Swift over Coffee
Swift over Coffee
Paul Hudson and Erica Sadun
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Needs more editing, structure, and regularity
I fell in love with this podcast on Season 1. I'm going through Paul's 100 days of swift ui so i started listening to get more plugged into the community. For season 2 i was really excited that Erica would be joining since her efforts in swift were mentioned in season 1. Unfortunately it seems like the podcast is now a lot less focused and certainly a lot more sporadic. Season 1 tried to stick around 30 minutes and it gave each episode this sharpening focus. Now its a lot more rambling and off topic discussion. I love Erica and Paul but for the podcast i recommend setting a time budget of 30 minutes to guarantee only the best makes it in and kicking it back to twice a month.
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the other sam
Season 2 brings welcome changes
The first season with Paul Hudson and Sean Allen was pretty good. As a fan of Sean’s YouTube content, I found that a large portion of the Season 1 content overlapped with Sean’s YouTube and other podcast content and focused on contemporary news. Erica Sadun’s presence in Season 2 is a very welcome change. Erica is the top contributor to Swift evolution and brings an unprecedented level of technical expertise to this podcast that can’t be found anywhere else. She’s also an excellent personality that complements Paul with great banter. I’m very excited to see where this podcast goes!
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I don’t like coffee, but I love this podcast!
Finished season one. Super excited about season two. The format is just great—learn something new each episode. I can’t wait to hear from Erica. I learned obj-c and iOS dev with the iOS 4 dev cookbook and related era publications. I can’t wait!! Hopefully we will hear some of that opinionated swift style!
Favorite Swift Podcast
I have recently gotten into iOS development as of the last 6 months. I have been learning UIKit, SwiftUI, and anything else I can get my hands on for the last few months, and Hacking With Swift has helped me so much. I then realized how much complexity there is in the furthering of apple products and the Swift language so had to figure out how to keep up with it. And this podcast has been a blessing for keeping up with the latest Swift news and learning more about topics that I have just scratched the surface of. I have listened through most of Season 1 and all of the current 2 episodes of Season 2, and it has been wonderful to hear the opinions of experienced developers to learn from. Thank you so much to Sean, Paul, and Erica for helping us new developers. Keep up the amazing work!
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Season 2 ROCKS!
Though I enjoyed having Sean in season one, the chemistry between Paul and Erica in season two is electric. Love the deep thinking around everything Swift and all their expertise!
Great Swift Conversations
Swift Over Coffee recently popped up in my podcast feed. I had been following Sean Allen and Paul Hudson’s content for a while, but must have missed the release of the podcast. I am so glad I found it though. The hosts present updates on iOS dev culture and bits of Swift knowledge in a very fluent manner. They provide high level overviews of articles and Swift releases. These overviews are easy to follow and are a great way to stay productive while commuting. Thanks Paul and Sean!
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Easy to listen Swift talk
This podcast is my go to podcast for Swift news. It is not to technical, easy to listen chat about what goes on in Apple's World. Perfect for my daily work commute, especially when I don't want to listen to more technical podcasts. I have been following both Sean and Paul on their youtube channels, and websites for years now. Tremendeous amount of free content about learning Swift for beginners. Check out hackingwithswift.com by Paul and Sean Allen on youtube. Thank you for bringing this to us! I do believe Paul is a glitch in the matrix though. The very least he was cloned by aliens. Hard to believe he can do this on top of the other few million things he does. Great job guys!
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So glad I found this!
I recently started my Swift journey with 100 Days of Swift (on day 99 now!), but I wanted a way to keep learning when I wasn’t sitting in front of a computer. I downloaded a few different podcast and imagine my reaction when I opened this and heard Paul’s voice....spoiler, I was excited. I have never watched Sean’s videos (or heard of him before this), but I think I might start looking at his stuff next. I love the connection both Sean and Paul have and I really love the things they talk about. I would definitely recommend this podcast to anyone looking to expand their Swift knowledge or just feel like you’re part of the Swift community. I hope one day I can attend one of their live conferences or shows to see what those are like!
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Great Stuff!!!
I am 3 months into my Swift journey and these guys make this fun, interesting and educational. Even when discussing topics I am very new to I don’t feel lost. Very easy to listen to and follow Ali g with and the two host are stellar. Keep these coming guys!!!
J/-\y Bird
Great all around
The hosts of this show are pretty fun to listen to. While a lot of shows on topics like this just about put me to sleep, this one manages to keep me interested through every episode. It’s also pointed me toward many great resources which have been particularly helpful to me as someone who’s still fairly new to developing on iOS. I’m learning a lot and having fun along the way.
Absolutely Stellar Show
A really great show discussing topics that are relevant to anyone interested or wanting to get into iOS development! The only way it could be better is to be a little longer and talk about things a little more in-depth. Keep it up!
Great Listen
I found both these guys content a long time ago and loved it. When they got together to make content I was like wow I know this will be good, and it is!
Rome Jon727
Nice way to stay updated on swift!!
