Stuff You Should Know
Stuff You Should Know
If you've ever wanted to know about champagne, satanism, the Stonewall Uprising, chaos theory, LSD, El Nino, true crime and Rosa Parks, then look no further. Josh and Chuck have you covered.
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Too Chatty
Get to the point.r
RaFa my dogs name
Best podcast with no politics
This is the best podcast out there. Always super informative and funny. I love how much research they do and how they make every subject interesting. And I love the that there’s absolutely zero politics in it.
Owl of the Court
Get rid of the traumatizing train accident PSA!
What in the world!!! Most of us listen to this show to wind down and relax at night. For the past week or two you all have been running PSAs from the NTSB about people trying to beat trains and then getting hit by the train. They are incredibly disturbing ads. One of these specifically has a grotesque 911 call that makes me feel absolutely sick. Are people trying to beat trains and then getting themselves killed this much of a problem in the US? Is this what we all need to be concerned about? Please stop running these disturbing PSAs. I just want to relax when I listen to my favorite podcast, not feel a rush of adrenaline and panic.
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Stuff you should know
Why the political slurs that offend half the US voting public? If I wanted to hear that I have plenty of other Podcasts to choose from. The one that just made me unsubscribe was not a political topic or I never would have put it into my ears. Yet, they couldn’t resist making a political slur to chase me off. Goodbye and good riddance.
Wrong about Teppanyaki
Yakisoba is made on almost every corner in Japan on a grill counter - it is not only an American thing unless you specifically mean flipping shrimp and stuff...FYI
Ummm yea 😐
I find this podcast fun with tons of info I just think it’s waaaaaaay too busy yea but fun tho🥰😊😊😊😊😄
Another show goes political
SYSK was always a well balanced and apolitical show. I always enjoyed it very much. However... Recent shows clearly show political bias. Facts are either cherry picked or based on opinions expressed in other articles or documentaries. Mostly left leaning. Guys, update your writers ;-) you start to sound like another liberal echo chamber.
Nach Russland
Great random topics; Not so good when they cover political topics
Love the podcast in general, but wish they would stay out of politics. The electoral college one was particularly bad.
Time to hang it up
Man this show is getting stale. The podcast on wind tunnels was BORING! A real BOMB! Or maybe I've just become jaded due to their constant put downs of Conservative viewpoints. Woke on steroids!
Bombastik Bushkin
Mostly great content!
Listening to you two on random topics is pretty cool. I just listened to the Electoral College episode and would love a little more information. The podcast felt biased to me yet I still don’t totally understand it all. My wish is that you would talk about the “why” it was created and the intent it has. Doesn’t it have something to do with not allowing the population densities being the only voice we have, as they are usually very singular in thought processes? Anyway thanks for your content.
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More Inclusivity
I really like how you guys do quick little deep dives into really interesting topics, I saw you just did an episode about Latinx which is really awesome! I’m curious if you could do more episodes on other cultures and issues like BLM, or the trouble Native Americans have with land disputes or Nigeria trying to end SARS or Uighurs or how planned parenthood works. I am assuming a large base of your audience is middle class white people, specifically men from 30s to 60s so I think you are in a great position to help educate people about some need to know topics that they may not be willing to do extensive research on because they feel like it doesn’t affect them.
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Spencers for Social Justice
Guys, seriously..
If the word Latino is problematic, I’d argue that the entirety of the Spanish language is problematic to it’s very core. Make up your own new white man words to make you feel better about your history, or you could get out of the way and just let them call themselves what they want. They don’t use Latin-X, neither should you.
A welcome Distraction and Great Trivia
I listen to this podcast almost every day on my 45 minute commute each way to & from work. Josh & Chuck’s amiable personalities and entertaining tangents make my drive much more enjoyable. Plus I learn something new each day! It’s a great podcast if you want to pull out some random fact or participate in trivia! Keep it up guys! :)
Excellent source of information
Great podcast with interesting subjects presented in an unbiased way
Not Good
Very surface level research done on topics. If they don’t know who did something, it was “some guy”. They put me to sleep. Next.
This term Latinx is not approved by actual Latinos.
queti m. porta
More Politics
I wish they’d go back to random topics. It seems they’ve more political in the past few years...especially Chuck. You don’t need to virtue signal, that’s not what we listen for.
Love them!
