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Sustainability Of:
Amelia Easley
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Amelia’s podcast is your one-stop-shop to everything sustainability-related. She is currently studying environmental studies and business. Each episode culminates hours of research on the "Sustainability Of:" a topic into a 30-45 minute episode. Subscribe and follow her on Instagram at @sustainabilityof and request an episode topic!
19- 100% Recycled Materials with Newly Co-Founder Michael Graziano
Welcome to Season 2! Let us know what you think of our new intro and outro music. We're so excited about it. This week I chatted with Michael of Newly all about their business model: everything Newly sells is made from 100% recycled materials. We...
Sep 2
36 min
18- Know the Origin with Founder Charlotte Instone
In today's episode, Charlotte and I have a couple important conversations worth listening to; I was certainly enlightened. For example, I learned that second-hand isn't as sustainable as I thought, we need to support small, sustainable businesses...
Jul 29
47 min
17- FabScrap with Founder Jessica Schreiber
Have you heard of one of the most innovative non-profits to date: FabScrap? If not, listen to this chat between me, Amelia, and FabScrap founder, Jessica Schreiber, and learn all about this innovative business model.  FabScrap is a 501(c)(3) non-profit...
Jul 22
51 min
16- Business Strategies with Sara Weinreb
I am so excited to be joined by Sara Weinreb. Sara supports mission-driven entrepreneurs build businesses that focus on social and environmental impact, and she also advises to brands looking to integrate sustainability into their work. She's previously...
Jul 15
56 min
15- Low Tox Living with Nicole Shires
What does the word "fragrance" really mean? Why don't we know the full ingredients list in diapers, tampons, and even perfume? These questions are answered in today's episode, where you will learn all about @thesimplegourmetmamma's journey to Low Tox...
Jul 8
52 min
14- Textile Dyeing & Processing
Ever wondered how our clothes got their color? Listen to this episode and expect to be surprised (if your jaw isn't on the floor). Below I have included some timestamps to refer to if you want to re-listen to one part. I've also included all my sources...
Jul 1
32 min
13- Minimalism with Erin Flynn of Cladwell
Ever thought about creating a capsule wardrobe? Ever thought about getting rid of all the cheap clothes sitting in your closet and investing in items from small, sustainable businesses, that will last (and stay on-trend) for the next ten years?Today's...
Jun 24
37 min
12- Recycled Leather with Kathleen Kuo of Opus Mind
Recycled leather seems like a foreign concept but a perfect solution to the lack of sustainability of vegan leather and ethics of virgin leather- why aren't more brands using it? Kathleen and I dive deep to learn about what the recycled leather supply...
Jun 17
44 min
11- Conscious Traveling with Jess Rigg of the Ethical Conversations Podcast
In today's episode, we chat all about the travel industry and how we, as consumers and travel enthusiasts, can be more mindful of our impact. We dive into the concept of slow food, what carbon offsetting ACTUALLY means, and examples of actions Jess and...
Jun 10
43 min
10- The Footwear Industry with Casey Dworkin of Sylven NY
Today's episode is all about the sustainability of the shoemaking process. I chatted with Casey Dworkin, Founder and Creative Director of Sylven NY, on her investment in sustainable supply chains and recycled materials.Highlighted Topics:- How Casey...
May 27
38 min
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