Paul and Sean are amazing. In about the time of your drive to work, these guys will catch you up on interesting things in Swift land. I for sure go googling after the podcast. Highly recommended!
Always a Great Listen
I love this podcast. Paul and Sean have a great dynamic. They're both amazing contributors to the iOS developer community. This podcast features more than just tehcnical bits; obscure [real-world] job-seeking advice, community topics, and more. I look forward to every new episode (seriously)!
@Lucas Brown
Quick, Informative, Fun
This podcast is just that. Plus the intro music is great!
Sean and Paul make a great team
A great place to learn and laugh! I simply just Enjoy this podcast!
Fantastic, informative, engaging
Shout out to Paul and Sean for delivering a great podcast on a regular basis despite your incredibly busy schedules. I am a career switcher in my 50’s preparing for my first iOS / Swift development job. Now my two favorite content providers and teachers are doing a mature, well-crafted podcast that informs me and entertains me at the same time! What could be better?
Absolutely fantastic podcast!!!
Sean and Paul make a great team and bring humor and insight to the Swift community! Absolutely love their podcast, and can’t wait to hear more! P. S. Sadly though their music is not as good as Fireside Swift.
Sean & Paul are great!
I’ve been listening to Swift over Coffee from the beginning and it quickly became my favorite podcast. Sean and Paul are both extremely knowledgeable in iOS development and great teachers. I look forward to a new episode every two weeks!
Great podcast
Paul Hudson’s Hacking with Swift series is 100% responsible for my coding career, so of course I’m going to listen to a podcast he’s hosting. There’s a couple things I really like about this podcast: one, episodes are relatively short (relative to podcasts that run over an hour) so they’re just easy to get through but they aren’t light on content; secondly, the combo of Paul (expert) and Sean (novice) is great because as a novice myself it’s nice to have someone on the podcast I can directly relate to (“Tests? What tests?”). Overall this podcast isn’t just informative, it’s inspirational. Keep it going and I’ll keep listening!
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🔥🔥 Sean & Paul 🔥🔥
The podcast is in depth and perfectly brief all at the same time. Witty banter and hot topics keep the listening easy, informative, and fun. Thank you guys so much for doing this and helping to inspire me further in my own endeavors. ✊
Velvet ketchup
Intro Music
Two excellent teachers (and students) of Swift join forces.
Paul and Sean are experts in the field of Swift development. They have a natural and easy way of explaining what’s new, what to expect, and how-to in Swift that you feel like part of the discussion. Especially during the “Open Ballot” portion of the show. A must listen for any Swift developer.
Dan O'Leary
Most easily listenable Swift podcast.
Podcasting about code is hard. These two keep probably keep it as exciting as it can be. 😺 I really don’t like the theme song, though. I wish the singer would enunciate. As there’s no accounting for taste, five stars it is!
Jessy Catterwaul
I really enjoy listening to this podcast!
Adin Cebic
Great content
Two awesome guys talking about Swift. That’s it, just listen. You won’t regret it! Thank you both for giving so much to the Swift community. Without shows like this junior coders like myself could not stay informed on current topics.
Amazing Podcast!!
The hosts alone could make talking about your taxes interesting! The knowledge that they both have make their perspectives extremely useful in regards to Swift topics. Being that the podcast is ~30 minutes, its short enough that you can listen on the go but long enough to dive into a little detail.
MD Aupont
Swift content for ALL levels of experience!
Paul and Sean are the BEST! Their dialogue in each episode is fresh and relevant for beginners and expert developers alike. Anyone looking to take a serious step toward learning Swift should check out this podcast. Keep up the great work gents! You’re an inspiration to all of us! 👊🔥💯
Great “Up-to-date” Swift Podcast
The show does a great job keeping theists er in the know of what’s going on in swift and what’s to come in the near future. I like their format and they don’t waste time, making sure to hit their topics and say what needs to be said, then moving on. It can talk at a higher level then a beginner may be able to grasp, but I think that’s a good thing when a lot of coding podcasts deal in the beginner topics but not the intermediate and beyond.
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Great Swift Podcast
This is a great podcast with knowledgeable hosts and a great tone. The hosts understand the audio format well and don’t often refer to material that the listener might not have the ability to look at (for instance when listening to the podcast while driving). Great to listen to while learning Swift (even if some parts go over the listener’s head at the moment), or just for people that often write Swift code.
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Best Swift Podcast
I know Sean from his videos and have used Hacking With Swift as a resource before ever finding this podcast. Paul is such an industry expert and Sean is a great resource also. It’s great to see two people who have made it and are willing to both share their knowledge. I will keep listening as long as you both keep doing the podcast!
Great Podcast!
Really great content so far. Paul and Sean are in my opinion two powerhouses in the Swift online community. Great to be able to get their insight and opinions!
Great so far!
I’m loving the podcast so far. I really enjoy the variety of topics and I like the dynamic between the hosts. Since Paul has many more years in experience with Swift than Sean, I feel they are able to provide answers to a wider range of listeners.
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