They are the highlight of my day! Great thing about podcasts, you can skip to the next episode. I’d rather just skip the episode rather then voluntarily listen to it and write a bad review about something... I voluntarily listened to. Smh.
This podcast is incredible! Josh and Chuck are amazing hosts, their humor and accessibility make each episode a joy to listen to. I’ve learned so much every time I listen and find myself laughing out loud so often, my coworkers might think I’m a little crazy. Totally worth it.
Just what I need
This pod cast is one of my the highlights of my day. I have adult adhd and I’m very smart. Just don’t have a lot of time to read research or just find new topics to excite my brain. The topics are always great even the sun chuck. I love the nerd that comes out in me whenever I listen. You guys are truly gonna enjoy them. I have listened to just about all them since pandemic started. Just love the show. Please don’t stop.
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Opinion based
Disappointed with most episodes. Rather than teaching they interject their opinions even when they are ignorant too. The episode on the Electoral College is an example.
Less Sarcasm please
I absolutely LOVE this podcast, and have been binging it like no other after rediscovering it during lockdown. Thank you! One problem is that sometimes (just like with Drunk History on TV) there is so much misdirection and misinformation in the jokes and sarcasm, that it is genuinely hard to follow which part of a joke is true and which is pure fabrication. This causes me to spend more time fact-checking the pod than actually listening to it. Which admittedly is likely in part influenced by me being a person with diagnosed OCD. Perfect example is the July 7, 2020 KGB episode. One other complaint is how often the title of the episode is not resolved. Eg “What’s the deal with Swing States” & “Lying in State”. Neither episode defined the title. What is a swing state and why is it called this? Why is it called “Lying in State”. But again... simply LOVE this pod!! Cheers!!
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Rev. R. McGlinchy
The best!
For a few years, I’ve listened to this all the time. I was sad when I reached the end of the archives and needed to wait for new episodes as they were released! The camaraderie and information are a perfect blend here. Sometimes a topic comes up in daily life and I can’t recall some basic stuff about it, but I know Josh and Chuck taught me about that very thing. I’ll search the archives to find that one and refresh my brain, and then I really remember it after that!
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Always a good listen
Chuck and Josh are the masters of genial banter that adds interest and laughs while not detracting from the topic. Curiosity and appreciation are why so many of us binge listen to all the previous shows after discovering this gem of a podcast.
Always love
Get new hosts!
These guys are terrible! It’s a shame because the concept is good & the topics are good but the 2 hosts are annoying and all over the place!
Fumbling Through
I tried the KGB episode and they were clearly treading water. Just FYI, the USSR was our enemy at one point during the war. Stalin didn’t believe his own intelligence groups and that’s why Hitler was able to hit the USSR where it hurt.
Radical left propaganda
Subscribed (again)
For those more conservative folks who left the podcast after years of listening (like me) because the show became a bit too left leaning and preachy I would suggest you listen to the “swing states” episode and skip to 13:40. I found that bit of discussion to be similar to an episode of common sense. Cheers.
Sooooo political
Love this show on concept, but the hosts (one in particular) have very biased political views. Their views and bias’s are woven through so many of the podcasts, I gave up listening. There’s potential in the concept, but it needs some balance.
Love to read the bad reviews from others... seems that these don’t like some “political” remarks from the 2 dudes: like Trump saying that “there is no such thing as global warming!”... hard not to be political in this case!
Two liberals wrong about most things
I was subscribed, I just unsubscribed. Electoral college diatribe was the last straw, pure propaganda.
Your electoral college podcast stunk
Come on guys. I know you are very triggered liberals but the electoral college was made (and works) so that a few large populace areas don’t control the rest of the entire USA. Try to do better and understand why it was created.
Boston guy living in NYC
Perniciously crafted
This podcast is clearly promulgating a narrative that is as divisive as it indoctrinating. For instance, the way that our electoral collage is characterized is without question—aimed to create a jaded and uneducated view on a system that is clearly built to prevent demagoguery and uphold a fair system.
LOVE you people!
If we’re ever able to have live shows again, please come to the Tennessee Theatre in Knoxville, TN!!
Absolutely delightful!
Thank you so much for sharing your bits of wisdom! Ali Schuback
Ali Schu
Biased podcasters
I ignored the biased views for years until the “poll results” podcast released this month. And the host joking about being drunk since the 2016 election. Just really sad that they can’t make the show anymore without such derogatory remarks on the political views of their viewers. Show should be named “Biased Opinions you should know”.
