Talk Scary To Me
Talk Scary To Me
Danielle Harris & Scout Taylor-Compton
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Best friends ♥️
This is the best podcast ever! I love Danielle and Scout!!! Every time I listen to the podcast I feel like I am hanging out with my best friends! I have got my best friends and boyfriend listening to the podcast now! You guys are simply the best!! Only suggestion I would make….more like a wish. Could you guys do the podcast 2 days a week?!! I know that probably can’t happen because you guys have a lot going on but it would be awesome!! Do you have any plans to come to Kansas City for a convention anytime soon?!! My girls and I will have to come see you both!!! Keep rockin ladiezzzzzz!!
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It’s personal with familiar faces
Just discovered their podcast recently by seeing them on my explore page while on our podcast Instagram page. I downloaded a couple episodes and really liked it. Now I’m subscribed and love it. Scout and Danielle are so friendly, honest, and they genuinely seem to care about their listeners and answering their questions. Had the pleasure of meeting them and Kristina and Tyler a few years back. Best of luck with the show. I’ll be listening!
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Love this!
I’ve had a massive crush on Danielle Harris since 1991 when I was around 10 years old and watched Halloween 4.. this woman is the definition of beautiful.. a true Scream Queen.. And Taylor.. I was skeptical when you first got cast as Laurie Strode but you made it your own and you’re truly talented and beautiful as well
ShadyA7x #MAGA
I love this podcast so much
I’m huge fan of both of them from Rob Zombie Halloween movie
Horror H**s
Love the podcast, I’ve had a major crush on Danielle for years so I love being able to learn more about her through this. Scout is just so fun and love the two of them together. I do have one complaint and that’s just that they tend to talk over each other a lot and often it is really hard to understand what either one of them is trying to say when that happens.
Titan leader
These girls are so personable and fun
Love it!!!
I’ve been a fan of them both for years and when I heard about this podcast I was so excited!! They are so honest and funny it just makes my day so much better when I listen to a episode! Love it!
Totally radicalness
Dude this podcast has the girl from Sleepover and the girl from Don’t Tell Mom the Baby Sitters Dead And together they talk so radical subjects, crank this podcast to 11 and great ready to rock!
Jeff "Wild Man" Beers
Love listening to you ladies!
I’ve been a fan of both of yours for years! I was late to your show but I can’t stop listening to you guys!
I was totally in
Until the conversation turned how much Danielle loves the R word and how great it is. This is 2022, not the 90s
Keep Talkin’!!! We need this podcast!!
What an amazing dynamic between the two of you ladies. Just want to say I love the podcast and I look forward to it every week. Totally appreciate your honesty, humor and insight! Thanks for being genuine in your discussions. It really comes across. Take care!!
A Totally Good Time
We recently binged this podcast after hearing Scout and Danielle talk about it at DOTD ATL on our way home and it was such a blast. My husband even enjoyed it. This is the podcast we didn’t realize we so desperately needed. Thanks, ladies! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
The blonde from Arkansas
A mixture of love, horror, sex and crime. Scout and Danielle have such an amazing chemistry!
I literally LOVE listening to this podcast, I laugh out loud like I’m just listening to friends. I absolutely love the content, hope you girls keep doing this for a long time to come! Your Horror fans adore you!! - Whitley Pleasant 🤍
Loving it!!
Long time fan of scout and Danielle’s! I’ve been binge listening to this all weekend and really love the honesty and excitement!
Referring to Ep1.
Danielle, when they killed Annie in Halloween 2, that scene BROKE MY HEART.
I love both of these actresses and hearing them chat about life, answer questions and tell stories is amazing! When Scout brought up her experience with losing her virginity my inner band nerd got exactly who she was talking about when her flame went “back to Ohio”. It made me start singing the Morticians Daughter lol! I love you two!
Love love love !!!
Hate this app 0906
Getting better and better
The podcast gets better and better from the first episode. They are getting longer and more in-depth with different sections. Danielle doesn’t hold back at all which I love!
Perfect chemistry!
Love y’all so much!
Esmy Star Salas
Instantly Obsessed
Love everything about this podcast! Each episode keeps getting better and better, grew up watching Harris and Compton and has always been a fan.
Loved This!
Feels like you’re listening to your friends sit and talk and forget they’re movie stars!
I binged all the episodes… now what do I do?
I ha the podcast on my list for a while and I finally got to it over holidays. I binged all the episodes in a few days. Loved it! These two ladies are a treasure. Can’t wait for more.
