Stuff You Should Know
Stuff You Should Know
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Passive Aggressive Political Jabs
I used to enjoy listening to this podcast, until they made it blatantly obvious their disdain for people who don’t align with their political beliefs. If you enjoy listening to passive aggressive political jabs, this podcast is for you. Great way to alienate half your listeners - won’t be subscribing anymore.
I enjoy listening to some of the subjects the guys talk about but they often only tell the side of their point of view. They make it clear that they don’t believe in God. Too many episodes are based around theory’s that they believe to be true.
It takes two
It took two episodes and I was hooked. Initial impression was, “meh, bland vices not made for making friends with let alone radio.” But content, presentation, and rapport between josh and the other guy makes for good listening. Stuff You Should Know reminds me of perusing through Encyclopedia Britannica as a youngster.
Listen if you can’t sleep
Everything I randomly think of at 2 AM, they got an episode for that. It’s more enticing to listen to these two than look up random facts in the middle of the night under your sheets and go into a rabbit hole you never intended, and the next thing you know you’re reading about Barack Obama’s uncles favorite thanksgiving recipe and wonder, how did I get here. Just stop. Save yourself some googling and listen to this podcast.
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Show suggestion. Bagpipes
First time
First time listening love it
B. O. R. I. N. G.
I wanted to like this the description was intriguing, going through the episode list I thought this sounds very interesting. I listened to 2.5 episodes. By the middle of the third I had enough. Even though the content is interesting, the delivery is bland. They both have very monotone voices, they are not funny, and when they try to be their laughs at SO uncomfortable. I’m sorry but some people have the voice for podcasts, Flora from ELT, Karen and Georgia, Dax Shepard and of course Phoebe Judge. These guys just don’t have it, sorry.
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necco wafers ROCK!
more info... the yellow ones are banana (my favorite.) When orig Necco made the candies, the chocolate were so good they used to make an entire roll of just chocolate coins!!!!!. So Chuck, how can you guarantee they don’t taste like chocolate when you’ve never had one? I was heartbroken when Necco went dark. A lot like the feeling I have right now with peeps.waaaah! I am a boomer and proud of it!Keep up the great work guys, love listening!
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Irrational hatred of NECCO
While I love this podcast I am appalled at the hatred toward NECCO candy. Constant hatred in this episode. I love this candy and can only think you never had a day of want.
Highly reccomend
I love this podcast. So funny and entertaining, while also being extremely educational. Great job, Josh and Chuck! Keep up the good work!
Isha M
My newest hobby is listening to Josh & Chuck
I always wanted to continue general education after finishing my degree. What could be easier than listening to two dudes who did all the research for me? There are enough topics to where anyone can find something they’re interested in. And the episodes I’m not interested in? I put them on before I go to sleep hahaha. However, I will say — Chuck, love you, but please learn how to say “LGBTQ” correctly.
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Jenna Gad
Love it
The show, the book, and the hosts! I learn something new and/or cool every time.
Built Ford tuff
boring and bleh in all respects
I am shocked how insanely popular this podcast is — i listened for two episodes and it’s like listening to two men who read an article a year ago correct each other on either major facts (drawing into question the research..?) or pedantic details over and over again. Neither host has the charisma to pull off a banter-centric podcast so it just ends up a rambling, frustrating mess. So many better, well researched and interesting podcasts out there.
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One of my favorites
This podcast has quickly become one of my favorites. Josh and Chuck do a good job at researching and picking interesting topics, and I like the change up from my usual pod preferences (a mix of true crime and celebrity gossip). Bonus, my fiancé likes listening to Josh and Chuck too and died laughing at the how hangovers work episode. Bonus, they have been doing this podcast fooooorrrrever so every SYSK Select episode (a replay episode from years past) is brand new to me still! Tons of content!
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Fun Real People
Chuck and Josh are a lot of fun to listen to. They are dynamic and interesting. Always something new to learn on each episode.
Thank goodness’s
I just want want every day you to know Rod number too hi Rod
Good stuff
After stumbling onto this podcast I got hooked and have gone back and listened to a few years worth now. Best thing about this podcast is most of the topics are timeless (since how most things work do not change over time) so there are nearly a decade of topics to give you pretty much endless listening pleasure.
I Love Josh Clark 💘
Too Political
Loved listening to this for a solid year, then they turned political and are very one sided with there information. Wish they just stated the facts and made me laugh like they used too. But now I find myself skipping a lot of episodes.
I have listened to hundreds of esisodes. Theses guys are great! Nifty topics, whitty Bantor and good production. SYSK is better than a root canal and almost as good as ice cream! From Kauai . Aloha & Thanks!
These guys are the bees knees
They make the world feel a lot more welcoming 🐝💨
Martha Charles
My favorite podcast
Chuck and Josh are two very likable hosts that consistently deliver interesting content about a variety of topics in a fun and humorous way. I listen while driving or while going to sleep at night. They're the best.
