Talk Python To Me
Talk Python To Me
Michael Kennedy (@mkennedy)
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Great show!
Michael highlights all aspects of tech, software development and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Awesome Podcast!!!
Michael, host of the Talk Python To M‪e‬ podcast, highlights all aspects of technology, software development and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
Great podcast
>>>print(‘I like it a lot’) “””If you think you know Python, listen to this podcast. This language is ever evolving and there’s always a nugget or more for any listener. I really appreciate the show notes! There’s so much content in a single episode, and having the chronological notes and links are an added bonus.””” >>>quit()
The Ignorant 1
Interesting conversation across a range of Python topics
Michael does a great job interviewing folks from the Python community. He keeps the conversation at a good level of detail to still be useful without getting too far into the weeds. Not an easy task in an audio only format. He also brings to the conversations a broad level of expertise but is still able to ask questions that are relevant to people first encountering a topic. Ian (@imaurer on Twitter/GitHub, TP Guest #154)
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The best, but...
Michael is the best in the Python podcast universe, but OMG I really wish he would stop saying “whatnot”
This keeps me engaged doing tasks.
Thank you for showing this perspective with the world. Was looking for a pod cast that would help me vocab build. Please keep up the grate work
Excellent content each episode
Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and encourage growth in the software development and test community!
Any must-listen podcast for any aspiring Python professional.
Absolutely my favorite. He is such a knowledgeable developer, presenter, interviewer and he is also a great teacher. He makes his presentations very accessible and his interviews never feel like an interview. I started my python and data science journey through this I look forward to his podcast every week now. All the best michael.
This is an excellent podcast. The topics, the guests, the host, the interviews - really well done!
Great listen
Interesting guests, host does a great job moderating and leading the conversation. Awesome for both advanced and beginner python users.
TX 4ever
Interesting and broad focus
Michael does a good job of trying to represent the myriad of areas people use Python as well as the evolution of the language itself.
Not a “how-to” but addictively fascinating. It is neat to see how people are using Python.
JL Texaz
Great info, uncharismatic host
The host speaks very quickly, and a lot of his responses feel like he’s just trying to quickly get to the next point. Relax your schedule, let people answer naturally. Calm down. Great and informative otherwise
Sister Motoko
Consistently excellent content and great guests
Michael is one of the leading voices of the Python community. The content is always intriguing and a great way to stay motivated while learning. Keep up the great work!
I love the long form, story driven podcasts. Micheal does a great job interviewing and always seems to get the best guests. I’m working on listening to every episode.
Fantastic content
I've been a fan of this show for quite some time. High-quality content that I look forward to every week.
AJ Pryor
5/5 podcast that is great to listen to.
Seriously a Gem
I listen to talk python to me whenever I clean my yard because I get to do two things at once and I learn so much in this podcast about the industry itself. I learned how to code without going the academia route and I’m continuing to polish my coding craft. Hearing the testimonies here from the awesome guests really help me see that I’m not so crazy with this approach as some might think lol. I often hear Michael talking about self taught learners in a positive way. I like the guests and the insights. I especially like how they name drop favorite packages or sites that they use to help code. Michael does a great job of SHARING the tools of coding techniques. I’ve learned about some conventions worth attending like pycon or djangocon. There’s a good history lesson here as well. They’re conversations sometimes compare and contrast how things were done in the past vs how things are done today. Like the effects of cloud and how it shook up the Fortune 500. You get guests from many fields. I’ve heard data scientists, PlayStation workers, PhD grads, self taught programmers, trainers, former paramedics that transitioned into coding. It’s really an awesome group that he puts together. I even heard one guest that was slightly rude but Michael handled it with class and stayed cheerful throughout the entire interview. All in all this is a great podcast if you want some tips, techniques and inside looks at what is going on the programming with python and programming as a whole right now. Best wishes to all. Enjoy and Thanks for the talks!
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Best Python Podcast
This is my favorite Python podcast. Here’s why: 1. Topics are very relevant to what’s trending in Data Science and applied Python in workplace 2. Great guests- I don’t know how you have so many quality guests on so consistently 3. Great host - thoughtful, experienced, engaging 4. Great production value- love the intro musical riff:) sound quality is top notch 5. Much more entertaining than most other Python podcasts - doesn’t break up content into disparate “segments” - feels more like a great conversation between host and guest; also don’t mind the ads bc I like the sound of the host’s voice
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just subscribe
one of the few programming podcasts that i enjoy every week. there’s always one package or tip that’s helpful to know about. thank you guys.
If you care about Python at all, you need to listen to this podcast
Wow. What can I say? Michael Kennedy is the best! His passion for Python is infectious. He pours it into his work and it shows. He takes the time to keep up with what’s going on and to make connections with people doing amazing things. Then he does amazing interviews with those amazing people. I look forward to this podcast more than any other podcast!
