Stuff I Never Knew Trivia Game Show Podcast
Stuff I Never Knew Trivia Game Show Podcast
Stuff I Never Knew
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The second best trivia podcast that I listen to
Jeff is a great host. His easy-going, down-to-Earth demeanor is relaxing to listen to. You can tell that he is a good dude. The show makes my commute go by faster and keeps me entertained for the whole trip. I for sure recommend giving it 5 episodes before you judge it. If after 5 episodes you don’t think it’s for you then maybe it’s not for you, but please give it a fair chance. I’m very glad that I did. :)
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Charger '91
Awesome podcast
Such a fun podcast! Jeff is such a genuine guy!
Great listen!
Love this podcast! Entertaining and creative! Jeff has a great voice for podcasting!
Thank you!!
I have been listening to this show for over a year and have loved every episode. I was sad to soon figure out that your show was discontinued for a while. But then when u guys just started making them I was overjoyed. I’m hoping to be on the show soon.😃
Thank you
OMG! Ur back! I have missed u guys so much! You guys are a great show with an awesome host and you guys just made my day with putting this new season up
This podcast is perfect
This show is like oxygen. I just need it. So much fun, great host, and even better guests. We all have regrets in life but subscribing to this pod will not be one of them. Jeff is awesome
They are back!!!
Takes a minute to warm up. Excellent
I would have been really bummed if I was listening real time as they would’ve announced last show. I’m only discovering three years later, by searching “trivia” - I have some catching up to do with these nerdists (a compliment). I think this can come back with better marketing. Thank you for at least keeping them up for enjoying!
Awesome podcast 😍🥰
This is my first time listening and 😻 Love it
It was awesome Jonah Man
Emojis! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👅? 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 🎄
What is the deal with Lola and her rudeness? She constantly interrupts the other guests and tries to answer their questions. I know this is just for fun, but when someone is on the side constantly yammering loudly and talking over the person whose turn it is, it creates an unlistenable chaotic mess of a show. If she can learn to control herself then I’d gladly rerate and give this podcast 5 stars.
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Jetta J
great trivia sow wellll done
Best Trivia Podcast
This is the only trivia podcast I like. It doesn't take itself too seroiusly, lots of questions, not a lot of useless jibber jabber, no goofy annoying sound effects or beginning of show boilerplate that you need to skip past each time, no long-winded background info on the gueststs or host. Jeff is a great host, with a good sense of humor. The only quibble I have is the number of questions repeated week to week.
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Super entertaining
I discovered this podcast over the weekend somewhat by accident. Between Saturday and Sunday my daughter and I spent 11 hours in the car for a mini visit to family for a baby shower. It was a breeze, all because of this show!!! We jumped around episode numbers but quickly realized what a hoot Jeff and many of his frequent contestants are. Jack, Lola, Ryan- come on. We were cracking up and truly enjoying the random questions!! Now of course we are hooked and determined to become contestants as well. Kudos Jeff!!!
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My dog eats trash
Awesome trivia show
I just started listening and listened to 10 issues from the back catalog and I love your show.
Host gives points for incorrect answers. Seems unorganized. And one of the contestants who joins almost every time is annoying, buts in, gives answers when it's not her turn, and complains about how her questions are so hard and everyone else gets easy questions. I've listened to every episode so far and have decided to remove it from my subscriptions. Just can't take it anymore.
Should have a Surgeon General's warning...
Just started listening from Episode 1. I have gotten to Episode 20 in just over a week. Very addictive! Look forward to catching up soon.
Very fun show to listen to start to finish. Check out some of the earlier episodes for some laughs. Its fun to listen to the different incarnations of the show as it stil trys to define itself. Best when listened to with a cold frosy one close by.
Old Fashioned Trivia Fun!
This show brings out all the right emotions. Similar to a classic gameshow, it runs a tight 30 minutes, but is packed with great trivia. Anchored by an entertaining and fun host in Jeff, we are excited to go back to the beginning and start from the top with this show. It's one of our favorite subscriptions now. Keep up the good work, Jeff. If you like trivia and having fun, give this one a try. You won't be disappointed.
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Triviality Podcast
"Verse" versus "versus"...
I really like this podcast, but the host always says one person "verse" the other, which absolutely ruins it for me. This is not the correct word to use--the word should be "versus". Though I love the content of the podcast, the incorrect grammar turns me off. Keep up the good work generally speaking, but please use the word "versus" when referring to competing contestants!!
Singapore Sweetheart
Why are you reading this review?
What are you doing? You don't need to be wasting time reading reviews for this podcast. It totally speaks for itself, give it a listen. It's awesome. I promise you'll love it. It's glitchy and quirky and wholesome family fun and it offers opportunities to get involved too. So stop reading this blab and start listening now. Go on! Do it! You won't regret still here?? Enjoy!
Only Idiots wouldn’t subscribe
A popsicle on a warm summer day… Celine Dion on during a steamy shower… A hotdog at a baseball game. Even though all of these things are great, none of them even compare to this podcast. How do you give 6 stars, I want to give 6. “my heart will go on” to ‘play ball’ with these fun trivia facts weekly.
Fun and I really enjoyed the show!
Great mixture on a weekly basis of news and thoughts with a truly great show. Fun to listen to! Very informative!
Thomas O'Grady, PhD
Perfect Host!
This is a fun show. The whole family can listen to it - become engaged, have fun and laugh. Plus - the host is prepared and runs a great show. Made my day.
Cole Sportz
Entertaining and You Learn Too!
This was a really fun podcast! I love trivia stuff! This was such a cool idea!!
Entertaining as heck
THE BEST PODCAST out there! If you like trivia games then this is the game for you! Test your knowledge and come play with us! You will have fun and meet people from all around the world!
THE Shell Bell
Great trivia show!
Fun, Competitive, Entertaining are just a few ways to describe Stuff I Never Knew. Recorded live on a weekly basis, the host does a great job of mixing it up every week and making the game fun. Listen in and don't miss out!
Very Informative AND EntertaIning
Love to tune in and watch the Trivia competition. Questions are really good and you can't help but learn some stuff you never knew ! Players are friendly and compete professionally. I especially loved Mr. Pops! The entertainment value is as good as the educational value.
Love it!
This show is one of the highlights of my week whether I'm calling in to play or just listening later. If you like trivia and laughing, you'll love Stuff I Never Knew.
I dig Menudo
Fun, enthusiastic host!
Jeff is a fun host! Great guy. The trivia game itself is lots of fun to play live! Always have such a good time. Enjoy listening to the podcast after the show!
This is one of the most entertaining, well planned, new weekly shows to hit the net. Jeff, the MC, gathers contestants from around the globe to answer trivia questions on different topics each week. Friendly, competitive, and fun! Learn some interesting trivia each week! Laughter and fun, this show scores a perfect 10 !!! Spread the word and join in!
dr bean 1952
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