STEMCAST with Dr. Reagan Flowers
STEMCAST with Dr. Reagan Flowers
Dr. Reagan Flowers | Founder of
The STEMcast Podcast is hosted by Dr. Reagan Flowers and is designed to inspire and advance STEM perspectives. Dr. Flowers interviews STEM + Art + Communications professionals from all walks of life and discusses the significance of C-STEM in their professional and personal life. You can expect a new episode each month with a complimentary newsletter.
Driving with GoKid with Stefanie Lemcke
Dr. Stefanie Lemcke is the founder of GoKid, a carpooling, scheduling and organization app for parents and caretakers. Dr. Lemcke founded the app when she was seeking a solution to driver fatigue after moving from New York City to Connecticut, oftentimes finding herself trapped in traffic jams with her neighbors as they all drove to the same place, at the same time, to drop off and pick up their kids. Stefanie is a serial entrepreneur and an experienced digital manager who has worked in innovation and technology for over 17 years. With a background in the children's market, media, and entertainment, she ran the online video department at Sky Germany, headed the legal department at the Disney channel in Germany, and worked at Sony Music. In 2012 she co-founded New York International, a website and technology for international entrepreneurs launching businesses in the US. Stefanie holds a PhD in law from the University of Munich and an M.B.A. In this episode we discuss: How Lemcke turned her problem into a solution for other parents. The process on creating the app without a technical background. Identifying key skills to build a team. Contact CSTEM: Donate to CSTEM Annual Report  
Dec 2, 2019
52 min
Finding Your Path with Vince Luciani
Vince Luciana joined SurgeX in January 2019 as senior sales engineer following his tenure as an independent consulting engineer. Throughout his career, he has designed electronics for a variety of companies within the consumer electronics, automotive, audio, and power management industries. He also helped to create the HDMI Cable testing protocol for DPL Laboratories. Vince began his career as a design engineer, creating cinema audio products for Smart Theater Systems including a THX Approved cinema subwoofer system. Most recently, he held the position of Chief Technology and Analytics Officer for Innovolt, Inc. At Surgex, Vince is a primary resource in connecting the dots between the product development process and sales initiatives.  Vince enjoys cooking, playing guitar, and is on the Board of Jazz Arts Charlotte. In this episode we discuss: Mr. Luciani's role as a design and a sales engineer. His non traditional path to becoming an engineer. The importance of communication within the industry. Contact CSTEM: Donate to CSTEM Annual Report  
Nov 22, 2019
49 min
Serving the Community with Gessie Belizaire
Gessie Belizaire is a debut author of a thought provoking Political & Social Sciences book titled UnMet Potential.  Through a comparative analysis, she is able to look at the long-term ramifications of French colonization on present-day Haiti and Guinea in hopes of uncovering the potential that both nations must rise above the conditions of their past.  Born in Haiti and raised in the United States, Belizaire uses her writing to break down cultural barriers, inviting her readers to consider crucial questions about history, the black narrative, and self-identification. She hopes that her writing will empower her readers to be the change they wish to see in the world.    Dedicated to a life of service, Belizaire has served as a Taskforce Member on African American Health for the National Medical Association; and was selected as the William Gould award winner for all around outstanding achievement for her community involvement and academics in 2009. As a former contributing writer for Empower Magazine she is most proud that she was able to highlight stories that uplifted the African American community.  Belizaire is also the creator and founder of, a blog committed to inspiring others to live their most authentic life.   Belizaire is currently a Development Associate at YWCA USA, a non-for-profit dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.   In this episode we discuss: The process of creating her blog and writing her first book. Gessie's role at the YWCA and how the organization serves the community. Tips on partnering with organizations to build the community.  
