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Not just a wrestling podcast
Chris Jericho keeps the podcast interesting with interviewing and discussing all types of subjects. From wrestling, movies, current events, music, conspiracy theories and much more are covered. Keep up the great podcast!
Jericho is crazy
He’s not good crazy. Why a Canadian wrestler is this interested in American politics I will never understand. He has the Trump kids on to promote their books. He denies the seriousness of Covid. He’s a psycho clown who is too fat to wrestle
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This show rules
People hate Jericho for his beliefs. Welcome to 2021. Keep doing what you do, brother.
Wanna hear a cocaine addict talk about himself while he is in between funding terrorist groups? Then this is the podcast for you
Great guests
I’m happy that the show is not another interview show with old wrestlers. Chris has an interesting line up of different kinds of guests and topics. I like the paranormal stuff, personally.
....but first, this commercial
Sooooo many ad reads...and so pointless since everyone just hits the skip ahead button. Otherwise, really good podcast. I’d say about half the shows interest me enough to listen. Chris “It doesn’t matter what your name is!” Jericho is a an excellent host.
What a joke
He and his wife support the rich entitlement and the crackpot qanon theories and anti masker. His wife was at the trump rally Jan 6 at the Capital, she drank the koolaid on white privilege.
Can’t support insurrectionists
Was a fan until I saw Jericho’s wife went to the attempt to overthrow the government on January 6th. Then I saw his potential donations to Trump and learned his wife is an anti-vaxxer. Now when I think of Magic Spoon, I think of luddite white supremacists eating it. I’ll stick to Cheerios.
It used to be a great show. Chris has become a sad embarrassment. The Brody Lee Tribute just turned into cheap shots at WWE. Grow up let it go already. Could of been a great episode instead it turned into a sad joke
To whom it may concern
This pod cast is simply the greatest I love all the paranormal shows keep them going
Great episode on conspiracies of 2020
Covid is a hoax. It’s the flu. Great episode. Hopefully, doubt it though, people start opening their eyes and throw their masks in the trash and live. Thanks for episode. ALSO, the “Dr” Alex Patel episode....I don’t believe a word that guy says. #covidhoax
paul serone
Talk’n Shop - Jacksonville
Yoooo Chris i love the podcasts it literally gets me thru work everyday i can’t tell you how many times I’ll just start laughing out loud and my co workers are looking at me like I’m crazy! Anyway man i need another talk’n shop ! The good brothers are doing work with AEW now and i think it would be a perfect time to bring the band back together and do another podcast 💯💯
Retire from it all. Wrestling, podcasting. You’re a fat stupid idiot
Great Show!
One of my favorite podcasts! Always interesting people and stories!
Dude enough of the conspiracy theories. COVID is real, your EVP’s aunt died because of it and you’re promoting that’s it’s fake. Stupidly irresponsible. Stick to the music, sports and wrestling.
Irresponsible Programming
Chris Irvine, the man who plays Chris Jericho, uses his platform to give a voice to conspiracy touting QAnon nutbags. At the end of the day this is a conservative-christian-conspiracy-fueled quasi-alt-right fringe podcast masquerading as lighthearted entertainment. Chris Irvine (Jericho) is no better than Alex Jones. In fact, he is perhaps worse than Jones as Irvine tends to play this buffoonish role of “well I heard things that counter what you just said, but what you just said sounds true so who really knows?” Chris: Just be upfront and stop playing the role of a fool who sees validity in everything. The fact of the matter is you are not just conservative (which though I disagree with conservatives, at least being “conservative” doesn’t mean you’re dangerous), but you are a conspiracy-propagating alt-righter masquerading as something else. Chris Irvine: You are dangerous. And you give a voice to dangerous people who want to tear Americans apart and pit us against one another. I hate the “work” that you do.
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kitty omega
F*ck trump
shut up and wrestle
Bangbang juice
Shut up and wrestle.
As much as I respect his in-ring work, Jericho’s political leaning, considering this pandemic a conspiracy theory & marginalizing the deaths as “only 2%” have all contributed to my unsub. It’s unfortunate how he is using his platform & voice now. I will forever watch AEW, but it is no longer to see him or sing along with “Judas.” Hard fast forward & hard delete from my podcast library.
Conspiracy theories
What a bunch of crackpots
Stick to wrestling
I’m embarrassed this show is even on my phone at all. What an embarrassment and an idiot. In deleting absolutely everything related to this idiot. Stick to interviewing wrestlers. Everything AEW and Jericho related is getting unsigned from. Later, loser.
I can’t get with you promoting “conspiracy theories” like they are true. I’ll be listening less.
This man has forgot about wrestling
Almost every podcast is about music now he completely forgot about the wrestling side which was what made me tune in, in the first place.
That was a good interview with the christian band, but they were way too preachy, it’s normal for people to follow christ and everyone else needs to catch up, is what he said, that is exactly why people hate religion. Just nonsense.
5 stars
Loved seeing you on the last drive in. Great bloodsucking freaks song. And thx for having Darcy on. Great interview
Le Champion
Chrissy the Greek
Clark Cash
Loved ya, bro
Always been a fan since your wrestling days. You’re free to support who you want, but I can’t listen to a Trumper now. Disappointed, but not surprised. You should have been honest with your listeners about Trump Jr, I would have still respected you but you straight up lied to everybody.
