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Steve Deace Show
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Deep thinker
Steve is very intelligent he’s not just reading funny Aoc headlines for an hour
What a great show ! Can there be any better segment than: “**** Democrats say” ? Love it
The more I listen, the better it gets
Brilliant. Biblical discernment is obviously his gift.
Great Content
Steve Deace has a show full of great insights and interesting commentary. Your cohosts are terrific! Glad I got the Blaze!
I heard him as a guest on Relatable with Allie Stuckey and found myself agreeing with him more than her, and I love Allie. He has such a wonderful take on the current situation of our country, and he is so encouraging and strong in his faith in the Lord. We need men like this everywhere in this country. Highly recommend!! Thank you Steve for your conviction!
Five stars
Trying to give you 5 stars. It’s declining to let me vote!
So great
I am a new listener and I am just loving everything about this show I wish I had found it a lot sooner
Love em
Listen every day, love what they do!
Harry Potter
You guys are pathetic with your pop culture references to explain today’s issues. You Celebrate very pop culture that is slowly brainwashed and propagandized multiple generations.
Become the man you were called to be
The way an intellectual would speak if he didn’t have a a talk show and just worked in a warehouse like me.
meriah street
The Best
Steve, Todd and Aaron are the best! The use their mind with boldness. They use more objective data than any other show I’ve listened to. I love it.
Steve & co.
No thanks. You’re lecturing the wrong people. We were double crossed! Scott
Courageous Podcast
Steve, Todd, & Aaron have the courage to bring information and perspective that few others have, especially during this pandemic.
I’ve learned so much!
Started listening just a few months ago. Steve and his team are data driven, so that totally resonates with me. They are great at making super complicated subjects much easier to understand in bite size chunks.
Truth Bombs
An excellent show. Steve and his team give thought provoking conversation, real time data, and evidence to us, the listeners, and then leave us with the responsibility to think critically and make decisions that’s best for us. In a world where critical thought is pretty rare, it’s good to still see shows and hear conversations that encourage you to think for yourself and not just go with whatever MSM is spewing out.
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Steve and his team are the best and full of common sense and great insight!
Awesome show.
Steve and crew bring lots of data backed information. I don’t feel he will discuss a topic unless he is highly educated in the topic. I listen to him daily and enjoy every show. He will criticize any person who needs a reminder of how this country works.
Deace & Crosspolitic are the best
Deace & Crosspolitic are the best
Because of Me!
I’m the one. And I feel I stand alone. Why should I vote? I just want to stand in line for days to vote. I just want a purple thumb. I want to risk losing that purple thumb. I fear I no longer have the opportunity in the United States of America to trust the most sacred right of a free people. The right to vote in a free and honest election, where every honest vote counts.
Hopefully one of many college listeners
Steve brings you on a journey through a macro conservative point of view. This man is a philosophizer that graces you with his sarcastic, but assertive tone. Great job Steve, we aren’t all liberals here in college.
Steve Deace
Best podcast !!! The intelligence and passion are amazing !!!
Great Show
“ 2020 was not unexpected it was a fulfillment”, of our culture. “It just skipped a couple of steps”. - Steve Deace Nuclear Option
Where a Tree Once Was
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I listen to a lot of shows including the Daily Wire & Blaze offerings and Pod Save America & such. This show has been eye opening as a way to critically think about ideas floating around in the political ether. The ability to be conscientious about my ideals has been integral with the way that I and my partner process news and cultural phenomenon going on. That, his ability to comb through data and provide analysis, the banter between Steve, Aaron & Todd, the consistency of the show’s politics, and the application of the Bible in today’s world is and continues to be very well done. You might not like what they have to say, and you can pick on “the church”, but know that these guys will do their best not to let idiots run the show going forward.
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I am NOT a Conservative, but I love this show!
Steve and his team are much more Christian-Conservative than I am, but that’s the beauty of this show! Even though I may not agree with everything they say, I can count on well thought out and intelligent discussion. Great show!
Always dead on
Steve is great
Native Intelligence
Love this show. Steve puts the academic elites to shame with his native intelligence and critical thinking. I’m not a particularly religious person, but his theological discussions are thoughtful and not preaching. In fact, the clarity and insightfulness of the crew’s discussions highlight the dogmatic, religious fervor that the political left has for government and cultural domination. I never miss this show.
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Five stars
Reason and logic and cinematic allusions galore!
Perfect Show
Wouldn’t change a thing... Love the Protestant/Catholic dialogue with Todd and Steve (would love to learn more about Todd’s point of view). I also Love the montage. The hosts together are greater than the sum of their parts.
The i'm
Stand up for YOUR Rights to be free
This is an amazing show and they are about liberty and fighting the tyranny that lives in both sides of our two-party system.