Another bias podcast
Don’t bother if you are just looking for facts
Turned political
Used to be great - unfortunately has turned political like everything else these days.
The best!
My favorite podcast- hands down. I laugh and I learn. Working my way back through their archives, and I’m glad there’s so many so I’m never without an interesting listen.
What was the question again?
#Elephants rule
I was into it until they start talking about politics. If you want to talk to people about facts then please keep it unbiased.
Amazing podcast
Amazing podcast and I was shocked at the amount of bad reviews because of political reasons. Kinda sad that some people can’t stand someone else having another opinion. I don’t know why their shocked that political opinions will shine through when talking about political subjects. That’s just human nature people need to just realize it’s an opinion and not something life changing about someone. It’s a silly reason to stop listening or even leave a bad review. The podcast is great and I love the banter and jokes.
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Amazing! 🤩🤪🥳 (with some amazing book recommendations)
Hi guys! I know you don’t read the reviews (I don’t think) but I’m going to write this anyway! (Also warning this is going to be long because I have a lot of things in my mind) I love this podcast so much! I listen when I’m cleaning my hamsters cage, drawing, or to tune out the rest of the world. I love learning new facts about random things! One of your new episodes is one of my favorites. It’s the episode about the Rosetta Stone. The Rosetta Stone is something that has interested me for a while, but I was to lazy to research. Now, with this podcast, I have been able to research pretty much anything in 13-94ish minutes! I also love you guys’ episode on soap and (an old one) your episode on Lewis and Clark. I don’t care what anyone white a 1 star rating says, you guys are amazing! I also recommend some books to anyone reading this review. I recommend that you read these book series (in this order because they make more sense) 1. Percy Jackson and the Olympians 2. The Heroes of Olympus 3. The Kane Chronicles They are all by Rick Riordan and are AMAZING!!! I know you probably don’t care about the reviews but anyone else reading this could get some good advice from this review. Sorry that this was so long. Bye! -A huge fan!
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The two guys sound slow &stupid, and take 40 minutes to say what could be said in under 10. What caused me to cut their show was the episode on the electoral college. They said it is something terrible that should be eliminated, without talking about any of the reasons it exists.
Was my favorite podcast
This was my all time favorite podcast. The shows were fun and full of random information. I could always count on the boys when I needed a break from the politics and stress of the week. My boyfriend and I listened to all the older shows every night until we were all caught up and even went to a live show. Josh and Chuck were so good about keeping out political views. Loved these guys. Last year or so not so much. And since chuck started his own movie podcast these productions have begun to have a lot of content around movies and lately (as mentioned above) personal political stances. Miss you guys. I would come back if you go back to your original formatting.
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So hard to escape politics
I was hoping for non-political informative topics. But they are two more white males who hate white males. The Hawaii topic is especially biased. All groups fight with each other.
Josh is my new celebrity crush
Obviously I’m a nerd & I love all the goofy puns and also really interesting facts about things you might have wondered about or should have. Great stuff!
F.P. Molina
Excellent Podcast, Terrible Ad Music/Volume
This is my favorite podcast of all time. I have been listening to it for years and love learning strange facts that I can spout off later to anyone who would listen. I mainly use it to fall asleep to and it really helps prevent me from getting anxious and spirally before bed. I especially love the episodes about children toys and nature. My only complaints are around the ads. The ad intro/outro music really does not match the rest of the podcast and can be very jarring to go from the soothing talking tones to a harsh song. The volume of the ads is also always louder than the actual podcast and the amount of ads is beginning to get ridiculous. Short cast is basically unlistenable because of the ad to podcast ratio. I would pay good money to have a premium version of this podcast with no ads. Honestly, I would probably pay for a version that had ads but not their intro/outro music. Please offer a premium version!
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Worst ereader app
I love the Randomness!!!!
Thanks so much for your awesome shows. You guys keep giving me cool points as a teacher, I have had so many random moments with my students about topics from your show that have now made me look like a) I am way cooler than I am and b) I am way smarter than I am. Just today, after listening to your episode on rabies, I got to drop some knowledge on my 8th grade choir students because someone tried to claim they had it and that’s why they couldn’t stand up to sing. Fortunately, your episode was fresh on my brain and I added it to the list of “Random tangents from Choir” for the year....although I might have traumatized them a bit when discussing Old Yeller, but who wasn’t traumatized by that? Please keep it up!!!
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