Exceptional for Those New to Python
The podcast has been a wealth of information and has positively contributed to my efforts to learn Python. Michael interviews a great cross-section of people using Python. The biggest benefit for me has been the exposure to the various libraries and seeing the multitude of areas that I can use Python. Frankly, the podcast is the best way I’ve found to augment the training videos, documentation, and books I’ve used to learn the language. I learn a ton of new things from the podcast that I wouldn’t have exposure to otherwise.
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Highly informative and by listening this podcast I was able to develop my interest in python. I love this Podcast
Great podcast. I am a newbie and I have listened to and gotten a lot out of many eppisodes. I even subscribed to his Introductory Python Class. Recommend!
I just Started Learning Python and This is Perfect!!!
Thankfully we live in the age where you have a podcast for everything. I just started learning programming and python is my first language. I LOVE THE INTRO SONG!
One of my main go-to podcasts for commutes!
Whether your just taking an interest in Python or are an experienced developer, this podcast seems to cater equally well to both types. Consistently engaging and interesting topics and really helps you stay connected to what is going on in the Python world. Thanks Michael!
Just what I was looking for !
Great podcast!
Mithun Manohar
One of the best developer related podcasts, assuming you work in python.
Interesting & entertaining
I'm an avid listeners of podcasts going way back before this was a big thing. This is one of those special gems worth listening to, learn something new or remind myself of what is possible in python
Perfect podcast for starting Python
While I can sense the core audience of this podcast is not Python beginners, I am new to the language and practically every episode has introduced me to another cool library which I end up finding very useful. I can't recommend this enough as a resource for people getting into Python and it's very entertaining too!
Brendan Acord
Highly Recommended
I've been programming for three years and working in Python on and off for just over a year now. I was looking for a podcast to help learn more about the language and expose me to new tools and concepts. After listening a few of the first podcasts I'm highly satisfied. Not only is the content great, but the host is pleasant to listen to and keeps a good flow of conversation going. I highly recommend this to anyone in the Python community.
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Exactly what I've been looking for!
If you're tired of rocking out to edm on your daily commute to work and want to listen to something productive, this is it...
Great Podcast..
This is the best tech podcast I have ran across, esp if you wanting to learn more about the inner workings and latest news on all things python.
Awesome Python Goodness
This is the podcast that got me into listening to nearly only technical ones. All the episodes are fun and informative, and I can't recommend it enough for every Pythonista (and others).
Nikola Kantar
Most informative podcast that I listen to. And on top of that, great style and production values.
Educational and Enjoyable
A great podcast that keeps me motiated to learn and grow in the python community
stars = 5
simply the best python podcast!
My favorite coding podcast
Great, fun and very informative podcast. Great guests and makes me aware of new things to check out to improve my code.
Awesome podcast
Lots of interesting topics and guests. It is very well done and always something to look forward to.
I have learned so much because of this podcast!
Great Python Podcast
Talk Python To Me is in the rotation of podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis. The guest are always interesting, and the topics are quite often relevant to things I'm working on or thinking about. Michael, the host, also keeps things moving at a good pace and keeps the conversation lively. I also enjoy his to "regular questions" at the end of the show, always good to hear how other folks answer those questions!
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Very Informative Python Podcast
Great podcast on all aspects of Python. I highly recommend for anyone interested in Python.
Matt eaton
Best Python podcast!
Thank you Michael - listen to each show - your professional editing and style is something a lot of podcasts should emulate.
Mark Hurley
My Favorite Developer Podcast.
The best podcast for actual developer insight, and a close run for second best for showing what's going on in the python community. (See podcast.__init__)
Great show
Michael finds great guests for the show and really motivates me to become a better Python programmer. Thanks for all the effort
I learn something new from each episode!
I love this podcast; never a dull moment. It was the first podcast that I ever listened to and now I'm hooked! My hour drive into work is no longer one where I struggle to stay awake!
Finance - risk guy
Hey I am a finance and risk guy that is newer to Python, was using excel vba macros but once I saw power and possibilities of python have been hooked ever since. Love the podcast, I think I am a wannabe developer, maybe some day, haha. Take it easy
John Cosetti
pretty good and a suggestion
This is a very good show that covers a wide variety of python topics via interviews. I like the conversational style that Mike Kennedy (the host) brings to the show. I also like the length, which is kept to close to an hour. One thing I don’t like is the way sponsor spots are done. The interviews are suddenly interrupted (sometimes between the question and the answer!) and the sponsor spot is just dropped in. I find that very jarring and it disrupts the flow of the show. I like the way The Changelog Podcast does it were there is a sponsor break explicitly announced and placed within logical breaks in the show. I suggest Mike check that podcast out. All in all, though — highly recommended if you’re a python programmer at any level.
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Helped me get deeper
I live in Mexico and this show has helped me get more into the python community even though I am living abroad, my only suggestion is to change the awful song at the beginning
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