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sup, babe?
Nicole Rosé
sup, babe? is your one stop shop for living your best life with host Nicole Rosé: DJ, Entrepreneur & Influencer (@djnicolerose & @supbabepod). Every M & W, we dish out something that you NEED TO KNOW. It's like if CNN, Page 6 & Refinery 29 had a baby... self-care, pop culture, current events & comedy so it's like one big orgasm that expands your brain too. M: Pro Tips with an expert W: Life Hacks to live your best life
How To Be Wicked Fearless & Supercharge Your Wellness Journey
Ladies this episode is all about pivoting into your purpose. Nicole chats with guest Maddy Ciccone who transitioned from working at advertising agencies around LA to eventually becoming a Master SoulCycle Instructor, personal coach, & Digital Content Creator. Maddy shares her pro-tips for Wicked Fearlessness. Listen on to hear about: -rolling with punches of life to find your purpose -the importance of morning routines & practicing gratitude -nurturing your nerves
Nov 16
31 min
Mental Health: We All Got It, Now Let’s Heal It
We do everything to fix our physical health, but do we always treat our mental health the same way? When was the last time you answered the question “How are you?” with honesty? When was the last time you asked ready for #realtalk? Mental health is a very real problem in this country & it has only worsened with the pandemic. Nicole chats with Catie Cole, founder of How Are You Really and The Mental Health Coalition, on how to have meaningful conversations with your friends & build even more resilience in these trying times.
Nov 9
30 min
How To Support Other Women & The Psychology Behind Why Some Women Don't
You know we’re all about supporting other babes here on Sup, Babe! But have you ever had a run in with a mean Queen Bee? Or felt like you’re in competition with fellow female colleagues or friends? Nicole sits down to chat with award-winning speaker, international women’s advocate, and Global Connections for Women (GC4W) founder, Dr. Lilian Ajayi-Ore. Together, they discuss: -their steps for becoming more supportive of other women -how being more supportive can be good for your soul & self-esteem! -the psychology on why women don’t always support other women (& how we can unlearn these ideas)
Nov 2
40 min
5 Dating Tips To Find Your Partner In COVID Cuffing Season
Ever found yourself at dinner with someone #married? You’re not alone. Tune in to today’s episode to hear our top 5 ways to find a partner before it’s too cold & some recent (read: embarrassing) personal dating stories from us both. We discuss: -specific strategies for winning on apps (it’s all an algorithm these days!) -what your volume of Facetimes to meetups should be -how to handle this whole COVID thing once you do find the one & more
Oct 28
31 min
How To Build Community & Bring Ideas to Life w/ Hannah Fastov From Go Dash Dot
Calling *ALL* budding entrepreneurs!! This is an episode you DON’T want to miss. Nicole sits down with Hannah Fastov, a professional girl on the go & the founder of Go Dash Dot, to pick her brain on building her fashion meets function handbag company & how they continued to thrive in tough times. Press play to learn: -how she brought her product from an idea into top-notch retail -the strategies that helped her double her community -how their structure supports other female entrepreneurs -her top 3 tips for turning things around in tough times
Oct 26
27 min
5 Ways To Use Your Morning Routine To Crush Your #Goals
Morning, babe!  Not sure you're reaching your full potential throughout the day? It all starts with your AM routine. Press play to build out a winning lineup that will help you crush your goals! In today’s episode, Nicole & Mia: - spill the tea on their personal morning routines - share hacks on how to tailor a routine to fit you - discuss why it’s so important to start your day off right
Oct 21
23 min
How To Fight Aging Using Clean Beauty w/ PYT Beauty Founder Mary Schulman
*GIVEAWAY ALERT!* Did you know that some of the chemicals in makeup you use everyday can disrupt your hormones, age your skin & potentially kill you?! Me neither!! So clearly, We. Need. This. Nicole brings on PYT Beauty founder Mary Schulman to school us on all things clean beauty. Press play to win a fall makeover & learn: -the KEY to slowing aging & keeping your glow -the TOP chemicals to avoid in your daily routine -natural makeup you can substitute that performs -where to look up the safety of your products -easy hacks you can do with products you already own & more
Oct 19
27 min
Daddy Issues: We All Got 'Em, Now Let's Heal 'Em
Lesbihonest: we all have more issues than Vogue. And #daddyissues tend to pop up for most of us. Nicole sits down with Nicole Lachance (a sup, babe? squadder, model, lawyer & mother) to chat about personal issues they’ve had over the years with their fathers and how they’ve found healing through love. Ps. Stay tuned to the end to learn all about the health benefits of gratitude. #grateful ;)
Oct 14
27 min
How To Live Life On Your Terms & Some Wise Words From Your Future Self
Nicole sits down to chat with longtime colleague, friend & fellow podcaster Chris Oh about all the things they would tell their younger selves.  If you’re looking for a rulebook to help guide you through a new stage of some major life changes, then this is the episode for you.  Stay tuned to the end for her top 3 tips on living life on your own terms.
Oct 12
26 min
My Neck, My Back... How To Fix Your WFH Posture
Got back pain from your WFH, sit-on-the-couch-in-your-pj's lifestyle? Us too, girl. Pop on today’s episode to learn all about how to fix your posture with basic household items you already have. Nicole sits down with friend and physical therapist Addison McCabe to share tips and tricks for reducing pandemic back pain and creating an ergonomic workspace wherever you are.
Oct 7
24 min
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