Stuff You Should Know
Stuff You Should Know
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Long time listening (10 years now)
Big fan! Keep it up!
3D microphone…. Bad
I saw a few reviews saying the 3D microphone sounded bad, but I was surprised that it actually hurt my ears to listen. I couldn’t even get through the first minute! Thanks for going back to the other microphone, my ears thank you too. ;)
Long Time Listener, First Time Reviewer
This show is just brain food. Love learning new stuff and the banter and jokes make it fun. Keep on keeping on!
Princess with DreadLocks
Please ditch the 3D mic!
It is draining.
Funny stuff
Still the best.
Want to love it.
They discuss great subject and when they ARE talking about the subjects it’s a fabulous podcast. However, they spend 50% of each episode talking about everything but the subject. Wayyyy too much banter.
Very Entertaining!
I love their back and forth and the varied topics. I enjoy learning about all kinds of things that I didn’t even know I should be learning about!
Dislike 3D Audio
The new 3D audio sounds terrible, please please go back. I couldn’t handle it, I had to stop listening to the newest episode.
3D audio is not as pleasant
You guys sound much better with the other mics. Sounds hollow and not as intimate. What mics and sound production technology were you using before? Deep six the 3D audio. Very hard to listen to the banter with the “new technology.” You still deserve 5 stars for content.
Interested bystander
Topics and banter... stay the course
Im a fairly new listener as of February this year. I have to say, your topics always peek my interest and I love the friendship you have with one another. It makes the bantering fun knowing that. I listen to your show and previously recorded ones from seasons past to make my commute home from work more endurable. I get so caught up that time just flys by. Thank you for all the research and time you must put into your topics to make the podcast great! Keep up the great work! ps, If you haven’t done one already, would you consider doing something on “Flat Earth Theory” and those who still follow it? I have a coworker who really believes in it despite the science and technology that easily disproves it and find it such an oddity. -Brad from Vacaville, CA
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There’s so much stuff we should know! Josh and Chuck are giving it to us all with a sense of humor. They make the information as easy to digest and fun as possible. I’m a long time listener (but I just realized I never reviewed... oops!). I’ve listened through the jackhammer, sun, poop, rescue dogs, you name it, there’s an episode for it. Every one is worth listening to. The tangents make me smile and the information is often fascinating!
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Please NEVER do “3D” (binaural) audio again.
I love SYSK. It’s one of my top 3 podcasts. BUT, on the most recent episode “Ivy League” for some reason, Josh, Chuck, and I assume Jeri decided to use a “3D” microphone. First off, the quality goes WAYYY down. Second, if you’re listening on a car it sounds really strange to have one voice coming from the left and one voice coming from the right. Wondery did this for awhile during scripted segments and it was super annoying. Third, if you’re listening on just one earbud like I do while jogging then it’s aggravating because one person is lower volume. Fourth, if you’re listening on a “normal” speaker (or phone speaker) then there is nothing special about it other than much poorer audio quality than I’ve come to expect from SYSK. So, if y’all promise never to do that again, I’ll gladly make my review 5 stars. Thanks.
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Joshua A. Mangrum
Are these mics staying?? Go away 3D audio!
Y’all sound terrible (not your voices but the mics). Please throw these away!
Give up on the 3D audio
You could use this on a podcast about bad audio
Spool 20
3-D listening
I enjoy all of the topics that I listen to. Specifically the deep dives into the Titanic and Malaysian Flight disappearance. Really enjoyed the Ivy League pod with the 3-D listening experience as well. Very cool.
pfizer vac
Awesome all around great podcast all together
noob. mufin
Love this podcast!! Super funny and lots of super cool info. This is the only podcast I regularly listen too, and probably will be for a long time. Keep making this fantastic podcast. 10/10
Listener(not a bot)
White washed lameness
Nothing special just more history told thru the lens of older white cis men. Pretty lame, sorry
elliott kage
To much off topic chit chat between hosts
I like the info once the hosts get around to talking about it. In the beginning it happens more so than during the podcast. With so many great info podcasts out there I find myself hopping to the next one - frustrating.
Fantastic Podcast - One of the very best!
I have been listening for years and didn’t think I needed to add my review to the overwhelmingly positive reviews. Chuck and Josh handle each topic with care and thoroughness while keeping it entertaining. The one-star reviews are from Trumpsters who have been indoctrinated by Fox News and others who validate their own world view. Those folks do not want to hear others talking about topics or points of view that disagree with Hannity or Tucker Carlson. They decry “cancel culture” but eagerly want to “cancel” anything that is remotely anti-Trump. Bottom line, Josh and Chuck are rarely political on this podcast, and when they do espouse a view, they back their opinions with facts and rationality. It is a shame that facts and rationality are now only associated with one political party in the U.S. (and the party with rationality and facts is not the one represented by an elephant). You cannot go wrong with this podcast, and you will probably learn something.
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A podcast anyone can enjoy
I love this podcast. I’ve gotten into a rut where I was bored of my usual but not happy with starting anything new. I rediscovered stuff you should know and it’s perfect - genuinely interesting and safe for me to play in front of my kids. Great for background or just whenever I’m doing a task.
