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Stuff You Should Know
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Ketosis is not ketoacidosis
Good podcast except you confused ketosis, which you get from fasting and low carb diets with diabetic ketoacidosis which can be life threatening. No one should ever go into ketoacidosis but you can stay in ketosis forever.
kyle chandler meets wikipedia
if you close your eyes it sounds like kyle chandler and a friend of his are reading a wikipedia article to you.
Ethan Allen Hawley
Fav podcast
Been listening to these guys for years now and figured it’s only right to leave a good review! Always learn something new and interesting from Josh and Chuck and they always keep the mood light which is nice! Very cool podcast concept (covering all things interesting) and honestly super jealous of their job LOL. Still waiting on you guys to do a podcast about rats though!!
Josh & Chuck
Best podcast out there!!!
-@)3 nb
The Millie Vanillie episode
Yes!!! I have the song Owner of a Lonely Heart by Yes in all my playlists. you said that it’s the best song of the 80s and I could not agree more. LOVE you guys.
I love learning
Josh and Chuck have been on my weekly podcast list for years now. I love their banter, their positivity, their jokes, and all the helpful knowledge they share! Just saw a bunch of negative reviews and don’t understand. Someone even said they were too “woke” which made me chuckle. Chiming in on the reviews to say THIS PODCAST ROCKS!
Stop digressing
It would be a much better podcast if Chuck and Josh stayed on topic, its getting worse every time. Chuck could do way better on his own.
Starts out as a good episode until they start glorifying Nerf guns,rifles, handguns…but, hey, they’re decorated and Nerf “toys” and “can’t hurt anyone.” WRONGWRONG WRONG
Hidden Gem
Josh’s brilliant aside during today’s listener mail “Authoritative, just like Jim Carter’s handshake”. This is why I love every SYSK show. Thank you Chuck and Josh!
Bootie from Cincy
Stuff I really should know!
I started this podcast years ago and let me tell you, there’s always something that I don’t know that I now know that I needed to know.
Try it, You’ll Love It
Honestly this is the best podcast I have listened to. Even when you don’t think you’ll like a topic you’ll realize at the end you’ve been riveted. Best practice: Cherry pick your episodes at first, soon enough though you’ll be hooked and won’t need to. Yes, they do go off onto tangents but they become best best part after you’ve listened for awhile. I only discovered SYSK in 2022 but I’ve been hooked since the Star Wars Holiday Special edition. Thanks Chuck and Josh for the endless hours of learning fun.
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Often wrong, never in doubt
I enjoy the hosts and many of the chosen topics however, I notice they regularly make glaring factual errors (what made me finally unsubscribe was one of them saying that Lauren Bacall played Ilsa Lund in Casablanca!). I can’t enjoy listening knowing that whatever they are ‘informing’ me about is potentially inaccurate. The podcast either needs more widely knowledgeable hosts, a producer who knows their stuff, or an editor who can fix it on the back-end.
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It got woke
Listened for years, not bad, sort of entertaining, had some cool topics. But a couple of years ago these poor guys got infected (like so many others) with the virus. Not talking about Covid. I’m talking about the “Woke Mind Virus” that’s infected media, tv, movies, academia, businesses, and yes Podcasts too. As we know, this infection is insidious. Here it’s made listening less enjoyable and certainly less trustworthy. With so many other Pod choices, its on the back burner. The cure if you’re infected? Restore your ability to think critically and independently. It cannot be done without exiting the leftwing media echo chamber. Turn off CNN/MSNBC, read Substack and listen to some independent news Podcasts, and for every NYT, add a Daily Wire. It takes effort.
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Cleaning House
I’m going through all of the podcasts I subscribe-but-don’t-listen-to-anymore and I found these guys still lurking on my feed. I stopped listening to SYSK about four years ago when I realized that listening to it caused me more frustration than anything. There are some podcasts I listen to for relaxation, some for educational purposes and some for a laugh. I thought this would hit all three categories based on the reviews and initially, it wasn’t bad, though I only listened sporadically. However, it occurred to me after several episodes filled with inaccurate information on subjects I’m pretty well-versed in, that perhaps I should be investigating the subjects they spoke on that I *didn’t* know much about as well. That led to a deep-dive into a handful of topics they spoke on, which then led me to stop listening all together, because time is precious and this podcast seems like a waste of it. Just because they’re white guys with glasses who can read information someone else disseminated for them doesn’t make them people you should be getting your information from. And that, friends, was a run-on sentence. XO
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I love Josh and Chuck and their delivery, but the increase in advertising has ruined the experience for me. I understand why the changes are made and will do my best to revisit when the opportunity strikes. It’s just become more of a frustration than it ever was before.
