Stuff Mom Never Told You
Stuff Mom Never Told You
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Join hosts Anney and Samantha to listen to Stuff Mom Never Told You, continuing the conversation of what it is to identify as female through research-based discussion around feminism and how it impacts everyday life. New episodes come out Wednesday and Friday.
Monday Mini: The Force is Strong With This One
Anney and Samantha have some rogue fun (pew pew!) talking about Samantha's experience watching the Stars Wars prequels, sequels, one-offs and even the notorious Holiday Special. She too doesn't like sand. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Oct 20
18 min
Going Bump in the Night: Women Writing Horror
This episode is ALIVE! Anney and Samantha delve into the history of women crafting the stuff of nightmares in the realm of horror fiction. Bonus dramatic reading included. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Oct 16
38 min
The Curse: Supernatural Menstruation Horror
In a whole new take on the 'period piece', Anney and Samantha finally discuss the genre of horror known as 'supernatural menstruation horror'. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Oct 14
48 min
Monday Mini: Grief in Politics
In the wake of the death of several prominent public figures, Anney and Samantha talk about grieving in politics. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Oct 12
15 min
The 'Crazy Psycho Bitch Girl' Trope
Oh she's sweet but a psycho? The 'crazy psycho bitch girl' is a trope that makes up an entire genre of horror movies. Anney and Samantha wade through the history and examples of this trope, and why it's problematic. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Oct 9
57 min
Women In Survival Horror
They're survivors. They're not going to give up. Anney and Samantha discuss some of the most prominent women in the survival horror video game genre. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Oct 7
1 hr 3 min
Monday Mini: Heathers
Anney and Samantha dig into the themes of the dark highschool satire Heathers. How very. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Oct 5
18 min
Introducing Daughters of DC, a Brand New Scripted Political Thriller
It’s no secret that in Washington, DC, corruption is everywhere. You could say it’s gone viral! And I should know, my Mom’s Speaker of the House. My name is Jaymes Parker. My friends are all in the same boat -- daughters of the DC elite. When you’re this close to power, there’s nowhere to hide, and when my friends and I got a little too… visible… our parents broke us up. But now I need them back because I’m in deep. You see, I’m a bit of a hacker. If you enjoyed this trailer, find Daughters of DC in the podcasting app of your choice. Don't forget to subscribe and never miss an episode! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Oct 3
1 min
Feminist Movie Friday: All Them Witches
Anney and Samantha cast a spell with Hocus Pocus and The Witches, and discuss the depiction of witches in children's movies. Is it all truly just a bunch of hocus pocus? Learn more about your ad-choices at
Oct 2
1 hr 2 min
Female Firsts: Bessie Coleman
Friend of the show Yves shares the story of Bessie Coleman, the first Black American woman to earn a pilot’s license. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Sep 30
44 min
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