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Jef and Jon review roleplaying games, Star Wars novels and anything else that crosses their paths.
System Mastery 187 – Marvel Universe Roleplaying
Out of the four Marvel RPGs that have happened over the years, this is one of them.  Specifically, the 2003 diceless one made, inexplicably, by Marvel Comics themselves?  Anyhow, it’s […]
Nov 17
System Mastery 186 – Supermegatopia
There’s nothing quite so exciting to find as a unique blend RPG.  Here we see a blend of comedy, furry stuff, light breast expansion and pregnancy fetishes, and superheroes.  I […]
Nov 3
System Mastery 185 – Teens In Space
Ween or Treatween!  Wait, what? This game is new!  How the heck did that happen?  Well, Jef’s supply of alien books isn’t low, but neither of us wanted to read […]
Oct 20
System Mastery 184 – Men In Black
Oh no, are your pumpkins ablaze?  Have you written out your list of mischief targets exclusively for the eyes of Ol’ Weeny?  Well, get ready, because this October, it’s all […]
Oct 6
Rifts World Book 3: England – System Mastery 183
Ooh look, a supplement!  People love it when we do the supplements, right?  We sort of needed a break for a bit while Jef navigates some medical shenanigans, so we […]
Sep 22
Itras By – System Mastery 182
[/audio] Check out this wild game!  No, literally, go check it out!  This is a wild read of improv-driven story focused diceless gaming set in a surrealism-infused Norwegian dream city […]
Sep 8
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying 1st Edition – System Mastery 181
Small but vicious dog, right?  You remember that?  It’s that joke that’s in here?  Anyhow hi there, how ya doin’?  Wanna talk about a 1989 game that seems like it […]
Aug 25
System Mastery Special – Things We Hate About D&D – Part 2
Hey whoops this was only ever free on our Patreon.  Should be here too.  Now it is.  Hooray!  The balance is complete and finally I can diminish, and go into […]
Aug 12
Robotech – System Mastery 180
Yeah, we needed a break again.  Jesus, Wraeththu.  So for now, let’s dive into dependable old Palladium.  Two scoops of whoops in every book!  Robotech is one of the early […]
Aug 11
Wraeththu: From Enchantment to Fulfillment – System Mastery 179
Okay, guess break time’s over!  This book is enormous, weird, and in a lot of ways, misguided.  The world has collapsed, humanity has fallen, and the Wraeththu have risen in […]
Jul 28
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