Stuff To Blow Your Mind
Stuff To Blow Your Mind
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The golden age of podcasts in real time.
Without a doubt the hosts are two of the most scholarly polymaths with the most beautiful American English, they enunciate and delve their words and ideas so carefully and succinctly. Often Robert is better at putting forth a premise and Joe is better at explaining it. I hope they read this. Listening sometimes is like going home after being caught in life’s mental storm. Their voices are so soothing and ideas so intriguing.
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Enda Dirrane
Great show great thoughts
Best intro music EVER!
A once very enjoyable show.
Yet another good podcast ruined by iHeart. I have had to unsubscribe to so many of my old favorites which I had listened to for years because they have been chopped up into tiny pieces and wedged between huge ads. Not only that, but the ads tend to be mainly about other iHeart podcasts that I am not interested in. Back in the days when the hosts read the ad copy, I really didn’t care what the ads were about. I listened to them because I liked their voices. Now the injected ads send me snapping around to fast forward though them even if I would like to learn about the product, because the voices, music, and sound effect seem to be tuned to reach me if I have walked away from a TV and out of the room. I listen with headsets and this ads hurt my ears. I tried to keep my phone near me so I could quickly skip the ads, but I am so tired of that now. So … so long guys and thanks for the memories.
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Wonderful podcast
Incredibly thought provoking
Bear HK
Love your podcast just an Fyi read below
Steven Dorf was in two great indie movies you need to check out one being Somewhere Directed by Sophia Coppola And SFW Directed By Jefery Levy S.D. Is super talented
Summer break?
Why a summer break? Do you paint house’s in the summer like teachers or college students? To many re run episodes. I’m disappointed 👎👎
Listened for years, but
I’ve listened t this podcast for years and loved it. But the commercials have become so obnoxious and jarring I can’t listen anymore. Some of them are as bad as nails on a chalkboard.
Hates Blue
Really perceptive episode…well done!
Insufferable adverts
The content is passably interesting, but the practice of repeating 3-4 adverts back to back with essentially identical music, timing and script is horrendous. Enough to make me NOT subscribe to this annoying drivel.
Garbage talk
Excellent podcast
This podcast has been very fun and informative for several years. I have been listening on and off since 2015 and have greatly enjoyed the varied topics that Robert and Joe (and Christian from much earlier in the show’s run) dig into. You’ll find lots of different topics to pique different tastes, and they keep the core episodes grounded with peer-reviewed research and other credible sources. Weirdhouse Cinema is a lot of fun for strange movie lovers, and the Artifact/Monstrefact mini-sodes deserve special mention as well. On a recent Monstrefact episode, Robert recently did a 5-minute breakdown on real-life animals that parallel the egg-spitting powers of Birdo from the Mario games. While no real-life animal is going to actually send human-sized eggs flying at plumbers, Robert’s light-hearted episode showed that the animal kingdom has some examples that are not so far off. A great show, I hope they keep doing it for as long as it pleases them.
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Frenetic Frankie
Enjoy good many fact. Smart makes you!
Can’t get enough Weirdhouse Cinema!!!
Podcast is mid now
This stuff no longer blows my mind. The topics are mid. Used to love this podcast.
They need another title for a podcast on B movies and listener mail. Sad panda.
Actually aggravating amount of ads
Now, I used to love this show. It was the only thing I listened to. But now there are about twelve ads at the beginning middle and end of every episode and I find that intolerable. I haven’t listened to this show for the past year and a half and have since started listening to The Exploring Series and DnD campaigns rather than an hour of ads with occasional facts.
Just great!!!
Informative, facilitating and always entertaining! I’ve been listening for as long as I can remember. Host Robert and Joe have a great chemistry and soothing voices. Thank you guys!
Boring, pretentious, affected and full of ads.
Need I say more? Ok: Been trying to listen to this for years but just can’t get past the first, say, 10 minutes. Getting old, need fresh ideas and hosts..Maybe a woman or two? smh
Fantastic show!