I love fortnite
Fav Podcast
I don’t know how people can say that Chuck and Josh are unlikable. They are very interesting, funny, and nice. Their podcast is high quality and great for fun facts. I love Stuff You Should Know. However, sometimes the ads are a little heavy/overwhelming/sad which kind of ruins this funny and carefree podcast.
Best ever night cap
As we wind down we listen to these guys. Hilarious enough I feel like my four just are home from grad school. After you get hooked go to the first episodes and the “try out” of chuck lol. My only advice is they should phone a friend for legal and medical things (or word pronounation)
Pros prof
Green Screens
In a recent podcast about weather persons, you mentioned the possibility of doing some on green screens. It would also be interesting to hear about how the first down marker is displayed during football games, how advertising is displayed on the hockey boards as well as on the backstop behind the batter during baseball games. And don’t forget to talk about the options we have to apply a background when we video chat. I enjoy your show and learn a lot from you two knuckleheads.
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FL Mud Hen
Love these guys like family !
It is very political and wrong 😑
lOlm 10109
Thank you
Thank you for what you do. I always appreciate it. Alison Schuback
Ali Schu
Favorite podcast
Have been listening for over ten years and just saw them live for the third time. Great show!
baby boy 2292
Favorite podcast of all time
I’ve been listening to Josh & Chuck since 2009 and this review is long overdue! I’ve learned so many fascinating facts, and the learning is practically effortless because of their great chemistry and conversational, humor-filled delivery. Even the topics that sound boring end up being interesting. Please never stop making this show, I love is so much!!
Love it
Love this podcast! I’ve learned alot of very interesting things, thanks guys!
Just really bad
Unlikeable guys regurgitating Wikipedia.
Good podcast
I’m only 8 but, I like this podcast but usually, I fall asleep before the episode end. Also (this is for the other kids if you want you can read it) You should’t say to make more “kiddish” episodes. Just listen to a kid podcast. I recommend “who smarted?” or my upcoming podcast “curious family”. Also Cornetto con latte e 👎🏻
This show is great its really interesting
Wonderful for Everyone!
So many great topics and full of diverse thoughts. Very well researched and citied. Interesting for every type of person no matter what age, gender, or persuasion! Thanks!
Mz. StC
Good, but annoying audio
I’m just starting listening to another episode, but it will be a tough slog if I make it. Why? Because you are recording with the automatic noise gate, which is cutting off the first syllable or word of each speaker. How to correct? Easy. Just turn that feature off.
It's alright; I'm a doctor.
Evil Americans
Listened for years but can’t that the evil american/evil white people/evil men anymore.
Well worth it
So thrilled the day I found a podcast with two guys that geek out more than me. Topics are amazing with perfect references to any piece of pop culture I know. Intelligent, quirky, informative humor at its finest.
Fun podcast
Really fun and informative but it’s sometimes hard to get past the political opinions. Every so often there is just something that feels politically motivated. Or you don’t say something because it’s not politically correct. Overall pretty unbiased.
Brodie Knox
Love this podcast
Still love the podcast but it’s clear Chuck isn’t super stoked about venturing into the true crime genre. I’m actually a little disappointed to see my favorite podcast hosts told to jump on that overdone bandwagon. That aside Josh and Chuck have a wonderful rapport which comes through in the casual and often comical way they discuss the various topics. The show is friendly, casual yet professional. Their presentation is genuine, not put on or pretentious. Well researched, informative and entertaining. In their defense, another reviewer mentioned foul language. I’m not sure what episode they were listening to but I rarely hear anything I’d consider foul from Josh and Chuck.
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#1 Podcast
Best podcast out there for sure!
Inflammable means flammable? What a country!
Love you guys. Chuck’s voice was silky smooth in this episode, Josh’s voice…not so much. Recorded on your phone?
S4M -
Start here
Doesn’t get much better than this. Great for the whole family
Great podcast
I listen every night and go to school knowing more than my 2nd grade class combined.
Blake Corum rules
Can’t get enough of this show. They need to clone Chuck and Josh!!!
