Rob Orman, MD
A podcast that deconstructs strategies to live and practice with intent. Don't just suck it up, think differently. Hosted by emergency physician Rob Orman, MD, creator of ERcast.
30. COVID-19: Why a negative test doesn't clear you to see Grandma, Vax updates
We review the false negative rates of different COVID tests (PCR and rapid antigen), the known knowns and known unknowns of the Moderna vaccine.
Nov 23
17 min
29. How To Be An Effective Leader
Effective (and ineffective) leadership comes in many flavors, but there is an underlying quality to any good leadership that you know when you see it. In this episode, Colonel Jim Czarnik, MD and Josh Bucher, MD break down the lessons they’ve learned leading in both the military and civilian worlds of medicine and crisis situations. My favorite quote from this episode: “Purpose is embraced, not imposed.”
Nov 16
37 min
28. COVID-19: Dirty Money, Wave 3, COVID + flu
In this Stimulus Thump: Should we be worried about COVID on surfaces? Tools to manage the third wave. A new study suggests there might be benefits from aspirin.  Having flu and COVID at the same time increases odds of mortality.
Nov 9
25 min
27. Gail Gazelle on Imposter Syndrome, Either/Or Thinking, and the Daily Dose of Goodness
Physician coach Gail Gazelle, MD,  walks us through the mental processes that happen when it feels the gears of life and grinding and gnashing -- how to not only work through them, but also come out the other side with resilience and a better understanding of ourselves.
Nov 2
1 hr 1 min
26. COVID-19: Vitamin D, Aspirin, Exercise, and Restaurants
In this Thursday Thump: Is there a role for aspirin in COVID? Does vitamin D reduce the chance of getting COVID or being sicker once you have it?  Association between going to a restaurant and testing positive. Cardiac injury in athletes after mild and asymptomatic infection.
Oct 22
22 min
25. Digital Minimalism
Our digital lives have become cluttered, scattered, and reflexive rather than intentional. Is it time for a change? In this episode, Rob and Dan McCollum, review the principles and exercises laid out in the book Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World. Taking it a step further, they share what happened when they went full on guinea pig and dove deep into the process.
Oct 19
33 min
24. The COVID Vaccine with Paul Offit
World-renowned vaccine expert Paul Offit discusses where we stand with the development of a COVID-19 vaccine, challenges ahead, and how clinicians can best focus our efforts in vaccine education and advocacy.
Oct 8
27 min
23.  Michele Harper on Being a Guardian of the Vulnerable
NY Times bestselling author Michele Harper, MD on setting boundaries, pre-shift routines, guarding the vulnerable, microaggressions, racism in the emergency department, and why inaction is just as much a choice as action.
Oct 5
52 min
22. Mastering Communication When It Matters Most
Who teaches doctors how to speak to patients (or each other)? It’s usually something that’s picked up as you go. Let’s be honest though, some clinicians are much better at clear and empathetic communication than others.
Sep 21
58 min
21. The Quasi-Cognitive-Orgasmic Release of F*&k *#$
9 minutes on considering the intent of your response when you fell affronted.
Sep 14
9 min
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