I listen every day while working out, always learn a ton of interesting things and often laugh out loud! Please keep it going!!
listening l
Great insight into some cool topics
I really enjoy the deep dives and like that they aren’t always trying to pitch a service or product. The deep dives into somewhat inane yet interesting topics make for awesome road listening. I also get a little irritated at the constant pc culture stuff as I just want to hear this podcast and some of the advertisements are for very left leaning, racist shows. Kind of unsettling when all I want to listen to is a science podcast.
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These guys have very subtle minds and kind hearts
I can’t gush enough about how much I love this show. Like the whole Stuff podcast family in Atlanta is a really cool crew of people. I love all their podcasts. But this one in particular gets me. I always marvel at the subtlety of thought and philosophy they convey. I still miss Julie Douglas dearly, but literally every host they have put on this show has been magic. I play this stuff at night while I sleep. Just hearing their voices is a soul warming reminder that there are good, intelligent people in the world and everything is probably going to be more beautiful than I can even imagine.
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Sleepy Conscience
Too many commercials
I used to like this podcast. Now there are too many commercials to follow the topic.
Commercials drive me insane
This show is amazing. I love it. I usually put it on at bedtime and doze off to it (this is a good thing imo) I have come to a breaking point with the jarring commercials, namely ‘ibota’. Not sure i spelled that right, i hate it so much i can’t even put them in my search history. Please please please reformat these commercials and I will gladly give a 5 star review.
Million Powers
I can’t say how much I love this show but 3 IBM ads in a row is lot haha
Great podcast
An interesting well produced podcast. This and blue collar hour podcast are my favorites
Big al 4791
Great storytelling!
My favorite topics are on folklore, cryptids, artifacts, and fascinating natural phenomena. (Not as big on the cinema episodes but not going to yuck other people’s yum!)
Very interesting topics, satisfying depth
I’ve been a huge fan of SYSK for many years, and remain so, to give you a sense of my starting point perspective on Stuff to Blow Your Mind. For me, SBYM goes deeper, and hews closer to the scientific end of the spectrum in terms of structured examination and explanation. While the podcasters are more scientific and definitely less comical, they are quite entertaining and personable. Most importantly, their explanations illuminate their topics to make complexity accessible and fascinating. These shows are significantly different in their intended presentation style and I appreciate each equally. I compare them only because SYSK provides a convenient basis, not because I find one superior to the other. Now I need to go post a review of SYSK to make sure I’ve expressed how much I love that show….
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Good stuff
I like this podcast. Great material covered and they provide interesting perspectives on scientific research. All the hosts, past and current, have a natural curiosity that is conveyed well within each topic. I recommend this show to people, all the time.
Nicky Boy Swain
Infectious Curiosity
You can really tell how much these fellas love exploring the uncertainties in life. Just wonderful to see people being ok with the mysteries out there and staying away from polemicism. And the crappy movies are great to. Crash and burn, and Godspeed.
Can’t get past McCormick’s affectation.
Thought provoking dialogues
After discovering this podcast, I have been hooked to the thoughtful conversations and am constantly amazed by the connections tied within a single topic.
Wish This Dude Would Stop Talking About His Kid
Listened to one Podcast about the Dad Jokes. This dude went on and on about his kid. Almost zero relevance to the subject. This dude talked about his kid so much that I didn’t even make it through to the end. Giving it three stars because, to be fair, I’m basing this review on only one episode.
Been listening to the podcast for years, and it’s something I look forward to every week. It makes mundane tasks fun. Thanks guys!
some trans guy
Mild correction
During the Moses Illusion episode, you used the question, in Avatar the Last Airbender, which nation was Aapa born into... the problem with this regarding the affect is that it’s a valid question, Aapa the Flying Bison was born into the Air Nation, at the same air temple in the nation that the main character Aang is from. Even if you tried to push the question further and specify that Aapa uses bending... still valid, as Human airbenders learned to Airbend from the Flying Bison species in the series.
