Stuff You Should Know
Stuff You Should Know
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Episode recommendation
Hey guys, love your podcast. My name is Ian and I’m 12 and I’ve been listening to the podcasts since I was 8 or 9. I listen to it with my mom when we take long trips, like the Grand Canyon. One time we were going to leave after school to go to my grandpas, but I ended up waiting an hour at the bus stop because my mom’s atomic clock wa an hour behind. Of course we looked at newer episodes to listen to and we saw Atomic Clocks!!! I have a question and request: I would love to hear an episode on the Killdozer. And my question is Chuck, will you tell us about the “Rope Trauma”? Thanks so much guys! Keep up the good work!
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Chuck Sounds Like Butt-Head
Every time Chuck says something new, he starts it with, “Uhh….” It reminds me of the cartoon character, Butt-Head. These two guys are very funny while at the same time informative. You can hear the audience roaring with laughter at their live shows. Definitely a must-listen!
Please help me open
Stand Up!
Def think all men should SIT while using the bathroom. Inevitably the rim is hit, thus spraying pants and floor. Rant end. Thank you🙂❤️
Fantastic content
Great vibes and great insight.
Love the show
This show is like my pacifier in this turbulent time in American history. Thank you Josh, Chuck and Jerry. You keep me entertained, informed, and above all hopeful!!
YS from NY
Amazing podcast!!!!!!!
I listen to you guys all the time when I work and it makes it so much better.
Good show
I love this show and the humor. Also I love that I can learn and be entertained at the same time I would recommend listening
Average American3
Thank you for the 7 wonders
Enjoyed the repost of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World. Thank you for stretching It into two episodes—worth the time. Before this, I would know maybe 4 and never remember the others! Fascinating as tourist destinations.
Ren Annette
Super podcasts.
I look forward to these podcasts, some of which I wouldn’t have any interest in but Chuck and Josh make it interesting and fun by inserting movie references and light hearted banter, if appropriate. Keep up the good work.
Amazing podcast. Would totally recommend to anyone at anytime
Great podcast. Chuck is awesome. I don't care what you haters o good podcasts say.
Great listening
Just wanted to say this pod is always a great listen…especially when the weightier issues cod the current day becomes overwhelming. As an aside Josh mentioned purchasing a Ken Burns documentary. You can stream PBS shows by downloading their app and, of course, becoming a contributing member to your local PBS channel. Keep up the great job guys.
Interesting & enlightening podcast!
Please don’t let the haters change this lovely podcast. Real people laugh/chuckle/titter at funny things 🤷🏻‍♀️ I really love SYSK & look forward to every new or old episode! You two crazy guys explain complex information so just about anyone can understand & someone super smart will not be bored, along with fun banter. I learn something new all the time. Thank you & keep going strong! Stay safe 💞
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This show is easily one of the funniest things ever. I learn more from this that in school! And somebody is complaining about Chuck, and just why? Chuck is awesome. There is no SYSK without Chuck!
Very cool
I thought stuff you should know is very fun and informative it’s great for everyone!!
Great podcast
Can you do an episode on suicide, and what drives it. This could help prevent suicide.
I can't
I listened for over 10 years, and fuinally gave up because of their mis-speaking. Also, they pronouce words incorrectly, and there's no excuse, as they could easily as a scientist, a performer, etc., and they just don't. Too free with the facts for me.
Good podcast
I’m only 10 but, I like this podcast. but usually, I fall asleep before the episode end.( I’ve been doing that since I was a baby).
I hate Chuck!
These started without Chuck, I think it’s time we go back to that. Or replace him with someone else! He’s pompous, arrogant, and obnoxiously opinionated on things that he doesn’t understand. He’s incredibly closed-minded. He rarely ever actually hears the things that Josh says, and picks fights just to be argumentative. I hate him and he has ruined my listening experience.
The best!
This is the only historical podcast that I can listen to without falling asleep!! I started listening to it about a year ago and haven’t stopped since. Thank you for informing us in comical ways and making learning about history exciting.
Much appreciation!
I am so happy I found this podcast. I listen I even listen as I fall asleep every night then go back and re-listen to the episodes I slept through. I am thoroughly impressed with the natural way Chuck and Josh’s conversation just naturally and humorously flows all the while they educate me on subjects that I would never try to learn about on my own, such as jackhammers. These guys are simply the best!
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6/26/24 I’m moving to Utah right now from Quincy MA and I have listens to u guys the WHOLE week while I’m on the road! I’ve listened to almost all of ur shows. I love listening to it! - Brynlie
Brynlie butler
Stuff you should especially lefty
The hosts are great! Content great Too bad they are on I heart podcast network because the ads are soo many. So long and so woke
I enjoy this pod it is interesting and fun at the same time thanks
Love it.
Its a simple podcast with interesting information and topics.
