Strange Days with Fernand Amandi
Strange Days with Fernand Amandi
Fernand Amandi
Strange days have found us…Political commentator and electoral polling expert Fernand Amandi leads this discussion about news, politics, and culture. Frequent guests include prominent national reporters, former and current elected officials, opinion makers, filmmakers, and anyone else with their finger on the pulse of our nation during these unprecedented times in the age of Trump. A new episode every week coming to you from our studio in South Florida. Strange Days is produced by Hannah Artman and Daniela Ferrera.
The Admiral's Admiral
Admiral Jim Stavridis & Tiffany Cross
Apr 9, 2021
48 min
Lucky Joe
Amie Parnes & Johnathan Allen
Mar 29, 2021
50 min
How to Prepare for Climate Change
Ready for the coming impact of climate change? Fear not as CBS Sunday science expert David Pogue tells #StrangeDaysPodcast how to get ready + Frank Schaeffer warns how radicalized evangelical Christians threaten Biden’s agenda & democracy.
Feb 5, 2021
1 hr 16 min