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Blueberry Fathead
Give Weirdhouse a chance
As a longtime lover of this podcast (this and Hardcore History stand alone at the top for me) I have to say I was not that into Weirdhouse Cinema UNTIL I started actually watching the films before I listened. These are not just b-movies (most of which, I acknowledge, are hard to sit through), these are the most watchable, memorable, actually-I’m-glad-I-saw-that-hot-mess b-movies curated into a convenient stream for our perusal. Watching one while I do laundry and then listening to the episode has become a weekend ritual. Thanks for making Friday nights at home a little better, guys.
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I’ve been loving the weird house cinema episodes, keep up the great work!
Love the Weirdhouse Cinema!
Long time listener. I have come to life ok forward to Fridays for the fact that I get to listen to a new, weird movie described by you guys. I love book and movie discussions and love it even more if it’s weird!
B Movie Spam
I’m a huge fan of b movies and sci-fi, however it seems like the onslaught of reviews is not ending and it’s making me less and less likely to listen to new episodes when they’re released. It would be nice to have a separate podcast for them, as I would love to listen to them from time to time, versus them being the equivalent of filler content. Definitely not mind blowing or useful; just another poorly juxtaposed movie review episode in a sea of dedicated channels who review movies.
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Moses illusion...
Moses took zero animals on the ark. It was Noah.
The B movie review episodes...ugh
Please just make another podcast for the boring B movie deep dive episodes. Or do one a month max. They are just incessant and definitely not something that “blows people’s minds.”
Chumley as a sponsor spokesperson?
I listen to podcasts so I don’t have to hear people like Chumley. Please?
Good stuff.
Love them.
Jordan Tewari
Interesting and entertaining
Psychedelic blindfold prompted me to review because it it it really did blow my mind. Perception is such an interesting phenomenon and I want to know more.
Pod cast
Fantastic pod guys!
Is Santa a god
Loved these episodes and love your podcast, in general. It’s possible to learn something new every day, which I try to do. Shows like yours assist in that endeavor. You guys should check out a book called “The 50 Reasons People Give for Believing in a God” by Guy P. Harrison. He traveled the world, asking people of different faiths and beliefs why they believe in their god. These are the top 50 most common answers. He then goes on to examine each answer. Brilliant. Nelson
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An intelligent dive into a variety of topics.
Joe and Rob do a ton of research into a variety of topics in an interesting and intelligent manner. Seekers of knowledge will always learn something new.
Best podcast
Most interesting, entertaining worthwhile podcast you can listen to. The antidote to politics and covid.
Stay weird, STBYM team.
I really think Robert and Joe have some of the hardest jobs in podcasting. Their subject matter has to be left of mainstream, but not too out of the main; scientific but not too scientific, academic without being dry, fun without losing rigor, etc. — they’re not a straight science podcast, or a straight “random facts” podcast or even a straight “guys chatting” podcast. They’ve basically built themselves a brand of balancing on a really fine line. And overall their brand is amazing. This is absolutely the best science themed podcast out there and it’s ALSO the most entertaining podcast out there. Obviously imo, but year over year, for what—10 years now?—this podcast has consistently balanced that line as best it can and produced incredible content. I’m obviously a fan. The only detractor is the iHeartRadio purchase because of all of the commercials, and because of my eternal fear that iHeart might cancel this podcast (I have no idea if that’s realistic but it’s a definite fear I have)!!!
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Stuff to like blow your like mind.
The like content is like good but unless you are like from the like speaking generation the like show is like hard to like sometimes like listen to. If you like know what I like mean.
Longtime listener, first time caller
The addition of weird house cinema took a podcast I already loved and added a whole new level of enjoyment.
Best of the science podcasts
My go-to Science Podcast in spite of the name. Very factual logical and relevant information without the arrogance condescension and irrelevant self-indulgent banter of some of the other podcasts if tried.
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