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What I was looking for
I just discovered this podcast and it is exactly what I was looking for as producer and musician. I am stoked that there are over 100 episodes I can devour.
Cut to the Chase
How am I just now finding this?!?
Hidden gem! I’ve been binging episodes all week since I happened upon this podcast in my suggestions. Nate and Charlie are hilarious and have great chemistry. I’m all in!
this episode was soooo good, I loveeeee Epik High. I wish they can come more often. and more Korean artist music can comes too as well. I learned more about k hiphop.
Basil Noodles
Loved the Epik High Episode!
Thank you for another fun & thoughtful episode - loved that you don’t shy away from highlighting international artists and thought it was cool to see your due diligence to properly cover the subjects with academics and artists.
falsetto ep.
i know it's not 3 hrs. long but no mention of russell mael? ouch.
michael with the good hair
Love it! Except: episode 201. CAROLE KING
“You Make Me Feel” was written by Carole King, in the context of this podcast it made sense to credit her even though Aretha made it famous. This show is usually so good at giving the songwriters accurate credit .
So good
Wish I had discovered your podcast earlier. So well done even though I don’t listen to popular music very often these days. Bravo!
Does not get better than this!
As a music junkie, this is pure nirvana. Thank you!!!! I cannot wait for each episode. Extremely educational! I purchased the book when it came out so I could even learn more. Yes! Music education can be fun and exciting.
Not music to my ears!
Have you ever been to a party where two uninvited crashers arrive drunk and coked out? Laughing, talking over each other at inside jokes that only they find funny. That’s this PodCast. I really wanted to enjoy it, but NOPE!
Pick and Choose
I came to the pod for one episode. Didn’t personally enjoy it enough to stay for others. It’s chatty and slow. Shweatty Balls.
Smh i excpected actual music 😩💔
Where is your Selena episode?!? La original!
After Serial
Nu Metal Revival
I loved this episode! Back in the Nu Metal era there were a few female led bands (drain sth; kittie) id love to hear your take on why they didn’t receive the welcoming in to popular culture and music that some of their male counterparts received. And they road they may have paved for this female nu-Metal revival. Thanks!
Until you listen to this podcast, you only think you hear all the beauty of music
Thank you @SwitchedOnPop for using your expertise to allow me to hear the beauty in music that I never knew existed. From ingenious modulations to clever chord progressions to random in depth knowledge of instruments and their unique tonal character and resonance frequencies. I now hear things that I never heard before. As a lover of music of all kinds you can imagine what a gift you’ve given me!
Perry's Apps
The Energy by Disclosure was the best!!
No matter what medium or niche—sports, movies, TV, fashion, design, photography, music, etc.—it’s is always so inspiring to hear how these pieces of art were made. Huge fan of Disclosure, huge fan of this show now!!
Might as well substitute Apple ear pods for “POP” So similar. GreAt job on show by the way!
My favorite episodes 2020
Switched On Pop turns me on because each episode yields wonderful musical discoveries, even to a deeply knowledgable music fan. Fiona Apple and Disclosure episodes kept me current with the best music coming out, which I appreciate help with! The chopped-n-screwed and lo-fi episodes opened up genres on the periphery of my awareness that I was eager to dive into. The Rosie episode was a thought-provoking piece on America’s musical legacy. I would love a follow-up with @moby and @djshadow weighing in!
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Will Daly Jr
Smartest music podcast
Charlie and Nate are measured and thoughtful. Listen to the show before you judge them. It’s fantastic.
Bill Non-Science Guy
Love this show!
They always make me think about music in such different and interesting ways! Also I frequently learn about new songs from them. And they both have great voices
My favorite podcast
Hosts are amazing and content is educational and engaging. They do a stellar job of making listeners laugh and think critically all at once.
Tyler GiGi
Classical music fans avoid!
As a huge fan of classical music, it pains me how stupid and needlessly divisive these idiots are. Avoid this trash.
Pseudointellectual garbage
It’s a pity that the New York Philharmonic participated in this, lending credence to the idiocy of this discussion.
Riccardo Martello
This podcast is non-entertaining, non-educational, and is weirdly “Woke”. HARD PASS
The 5th is the 1st!
Such a genius idea to personalize the music review by bringing in the Philharmonic performers. Concept is brilliant, and the hosts’ execution is joyfully informative. Love, love, love it!
Re: black is king episode
Beyoncé could save the world and it would still be what about the martians on Mars? She can never do enough. Didn’t like the lady guest, seemed very one sided. It’s trendy for black people to hate Beyoncé now.
mambo no five
it’s a massive tik tok song :) also love the pod, keep it up <3
reviewer 123454327890987
Mambo No 5 theory
Hi guys, love the podcast! You probably were too old to listen, but Disney did a version of Mambo No 5 with “Mickey and friends” instead of “Monica and co” that I used to listen to all of the time growing up. Might be why young millennials/old gen z remember the song so well
Music geek’s dream
If you like pop music and also love music theory, here you go
Appreciate songs so much more
Love this podcast! I didn’t realize how much goes into my favorite songs. Highly recommend for pop music lovers. Every episode is a deep and wonderful dive - thank you Nate, Charles and entire pod team!
these guys are cringe af. so childish and corny. and they appropriate poc music as they try to act woke all the while profiting off it. disgusting. go review bob dylan or something more up your alley.