Henry da pang
Jericho has hit a stage in his personal life that is leaking over into his entertainment offerings. Not a fan of promoting political agenda and I can't waste my time waiting on Chris to smarten up. Another mainstream media sellout.
Thundarr Lizard
Dude what happened to you. Actually you are what you are and that’s trash
Lamont Allard
brent krystalz
The cruse
Bring Isaac Weishaupt on the cruse!!!!
Classic Album Clash: Load vs. Re-Load
I agree with everything in this episode. One thing that wasn’t mentioned was the 90s was the decade of the double cd. 2Pac, Wu-Tang Clan, Smashing Pumpkins all put out a double cd during this time. I was under the impression METALLICA would follow suit. The thing about both these albums is I’ve had them for over 20 years and I’ve only listened to both albums in their entirety maybe once. The thing about Load and ReLoad is both these albums could’ve been one album and maybe more stellar. These are my least favorite METALLICA albums, along with St. Anger and Death Magnetic. I’ve listened to Hardwired more times than those four albums combined. Great show. Keep it up
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i have a nickname?
True secrets of the Illuminati
My dude has truly gone off the deep end
Great conversations that stay on point
Chris has done excellent work curating a stable venue of topics. His intro give you solid insight as to what is coming throughout the episode and ties each session into a nice package. He has main discussion topics to steer the conversation, but still allows for spontaneous turns which keep things fresh. Solid production work, though VOI quality of those being interviewed can be difficult for listening while driving. While not every interview is if interest to me, I have enjoyed many of his episodes regarding music (typically hard rock/metal a la Fozzy) and his album reviews. Digging into the past of some lesser known groups and their albums is always done with solid research. If you are looking for a lighter podcast that is still informative and insightful regarding music, movies and pro wrestling I highly recommend Talk Is Jericho.
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Qubits Toy > Lego
Thanks for mentioning Qubits Toy USAF Veteran owned Made in N.C. Better than Lego, you’re right!
Quality > Quantity
Hard to listen to at moments, great at others.....
Chris is hit and miss on his podcast. Some acts he is into, others he just appears to be going through the motions. Dumping on WWE all the time gets old, and ones where he or his guest are drinking are a hard pass for me. Your mileage may vary, but I have spoken my truth.
Promote Cast
Like most other pro wrestling podcasts this has turned into an ad read fest. Its turning into terrestrial radio with all these ad breaks, and they destroy the flow. These have turned into filler for another income stream and it shows.
Great interview
Love the interview with Thunder Rosa. I’m a huge fan of hers. I think she is amazing wrestler and person
Losing his touch
The show used to be great but Jericho may be drinking too much of the bubbly.
Tool Central
A rock poser Asking candy questions to real rock stars. It’s sugarfree. Its Josie and the pussycats type interviews. Not really any substance to the interview which becomes very boring very quickly. I especially cringe every time he goes to commercial and pretends like he’s still in the interview as to try and trick The listener into thinking the commercial is live. Podcast is just like his band, terrible
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Wish I could give it A LOT more than 5 stars!
This is truly one of the greatest podcasts I’ve ever listened to!!! It will never not be entertaining!!!!!! God Bless The Demi God, Le Champion Chris Jericho!!!!!!
Conqueror Aggressive
If you don’t like this podcast, you just made the list!!!
Like everything he touches, Chris Jericho’s podcast is gold!!!
It’s over
Between the goofy crap on AEW to being bitched out by Sebastian Bach, I cant take Jericho serious anymore.
It’s like you are in my brain!
I absolutely love this podcast. I love how the topics vary, but yet seem to almost always be something that I am interested in. Great job!
Until you had that "mark" putz Conrad host your show. I dig the Jericho show but having him host is a deal breaker for me. Same with Bishoffs show, Arn etc. Just can't stand listening to that goof. Later Jericho!
My God...
I want to type a treatise but won’t. I’m almost 47 and grew up in Virginia. I’d visit my grandparents in Goldsboro, NC. We would not eat lunch on Saturdays until wrestling was over. I cannot overstate how thankful I am to listen to Chris (my WCW hero, not counting JPS), Tully, and Arn. Tully and Arn need their own podcast to talk about JCP/NWA. Thank you for having them on your show.
Great podcast!
Thanks for doing what you do, Chris. Enjoyed hearing your dad talk about the Rangers, as I’m not much older than you and used to go to MSG with my parents. I think Randy Jackson of Zebra (plays like Page, sings like Plant) would make a good guest one day.
Eric in ATL
Great podcast! Le Champion is tres bon!!
The episode with Arn and Tully is the best episode Chris has had in years! Those two guys are legends Nd Chris is a masterful interviewer! Thanks, Champ!
Nick tha D
Multi-dimensional podcast
This may be only podcast that will discuss wrestling, music, movies, paranormal, and true crime. It’s truly an all around podcast. I especially love the paranormal and true crime episodes as Zak Bagans and the co-writer for “I’ll be home in the dark” book as it’s truly amazing to hear their views and experiences in those specific fields. I also love the in depth interviews with your fellow wrestlers and even redemption stories.
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All lives matter??? Really chris Irvine
All lives matter .... ok. Unsubscribed.
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