Creepy political input.
Good listening for the most part. Do not like the sneaky and sometimes direct political opinions. Please leave the stories to the mostly true “facts”.
Dennis G. Lewiston
Yucks your yum
I love to recommend this podcast to my friends.
Hungarian hammer 92
Well done!
Loyal listener for YEARS NOW.
This podcast is great! I listen to it while sleeping, in the car, doing chores, etc. Although it uses some inappropriate language, it does not curse. Josh and Chuck always have something new to share. I’m listening to the How Auto-Tune Works episode right now! I totally recommend this podcast but it should probably be kept away from children 2-6.
Best Podcast
Great hosts, great learning content
Flapajack P.
My go-to podcast!
Absolutely love Josh and Chuck. I never knew I could learn so much without getting bored.
Love it
This is my favorite podcast 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌 it tells me stuff I wouldn’t have learned in school 👍👍👍👍👍👍👌😀😀😀😀😀😄😄😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😊 it makes me feel super big brain 🧠🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓 the stuff I learn is mind blowing 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
Papi come closer
Worth 10000000 stars
This podcast is the most amazing thing I've ever seen, I can't believe that two guys talking about history that used to be boring is now amazing with these two guys
yeet cows
The “Wright” Bros
These jokers did all of this stuff AFTER the French. They innovated nothing much, just copied. Vive la France!
Used to love it
Used to love this show, but politics entertain into the discussion more and more.
I love it
Is cool
declan mcc
Correction on the killing of the church lady—Patty Hearst
I recall the woman killed was in (Carmichael Crocker Bank) Sacramento, not San Francisco. It’s ok, we all make minor mistakes. I still learn a lot from your podcast.
llady baltimore
Very intresting
Amazing for keeping you entertained in the car!
1358));57' CD su
I absolutely love this podcast. I always keep up to date with there new episodes. Thank you Josh and Chuck for making my day that much better!
Braden Barger
How Peanut Butter Works?
Are you effin’ kidding me? Can this be any more irrelevant?
A fascinating escape from the crazy world
I discovered this podcast through an advertisement in another podcast and I am so glad I did!! The year 2020 was very crazy in many ways and it is great to be able to escape to Stuff you should know and learn things while having fun
Great podcast for everyone!
Awesome random stuff broken down by two of the most down to earth and hilarious guys. Can't stop listening.
Great Podcast!
A must have in any podcast lineup.
The breathing distracts me
Pretty decent informative podcast overall. However, usually about 1/2 way in Chuck will start gasping for little breaths as he is talking. After every single sentence there is a sharp intake of breath that just becomes distracting as if he’s having an asthma attack. Honestly the first few times I heard it I thought he was sick. Not sure if that’s the case or not, I suggest seeing a doctor and getting an inhaler or edit that out.
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Omg why is every name taken
Informative and entertaining
Chuck and Josh do an excellent job of grabbing my attention, informing me, and making me feel as though there just a couple of friends at a party.
I really wanted to like this show but the lame jokes make it unlistenable. Stick to the facts and leave real jokes to comedy podcasts.
I dunno.....BUT BUT BUT...for 2 reasons
I really listen to this podcast for 2 reasons - Josh and Chuck! With all the crap going on in this world I listen to these two talk about whatever - maybe ft Knox, nose hairs, hair balls, talking dogs, UFO’s, ear wax (not all those topics are real), but these 2 just make me laugh and smile mainly because of their witty, charming banter. What straight men say things like ..”that is SO adorable!”Or “that is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen!” They play off of each other in such a SWEET & ADORABLE way and makes my soul feel healed. Oh - I learn things too!
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Loved binging this
I love the death and scienceyy knowledge Alana has and ash’s funny comments and super subtle hair things (that only another stylist would catch) that both of these girls bring to this podcast. After watching Bailey Sarian on yt I came to podcasts to find a similar vibe and these two hate the same vibe. I love the banter on this show bc it’s always relatable and cracks me up. The only banter that isn’t relatable about the case is when both of the hostesses days at work. And I enjoy listening about their days like friends would do. These girls cover their bases and they give you all of the information that you want from every story they cover.
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Best podcast
Politics is a part of history. Discrimination is a part of history. Government corruption is a part of history. Y’all are tripping balls if you think the rest of the world wants to be limited to discussions that make you feel comfortable with believing in what you believe in. Don’t want to hear politics? Skip episodes that are politically charged duh. 5 stars to Josh and Chuck for being awesome. Your voices have been the soundtrack to my life for a while now! Through grief, breakups, financial probs, and now quarantining while living alone I know I can depend on them for a smile! Love the chemistry between you both. Smooth delivery, funny, and informative.
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