How uranium mining works
Why don’t you guys use the pronunciation part of google or whichever search engine you use? Please look up Molybdenum and Peritoneum too from the appendix podcast. I love listening to your podcasts but your pronunciation is bad considering how easy it is to check! Becky
Long time listener lost during uranium podcast joke. Very mean spirited punch then laughing just a form of bullying and discrimination against people you don’t agree with. I told many people this was my favorite podcast but can’t stomach the bully punch.
old conservative.
Writing the wrongs of all the 1 star reviews complaining about politics keep your opinions to yourself and leave no reason to write a fake review about a great podcast hosted by some great people
Always Solid
Especially like the updates when they re run an older show
False information
Lots of false information in the episode about voter suppression. They say showing voter ID is a form of poll tax. This is false. Voter IDs are free to obtain in all states that require them. Very biased and not the objective show they masquerade as.
I learn a lot listening!
This show is fun to listen to and I do learn about things big and small that I wouldn’t normally encounter. Thanks Josh and Chuck.
I don’t think I’ve heard two more level headed human beings calmly and rationally discuss such a wide array of topics. As people state, they’ve made some episodes about things that I never thought once I’d care about but couldn’t stop listening. This podcast is perfection.
disappointed angry bird
Pronunciation: muh-LIB—dih-num
They Feel Like Friends
I’ve been listening so long that sometimes I forget these are guys in “Podcast-Land” and not my old buddies from college. It never gets boring and I am always learning and laughing with them.
Decent info, from one and only one perspective
Thank God for Chuck. He’s the reason for the one star, at least he keeps his politics somewhat to himself, Josh sees the world through blue colored glasses, and can’t fathom why any idiot could ever have a different point of view, maybe they should an episode on the escalating civil war, but I already know, all fault would lie on the right side of the road
Great show
Always enjoy listening. They make my work day fly by. Also heard a great interview about a kid who did 8+ years in prison at 17. On the blue collar hour podcast. But this show is great!!!
Big al 4791
Top shelf! Keep it up
A never ending font of useless/ful info
The perfect podcast for getting info on a little bit of everything my. I appreciate the context that josh and chuck provide for each topic.
I’ve been listening since 2008ish. I’m 28 now. I literally grew up with these knuckleheads and I’m much better for it. Give them a listen if you want!
So informative. A true classic!!
Not good source of politics-related info.
When it comes to politics, there is a lot of subjective opinion (misguided as well IMO) pretending to be neutral fact.
Squirrel Suet Hack
Love every episode and learning new things covered in this podcast! Also, re: Cave Dwelling episode- try the “Hot Pepper Delight” duets. They squirrels will stay away from these!
Behavior BadAzz Kay
one of my favorites
i love this series! always learning something new.
They really need to change the name to Stuff You Should Think. They ridicule ideas / concepts they disagree with (religion and capitalism most recently). Too bad they can’t discuss a topic as of late without throwing in their own opinions. I guess they don’t trust their audience to think critically on their own.
Long supporter
Well done, listening since the very beginning. Always my favorite
See below
Hilarious liberals don’t understand economics 😂 If you like middle aged white guys talking about how terrible middle aged white guys are, then this is the pod for you about 90% of the time.
Roaming MLS Fan
I love??? Them???
Truly kind and funny and entertaining. Just Good Boys Being Good. The balm I needed for my soul. Just ignore the polyamory episode.
Great podcast- voice twin?
One of the hosts voice sounds almost exactly like Topher Grace so I keep picturing him talking about whatever topic you are speaking on. Lol
I meAn FiVe StAr
I missed it’s good and its 2:00am
yeet the ree man
A true joy
Josh & Chuck brings lots of joy and knowledge into their podcast. The approach to each subject is even keeled, and I enjoy hearing their opinions and anecdotes — especially when they find a new great band name
A National Treasure
Josh, Chuck and Jeri, you're an absolute treasure. Please know that you are adored! For all you negative raters…they’ve been doing this for a very long time. Their show would not be as highly rated and universally loved if they didn’t produce a consistently high-quality product…so for humanity’s sake, keep your opinions to yourselves and go listen to something else.
5 star
I have been going through the older episodes, recently listened to the “pigeons” episode. I laughed every time Chuck Mixed up passenger, messenger, and carrier... Josh corrected him each time (even when he got it right) LOL. Then, at the end of the show, he closed with “now that you know the difference between passenger, messenger, and carrier pigeons bla bla bla” HaHaHa. I don’t think he got it right once, except when he DID, and Josh incorrectly corrected him. 😆🤣😝 That’s why I love the show, the unintentional humor.
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hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose
Yeah pretty much can’t go to sleep without listening to Josh and Chuck’s voice softly ingraining super interesting information in my head. They’re hilarious and smart and this is by far the best podcast!
Great but...
I love the variety and the effort to be non judgy but... when it comes to religion, faith, especially Christian faith and the history of the church you guys generalize and bash. I wish you would not just repeat popular misconceptions about faith and science. The truth is far more nuanced AND interesting. Church people were not all anti-intellectual, anti-science people who were afraid of reason and characterizing ‘the church’ so broadly actually contradicts your usual respectful approach to most topics. I tried to be fair. I really do love the podcast.
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