L. Joy Williams
#SundayCivics is a weekly show that teaches civic education and engagement using the current political landscape.
Episode 237: Vengeance Is Not Justice
The death penalty does not deter crime yet 39 states still commit the barbaric practice. Although in recent polls Americans believe the death penalty is applied unfairly, most are still in favor of the practice. To tackle this controversial topic, L. Joy brings Jamila Hodge, the Executive Director of Equal Justice USA, to the front of the class to delve into the social, racial, and economic disparities prevalent in its administration, the historical context, and potential alternative paths to justice.
Feb 6
Episode 236: Who Is Running the Campaigns?
Managers, consultants, vendors, and field teams oh my! Candidates need staff to run their campaign once they’ve decided to vie for office. But, who are these people? How are they chosen? Where do they come from? Do prominent roles go only to folks L. Joy describes as “the khaki boys?” To break down what it takes to produce a political campaign, L. Joy brings Daniel Laurison to the front of the #SundayCivics class.
Jan 24
Episode 235: Putting the Public Back In Public Education
The importance of public education can never be overstated. Yet, even with reforms, public education falls short of benefiting the communities they are supposed to serve. What could happen if the public is given more than just a seat at the table, but an active part to play in partnership with educators in creating a promise fulfilling educational system? L. Joy brings Drs. Landon Mascareñaz and Doannie Tran to the front of the class to break down how an open education system works.
Jan 9
Episode 234: L. Joy Is Talking Trash (and sanitation)
There is the trash we throw away like plastics, styrofoam, cardboard and paper. There is the waste from humans as well as animals and the like. How we manage these things with sanitation, or don’t manage them properly, has effects on the environment, people’s health, and a myriad of other issues. To have this conversation on sanitation, because we aren't going to produce less waste anytime soon, making this issue an imperative, L. Joy brings professor Colin McFarlane to the front of the class.
Dec 1, 2023
Episode 233: The Future of Work
Work. We do it, but how do we strike the delicate balance between worker's rights and employer's responsibilities? L. Joy brings London-based researcher and senior lecturer, Dr. Jamie Woodcock to the front of the class to discuss the history of, context around, changes in, and future of work.
Nov 17, 2023
Episode 232: Who Is Documenting The Community Meetings?
In every city, state, and municipality, there are community meetings that are held where the things that affect your everyday life and how your tax dollars are spent, are discussed…and you may not be there! Getting people civically engaged is L. Joy’s reason for creating #SundayCivics so she is bringing Derrick Cain and Julie Christie to the front of the class to discuss how their organization, Resolve Philly, is using the Documenters program to get folks engaged around local government.
Nov 17, 2023
Episode 230: Daily Devotional For The Children
The coronavirus pandemic taught us many things. The expansion of The Child Tax Credit, SNAP, and stimulus checks etc. brought child poverty, according to the US Census, to a record low of 5.4%. As of 2021 the child poverty rate has skyrocketed to 16.9% with the rollback of that aid. What we can garner from this is child poverty, as L. Joy states, is a political choice and reflection of our values. To take us to church on understanding child poverty, help us think through actions and solutions, Rev. Dr. Starsky Wilson joins L. Joy at the front of the class.
Oct 26, 2023
Episode 229 Chairman Russell Explains It All
On episode 227, L. Joy took a deep look at diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) but what does it look like out in the real world when applied? Leon Russell, Chairman of the NAACP National Board of Directors, joins L. Joy at the front of the class to explain exactly what DEI looks like in practice, engaging young people to ensure they are prepared, and the work of legacy organizations today.
Oct 26, 2023
Episode 228: Activism in Small Towns
L. Joy gives us tips and tools we can use to upgrade and advance our advocacy on every episode. As you work on the issues, how your message is crafted will differ depending on where you are. On this episode, L. Joy brings Kathleen Stuart to the front of the class to take a deep dive into the power of storytelling and organizing in places that are not big urban centers.
Oct 26, 2023
Episode 227: Diversity Equity & Inclusion Are Not Dead
L. Joy is very excited to bring Ifeomasinachi Ike back to the front of the class because the conversation around diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs and the people who invest a lot of their lives to that work is imperative right now. DEI is not a trend. It is necessary to create equity in this society, and this discussion gives us the information we need to understand, organize around, and support DEI initiatives.
Oct 4, 2023
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