drive! From long time fans of this blue Babolat to other players who never have really connected with the Pure Drive, our team from Europe and Australia joins us to talk in depth about the update to this popular racquet franchise!Pure Drive in US: Drive in AUS: Drive in EUR: Hitting!
Sep 22
1 hr 6 min
Lleyton Hewitt: Former ATP #1 Now Leading and Inspiring the Next Generation of Pro Tennis Players
Lleyton Hewitt is here!And we talk about all things tennis and dive into his love for the sport! Currently leading and inspiring the next generation of pros, he explains how (and why) Yonex has been his gear of choice nearly forever, how to be a successful tennis parent and the secret formula for the Australian Davis Cup Team! Having been the youngest male to reach number 1 on the ATP, he also reflects on his career and explains why he is happy to be so involved in tennis still while he helps mentor and coach the next generation!Check out Yonex Brandography at Tennis Warehouse: in the US: Australia: Europe: Hitting!
Sep 13
26 min
If it is good enough for Andre Agassi, we'll try it! All things Ashaway tennis strings with Steve Crandall
Did you know that Ashaway's legendary Kevlar was once used by Andre Agassi?! We had to try it! And then wanted to talk all about it! During this episode, Steve Crandall from Ashaway joins Michelle and JW (the string guru you all know and love!) to talk all things Ashaway string and string trends. Steve explains the way Ashaway was founded and why his Kevlar and Zyex strings are so unique. We even dive deeper into a mini-playtest we conducted with Crossfire ZX and Monogut ZX. Plus, we debate whether too many players are using polyester strings in their racquets in their racquets. Shop ASHAWAY: Happy Hitting!
Sep 8
46 min
Attention Tennis Fashionistas: KSwiss & Lucky in Love Join Forces to Celebrate the Sport with an Exclusive Shoe!
What happens when two of the most popular tennis brands combine to make a shoe to celebrate the sport everyday? Just like peanut butter and chocolate or strawberries and cream the partnership between KSwiss and Lucky in Love is exactly the combo we needed in tennis to add some flair to the court!In this episode, Brad, the founder of Lucky in Love, and Mike and MJ (Global VP & shoe designer) from KSwiss join us to explain how this magical partnership began. Listen up as they dive into some fun stories and what came out of this awesome collaboration! And don't forget to make everyday your birthday and every night New Year's Eve!Shop Now: KSwiss Hypercourt Express 2 Lucky in Love: Shop KSwiss: Lucky in Love:! Email us at podcast@tennis-warehouse.comHappy Hitting!
Sep 1
39 min
Playtesters Talk about new Pure Drive, Pro Staff, Nike Challenge Court Gear & Answer Your Questions!
Michelle, Chris, Jason and Brittany talk all about the newest tennis gear that you want to know about! Curious about the new Pure Drive or Pro Staffs? We let you know how we like these unreleased racquets! We also talk about the new Nike collection, the GP Turbo as well as another popular tennis shoe you are missing that might come back to tennis! And don't skip the end where we also answer some of your questions.Get the latest tennis gear: in the US: EUR: AUS: questions?! Let us know: podcast@tennis-warehouse.comHappy Hitting!
Aug 25
52 min
La Constance Tennis Center: Bringing the Sport of Tennis to Akropong, Ghana, Africa
Imagine not knowing what the word "tennis" means. If it weren't for Dr. Alex Boafo, many kids in the village of Akropong Akwapim, Ghana, Africa would never know about the sport of tennis. In this episode, we learn how La Constance was founded and uses education, social interaction, advocacy and tennis as a way to teach discipline, education, leadership and sport.Donate Now: in Akropong Akwapim 2014 by Dr. Alex Boafo, the La Constance Tennis Center is the first of its kind. Named after his mother, Constance, a strong-willed single mom of 9 successful children; this program has introduced many children to a sport they would otherwise know nothing about. With a single court to share amongst many kids, the coaches not only teach the sport of tennis but also help the kids with their school work and enhance their chances to enter Universities.Be sure to check out their GoFundMe and help continue to build and grow this amazing organization!Learn More: Want to connect with Dr. Alex? Email us: podcast@tennis-warehouse.comHappy Hitting!
Aug 18
35 min
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