As a non professional
I enjoy this show...makes me happy in office.....
Excellent, informative, enjoyable show for all music lovers
This has come to be one of my favorite podcasts over only the few short months I’ve been listening to it. Nate and Charlie are intelligent and thoughtful hosts who dive deeply into songs and pick apart every rhythm, melody, and turn of phrase into a deliciously comprehensive analysis sure to please any music geek. I appreciate the breadth of songs they include in their episodes as well as other collaborators and artists for input and advice. They’re self aware and do an excellent job of teaching and explaining the concepts they discuss, including the listener, as opposed to some other reviewers and critics who snobbishly cling to their technical jargon. Even if you have no musical training, you will LOVE this show. As a bonus, they’re alums of my school! GO BRUNO!
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Good podcast thank you
I like this podcast. Please keep doing it. Thank you!
Great insight and banter.
Wow never thought I’d say this but thank you to the ad that told me to listen to this podcast. I love these two, they’re so smart and charming and did I mention smart? Really rich and thoughtful analysis of music here soo so interesting I recommend to any and all!
Perfect for aspiring musicians.
I've listened to ~20 episodes and it's AMAZING. They dissect music better than Song Exploder in my opinion. Some highlights is learning how the Beatles and Beyonce used modulation, the origins of House elements in modern pop music, artistic concepts such as "the truth is more important than the rhyme" etc. These guys are 100% legit.
For the casual radio listener and the music obsessed
This show has made me appreciate music more than I already do. Nate and Charlie bring a fun engaging conversation that makes me want to listen for hours. I was already impressed with how they talked about female pop musicians, but have been incredibly pleased with their discussions on race within music along with sampling and copyright issues. The discussions are nuanced and don’t feel forced. It’s clear they take the time to research in order to have though provoking conversations on culture while also getting into classical masters. I found this podcast after falling in love with Vox’s Earworm on YouTube hoping to find something similar, and this did not disappoint.
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Dynamic Duo
Nate and Charlie work so well together as co-hosts. They keep the show both fun and fascinating, interspersing musical past and present with entertaining banter. I especially enjoy their episodes on popular music that manifests more discreetly, such as NPR show themes and lo-fi. Their Taylor Swift episode was also a treat and I would love if they did another about her last 3 albums! Overall such an engaging show for music lovers.
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The best music pod
The best popular music podcast out there. Why? Because these guys are funny and fun to listen to, extremely insightful and intelligent BUT most of all: they approach every single genre of music, and every musician with the same level of respect. There’s no snobbery or elitism here. There’s no dismissing of female pop artists. Respect !!
Great show
But regarding the timing issue that Jason Collier worked out to eliminate the latency gap, ANY drum corps member does that during their show. It’s not really a first...
Excellent Musical Explainer Journalism
For anyone who is a fan of popular music and wants to know more about it, these conversations are informative while still accessible. Love it!
Perfect timing to discover and dig deep
This is the show I need to escape into right now. Grateful for high quality content that is disconnected from current events and timeless in its humor, wit and curiosity.
The banter is light, and the analysis feels right and fresh. I don’t love pop music, but I tend to like it more after Charlie and Nate have discussed a specific song. Check out their episodes on Travis Scott’s ‘SICKO MODE’ or the episode “Justin Bieber’s Existential Suite.”
So fun and also a great way to learn
Charlie and Nate host a show that is so entertaining and fun to listen to, and every time I learn new ways to appreciate music, and to see how interconnected all music styles are. Highly recommended!
Always excited for a new episode!
Switched on Pop is my most listened to Podcast; the show brings together a delightful mix of substantive analysis and playful interpretation. I always love listening to a song after hearing what SOP has to say about it. In addition to Nate and Charlie’s witty banter, I’ve really enjoyed the different perspectives and expertise they’ve added to the show with guests - behind the scenes and headliners alike. As a longtime fan of the show, it was so fun to get to hear them interview Carly Rae Jepsen in their recent episode and see how far the show has come since its beginning days!
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Great Interviews
I love this podcast for a lot of reasons, particularly the episodes where artists, producers and songwriters are interviewed. The conversations are illuminating and lets artists feature their craft and the inspiration and process behind their music (Carly Rae episode for example!). Recommend for pop lovers and soon to be converts.
Careless Whiskers
Love these guys
I like to dance. I don’t write music. I love learning why certain songs make you move. These guys are hilarious, and super engaging.
Meng meng meng
A delight!
Charlie and Nate put together an informative and fun show that breaks down pop music in an accessible way. I always feel like I learn something when I listen to an episode. Perfect for a music fan or someone interested in pop culture at large.
Inspired and I don't even listen to pop!
I love to hear these guys break down all the reasons why a song that I had disregarded completely has all this musical value and interest. It is eye opening, engaging, and fun at the same time. I always learn something new from them and that is pretty impressive.
Refrigerator Queen
Made my commute
Perfect chaser to the weekly billboard chart! It's so fun understanding why that latest got got stuck in my head.
Udi ak
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