My favorite
I’ve been listening to SYSK for 5 years, been to one live show and am going to another one this year! The camaraderie between Josh and Chuck is both endearing and hilarious. Personally, I love the tangents. It adds to it for me. I feel like I’m part of the conversation, and we’re chatting, and being nerdy amongst friends. But mostly... it’s stuff you should know. It’s well researched from reputable sources. They are presenting facts, and if they accidentally misrepresent the info, they will humbly acknowledge that. That doesn’t mean there’s not opinions... BUT they encourage listeners to take the info and form their own opinions. “We’re just touching the surface” of info here. The breadth of topics will give you plenty of hours listening... and leaping off points for doing your own research. Fun, easy, informative, addictive listen!
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My happy place
My life improved permanently when I discovered SYSK 8 years ago. Well presented and well research, feels like listening to 2 of your oldest pals.
Why Should Widowhood Be So Difficult?
Why? Because men have always been way more important than women. If you’re a woman…you’re NOBODY without a man. Fact.
Great show! I’ve been listening since I was 7!
I love this show so much, and Josh and Chuck are nice. I like that they take the time to research random things like Korean fans or squirrels. I could listen for hours.
a random kid 😀
Southwest Airlines acquired AirTran in 2011 not Delta :)
Too many commercials
Listened for years too many commercials now
How to waste time
How to waste your time. Go to google or Wikipedia, this is American guys drinking beer and talking. I don’t know why America men have to sound dumb to be cool.
August Consumer
For sure. I think. I believe. Thanks to ___ for doing the research for us. They don’t research anything, they just read others’ research.
Best podcast!
I love this podcast so much, I could listen to them talk about anything all day. Light hearted and sweet. Their voices are calming and make me happy.
Girly men
They’re not men and they’re not women, these two sensitive people, are what is wrong with woke folks , the episode about unit731 , may god , aren’t two grown adults able to discuss this topic , without all the virtue signaling and warnings to the listener . We are truly becoming a nation of wimps , with misguided emotions and all sort of triggers to watch out for , thanks guys/ girls or whatever
I’m currently experiencing the DV episode
Thank you for covering this topic.. I have experienced this for three years and I have been isolated for over three years. Thank you
false psychology
Very short review
Great podcast
Dude 787
Good Stuff
I’ve been listening to these guys for 10 years and they always make my day more fun and interesting. I’ve listened to some episodes numerous times. I find them very informative and relaxing to listen to. Keep up the great work, guys. Love all the jingles too! My only complaint is all the ad interruptions.
Jimmy Joe 1963
I learnt stuff
sup dude 2000
I can’t even explain how much I appreciate this show! I hope I get to come to your show someday! Keep doing what you do!🥳🤩🥹😆 —Davis the great.
Dee Folker
Josh and Chuck are amazing!
I stumbled across you many years ago and ever since I’ve been addicted to listening to your podcast. It’s funny and informative. I’ve even purchased your book and I’ve tried to go to your shows, but they’re always sold out by the time I get around to buying tickets hopefully I’ll see you live soon. Keep up the great work I learned so much from you both.
Big Bassman
Stay in your lane
Good show. But dipping into back episodes I heard the host opine on what he wrongly believes is the subjective, “it’s just your opinion,” nature of music. You are wrong,(objectively.) Hypothetically, if one were to argue that Ugly Kid Joes I Hate Everything About You is a better song than say, Led Zep’s The Rain Song, they would be 100% wrong.
devil zilla
Thank you both from the bottom of my heart. You have made the last 10 years of my life better. Whether learning new things that allow me to relate to people, helping pass the time on a long plane ride or simply giving me a sense of peace as I drift off to sleep, you have made a positive impact on my life. Education is the only way out of the mess this world is in, and you 2 make learning fun and enjoyable to listen to in an easy non-hate filled way. Thank you for the laughs and knowledge. Without you, I probably would be dead or in prison. Sincerely, Chris
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Chris F. Rad
Show started off great but is not the same show anymore.
Josh is wonderful , Chuck is a narcissist who is quick to correct Josh, and changes the subject when he is wrong. Josh is genuine and Chuck makes ever episode about him. We don’t need to know Chuck’s opinion on every subject. Would listen to Josh if he had a show by himself.
Long time listener 65
Great show
These guys are excellent. It's my go to show.
Try it, You’ll Love It
Honestly, this is the best podcast I have listened to. Even when you don’t think you’ll like a topic you’ll realize at the end you’ve been riveted. Best practice: Cherry pick your episodes at first, soon enough though, you’ll be hooked and won’t need to. Yes, they do go off onto tangents but they become best part after you’ve listened for awhile. I only discovered SYSK in 2022 but I’ve been hooked since the Star Wars Holiday Special edition. Thanks Josh and Chuck for the endless hours of learning fun.
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Kayden Lunsford
I love history and this rocked my world and you who say need I say more………….. we can not be friends
Could you do a episode
I really love your show listen to it almost every day, when I’m sleeping or in the car. I know a story about a man who lived during the revolution of America named Timothy Dexter who was a man who struck rich by pure coincidence and luck.
Say what this is wrong
Got my drivers license last week like we always used to talk about now every single time I look at my car I think it’s you. I think it’s you. Oh my gosh you’re too. Oh my gosh H, you are so.
Aria pilups
My fav show
Best informative podcast out there!
Vieda Boss
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