Thoroughly enjoy this podcast
Steve and his crew displays all the elements of what made me truly enjoy talk radio. His honest approach towards stating and differentiating between what are facts and his opinions is what makes me come back for them next episode. May God continue to bless you, your family and your crew. Merry Christmas!
John from the Bay Area
Excited about N. Christmas. So little out there in the corona universe is making spirits bright. But this little book will help lift my spirits. Yes, the Deace children should have a beautiful Christmas, but I better see some pictures!
Smart honestly!!
It’s reassuring that there are some smart people that can comprehend what is happening in the country/ world right now. Realizing that the media is propaganda, politicians (rep and dems) are far more corrupt than most people believe, medical experts lying about what’s happening with the virus. This is NOT a pandemic! You cannot trust most media. You need to look at first hand information(“the data”). There are enough people telling the truth and we need to be to speak this truth but have your facts ready when trying wake someone up. Anyway, listen to these intelligent people and don’t just blow it off like an idiot. These guys at the very least believe what they’re telling you to be the truth. Great podcast!!!!!
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tony tyytt
Steve Deace is my spirit animal
I gave this show a try shortly after Steve came to The Blaze and, honestly, I wasn’t a fan. Since then, though, something’s different. Maybe it’s the *unprecedented times* in which we live, but now Steve’s is my go-to show. The more I listen, the more I see how like me Steve is, and, in hindsight, that may be what turned me off at first. People don’t usually like me on first impression, either. 🤣
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Definitely not C. Lance
Great show BUT
Please, stop supporting football. And if you can’t do that, for the love of all that’s right, stop t as talking about it! 5 stars if you stop torturing us with support of the enemy!
The formula works
“What happened while we were away” is the best 4-6 minutes on radio and podcast. The discussion that follows until the bottom of the hour can be hit or miss, but is usually filled with consistent viewpoints. Deace and Co may not be your cup of tea, which is precisely why you should listen. Agree or disagree, it’s as close to straight up truthful unabashed opinion you are going to find. The rest of the segments (based on day of the week) are hit or miss. Guest appearances are asked question straight up, which is why they have few guests. I give it 5 stars because of the 4-6 minutes—-get in, get out—-or if you catch them on a good day, stay longer.
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ScotDec SouthNJ
Intelligent and full of passion
Steve Deace, Aaron and Todd provide intelligent and data backed arguments. This show has become a must listen to staple of my day.
THE Standard for Conservative Talk Shows
Steve, Todd, and Aaron have a singular focus: to know and speak the truth, no matter the cost, wherever it leads. Their research and analysis is second to none. This is a show dealing with faith, politics, and worldview that you don’t want to miss.
Critical thinking masterpiece every day!
I look forward to listening to the discussions between Steve & his team. They have done their homework. I even like their sports discussions. They follow a format that keeps listeners wanting more. Subscribe, you will be happy you did!
The greatest
Without a doubt the best commentary and analysis in the business. Thank you for keeping me sane in an insane world!
Most fervent defender of common sense
Steve is the new voice of the individual who has missed having their voice actually heard. He is not afraid to raise his voice when things bother him and isn’t afraid to hold back his opinions and ideas. He shows the numbers and data and really helps you understand what it means.
Huzzah! Sanity!
I cannot express how profoundly upset I am by the fact that there aren't more people like Steve Deace. The show is, in a sense, a display case of all that is lacking in society today. If there is, in this day, truly a movement that will push back the madness that has consumed basically the entire public square, Steve and his buddies are the vanguard of that movement.
Washed with Starch
Great for the ears
Been listening on my spotify for awhile.. lost track of him when he left 1040 WHO.
Prayers for our Republic ‼️‼️‼️
Thanks for being the voice of reason in this quagmire!!
nitas tunes
Awesome show
But WHERE are you???
ky. listener
Poor quality pod
The microphone quality is often echoey and hard to hear. The commentary is also juvenile at times.
A new era of talk
Steve and his sidekicks Todd and Aaron are the neighbors you wish you had. Guys who identify where the ongoing nonsense in America has brought us, is taking us, and unlike the neighbors you do have, know how we can prepare and defend our traditional values. It’s encouraging and humorous talk. Steve’s data analysis is unlike others in the media. I’ve moved from 35 years of listening to Rush over to Steve.
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Mom of boys75
Such a GREAT SHOW!!!
Been watching him on Blaze for a few months and definitely prefer to watch when I can but such a great show no matter what. Great insight and you give me such a perfect dose of cynicism with a reassurance in my cynicism but still positive and conservative view to what is going on.
No Gaslighting here
I’ve recently found the Steve Deace show and now I’ve been nothing but pleased. One of my favorites, probably top 3. Getting the real truth is a bonus.
Steve Rulz
Thank you!
Analytical, thorough and funny too! I wish I would have started listening months ago. America needs your voice Steve Deace!
This should be required listening for all Americans.
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