Can’t get enough
Arcade Nostalgia
Enjoy the podcast immensely been listening for four years now. I just heard the March 16, 2023 episode about arcades and loved it. I am 41 years of age and remember arcades fondly spending hours on end in them with friends. There were stand ups everywhere grocery stores, fast food restaurants, laundromats, convenience stores, etc. I recently found one that had games from the 80s and 90s and it took me back played a few still terrible at them. Thank you so much for creating this podcast. - Hector
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Ensign Changsteen
Fun and educational 😁
All ways look forward to posting days
SYSK luvr
Like listening to two friends chat
I really enjoy Stuff You Should Know. I have come to realize though, that not infrequently they get some facts and certainly some pronunciations wrong, but I think that’s part of the charm of the show. As long as you know that going in, it’s a super fun show to listen to. I’ve often thought it would be interesting for them to add addenda to all existing episodes with a brief chat with an expert who has listened to the episode and can maybe make a few corrections – just to set the record straight. But mostly I just really appreciate the kindness and self-effacing honesty of Josh and Chuck. They make me smile and that’s worth a lot to me.
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Great topics…
Boring guys . It’s weird how little they actually know, every show I listen to they are talking about something or someone they’ve both never heard of. They talk too much about how they don’t know anything and this goes on way too long. It’s not worth listening to 30 minutes of crap just to get to the good stuff!
Desi Dez Dep
Long time listener, first time caller
These guys are funny and lighthearted. The subjects are informative without losing you in details.
Socialist propaganda
These guys lean so far left I’m surprised they can stay upright. Can’t even make it through one whole episode without gagging.
My Longest Successful Relationship
I just realize that after 13 years, you guys are officially the longest successful relationship I've been in. Lol. Love you guys keep it up so we can make it to our silver anniversary 😉❤️ 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
C. Rene V.
Consistent, genuine, graceful!
I realized I’ve been listening to this podcast for almost 10 years now and have yet to review! I have always enjoyed Josh and Chuck’s down to earth, humorous, clever, and intentional approach to their podcast. I love learning about stories, events, or concepts I’ve never heard of - or hearing a more detailed look at a topic I never would have thought to look into further. I quite literally can’t fall asleep without listening to a SYSK podcast, and that’s not because it’s boring (I also often listen in the car or on walks), but something about the show helps to bring me a sense of openness and appreciation for life that helps to calm the mind. Thank you!
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Kerrie J
Love it!
I recently found this podcast and was immediately hooked. It beats randomly reading Wikipedia Just a few comments: Cimetière du Père-Lachaise It’s pronounced like ‘pear’ the fruit, then lah shezz Sorry for the annoying detail about which you probably don’t care 😬but ‘e’ at the end of a French word is not pronounced. It would only be pronounced like a long ‘a’ if it looked like this ‘é’. The other one ‘è’ is pronounced like ‘eh’ And that, as an annoying grammar cop, is the only way I use my BA in French these days. Casting a pall: You didn’t mention that the people who carry or escort the dead body out of the hearse and on to wherever it’s going at the moment are called pallbearers. Donating your body to science: A couple of my family members have done this. Their bodies were donated to University of Cincinnati’s med school. The students use the cadavers for about two years and then they are cremated. (The bodies, not the students). It was explained to us that the students don’t show their cadavers a whole lot of respect (I mean, cutting them up is kinda the whole point), not to mention what lying around for two years does to them. So cremation is always part of the deal. At that time, the family is notified and they can have a funeral and burial, whatever they want. If the cremains aren’t claimed by family, for whatever reason (even where there is surviving family, it’s possible the deceased has requested no fuss be made), this is what happens here at UC. Once a year, the unclaimed cremains are buried in a very nice spot in Spring Grove cemetery. Some of them do get headstones, but most do not. But you can look them up on the cemetery website and it will list their name and burial date. The first time I heard of grave robbing was as a high school freshman, reading A Tale of Two Cities, where there’s a scene with a couple grave robbers. I couldn’t find it, but I’m 90% sure I’m remembering it correctly because of the discussion it prompted in class. We were horrified. But it was often the only way you could obtain bodies to study. Med schools would buy them, no questions asked. I bet it was a handy way for serial killers to make a few bucks. I’m just saying I’m glad my surgeon knew exactly where to look for my appendix when he went to cut it out, thanks to those 19th century anatomy pioneers.
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Amy M Doyle
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