Open & Honest, Fun & Fascinating, Powerful & Appreciated
If you're a fan of smart, saucy scream queens, enjoy candid dialogues that range from punchy to profound, or didn't make it to enough sleepovers as a kid, have a blast bingeing this 'cast! I sure have. Topics include Love, Sex, and Horror, and compelling listener queries lead to equally interesting questions, answers, and anecdotes. Oh, and a note to fellow fans tuning in: Know that everything that makes Danielle and Scout powerful actresses makes them powerful people as well. There's value in vulnerability, camaraderie in curiosity, insight in hindsight, kinship in hardship, and healing in just being -- just a few takeaways that might come your way. We love and appreciate you, ladies! Thank you for sharing lessons and blessings and inspiring others to do the same. Thank you for passing on your power. TL;DR: To new and longtime fans: listen and be heard. <3
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Britney Loves Podcasts
I love the podcast!
Good stuff
The show is really fun. I wish the episodes were longer.
Bobby McLean
🎶 “Down the basement, lock the cellar door… “
This show has quickly become into my top 3 podcasts after first listen. I love the candid and authentic perspectives/advice given. I appreciate the peek behind the curtain and expertise in a genre I love from two who have continually done it at the highest level. Also, sparking thought provoking reflection on self care, mental health and relationships. If that’s not enough for your $0.00 to get you to check it out, I saved the best for last! The chemistry between Scout and Danielle radiates in ways that makes me smile non-stop throughout the show. So funny and it’s just a real good time to be a fly on the wall to hear. I implore everyone to check it out, I promise it’s great… or your money back! GUARANTEED
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Beyond Entertaining!
You can tell that Danielle & Scout are genuine friends! They are hilarious & witty but also give out incredible mental health advice. This podcast really does have everything! I love all the behind the scene tidbits of stuff they’ve filmed & I loved hearing Danielle mention Jonathan Brandis. It feels like I’m chatting with friends 🖤 But in episode 5, Scout forgot to tell us how it was working with Bey 😉 lol all good. Incredible job, ladies! Keep em coming 🥂
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Great show!
So entertaining spunky and fun! Just love these two and the stories they tell!
Totally hot and funny
Danielle and Scout really bring it! Like hanging out with two of your girlfriends at a bar over drinks! This podcast SLAYS!
Excellent podcast
Love listening to these two hotties
Johnny 91
Love this podcast!
Danielle and Scout have such a good rapport together! I could listen to them talk about anything and everything. They’ve got such a fun and positive vibe 💖
Danielle Aimee
Truth, hilarity and horror!
This is the podcast I been waiting for! I absolutely loved the first episode and so excited to hear the second. Danielle and Scout are the perfect two to have a podcast together. Just listening to it helped me clear my mind and just think in the most positive way. I appreciate that ladies, keep it up!!
Neto Belmonte
Fun, sexy & real
Scout & Danielle are a perfect duo! Their conversations are extremely honest, hilarious & genuine. They have such a great rapport & I can’t wait to hear more. This pod is fantastic!
Iconic ladies in horror!!🎃
I truly adore these 2. From growing with Halloween 4 and 5 at the young age of 7. I’d force my my grandparents to buy me Halloween 4 & 5 on vhs back in the day so I can rewatch it over and over again. Then asking my mom to see Rob Zombies Halloween and H2 and loving both of them when I was in high school. I’m now 27 and get to enjoy you both in this relaxing podcasts. Thank you!!
Dashing jhot
This is great
Really enjoying this podcast. Love these 2 together. Keep it up.
always gettin it!
This show makes my day
I now look forward to this podcast every Sunday! I love these girls!
Love this podcast!!!
I’ve been a Danielle Harris fan since Halloween 4 we were both 9 years old!! These ladies are the best! The podcast is so much fun and it’s awesome finding out stuff about them that i never knew! Can’t wait for Sunday!
Yes! Finally they have a podcast!! I can’t wait for more episodes!
Talk Scary To Me
These 2 scream queens are killing it with this podcast! They incorporate horror, sex and so much more! Instantly sucked in, and it takes a lot for me to listen to a full episode of anything! Listen closely in the first episode , (41 min mark) of course these two had ghosts hoppin on the podcast!!
Already Obsessed!
Wonderful start for two very talented actresses! Been a long time fan of them both and it’s exciting to get to hear their insights to the genre and all other topics. Give them a listen! 🖤😊
Love love love!
I love these two ladies and I’m thrilled that they got together and created this podcast. They have a great flow and their first episode was so great! Can’t wait for more!
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