Nov 4, 2019
48 min
Black Girls Do Engineer with Kara Branch and Melanie Wyatt
Kara Branch and Melanie Wyatt are the directors of Black Girls Do Engineer Corporation.   Black Girls Do Engineer Corporation was established in June of 2019. The organization was created with the concern that Black-American women are not progressing in STEM related careers, and our passion to change the narrative of high turnover and fix this issue. Our goal is to reach youth and young adult women, and guide them towards success in STEM careers in corporate America. Our board of directors and officers consist of Black-American women leading in Engineering, Biology, Project management, Executive MBA, and Lean Six Sigma roles. As mentors, we will provide insight based on our journeys in the STEM industry as a blueprint to help other young women succeed in the future. With Black Girls Do Engineer, it is not only our passion, it is our responsibility to reach back and invest in the future.   In this episode we discuss: The journey of two coworkers changing the narrative in STEM.  The transition from an HBCU to corporate. The importance of professional development and adding value to your career and an organization. Contact CSTEM: Donate to CSTEM Annual Report  
Oct 21, 2019
46 min
Organizational Change with David Bartholomew
David Bartholomew III is a Director with Myrtle Consulting Group specializing in Organizational Effectiveness, Leadership Development, Management Operating Systems, Executive Coaching, Leadership Engagement, and Organizational Culture Change. He has over 27 years experience improving organizations to perform at their highest capabilities. His experience includes a diverse portfolio of industries such as consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, public and behavioral health, and city, state, and federal governments.    In this episode we discuss: What makes Myrtle Consulting Group a diverse organization? How Myrtle Consulting Group helps companies achieve their desired outcomes? The significance of mentorship that helped David shape his career. Contact CSTEM: Donate to CSTEM Annual Report  
Oct 7, 2019
56 min
Coding With a Twist with Sha'Rell Webb
Sha'rell Webb is the founder of Coding With a Twist,  an organization geared to increase the awareness of coding and robotics to the youth that reside in the Fifth Ward neighborhood.   In this episode we discuss: The launching of Coding With a Twist. Tips on keeping technology updated while teaching coding. Her roles as an educational specialist at Lunar and Planetary Institute. Contact CSTEM: Donate to CSTEM Annual Report
Sep 16, 2019
43 min
Building Smart Kids with Sofia Ivanka
Sofia Ivanka is an active philanthropist and founder of the nonprofit Building Smart Kids. She is the author of “Fourth Grade Math Rules” in 2009 and“Fifth Grade Math Rules” in 2011. Sofia is an ambassador for non-profit organization Citizens for Affordable Energy. Between her many projects, she has studied in London and Switzerland. Now, she is a Harvard University alum, with a bachelor’s of arts with a concentration in Government.   In this episode we discuss: How Sofia started tutoring her friends in math and science? How she formed Building Smart Kids (BSK)? How she managed her philanthropic efforts while attending Harvard? Contact CSTEM: Donate to CSTEM Annual Report
Aug 26, 2019
26 min
Mental Health Match with Ryan Schwartz
Ryan Schwartz is the founder and creator of Mental Health Match. Ryan gives people a resource for finding a therapist in an easy and confidential way, while also removing the stigma associated with mental health. Taking elements from popular dating sites, Ryan believes that, in the digital age, it should be just as easy to find a therapist as it is to find a date. In this episode we discuss: Ryan's breakthrough moment that allowed him to create Mental Health Match. The process Mental Health Match uses to create the right fit for therapist and clients. The importance of having the conversation to normalize mental health.  Contact CSTEM: Donate to CSTEM Annual Report  
Jul 22, 2019
43 min
A Career as a U.S. Marshal with Flora Gant Bridges
Flora Gant Bridges is a native of St. Louis, Missouri. She is employed by the Department of Justice - United States Marshals Service and holds the position of Chief Inspector. The United States Marshals Service is the oldest federal law enforcement agency responsible for safeguarding the federal court system, protection of the federal judiciary, management of the federal witness protection program, fugitive investigations, the transportation of federal prisoners and management of seized assets forfeited by court order.   Flora has been employed with the U.S. Marshals Service for twenty-twenty-nine (29) years and she has advanced through the ranks to the position of Chief Inspector. As a senior manager, Flora manages a six state region which includes the states of Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois and South Dakota. She frequently travels to Washington, DC to serve as a subject matter expert in the area of the federal witness protection program and fugitive apprehension.         In this episode we discuss: What is the U.S. Marshals Service and how to start a career with the agency? Flora's 29 year career journey with the DOJ. Do STEM opportunities exist within the DOJ? Contact CSTEM: Donate to CSTEM Annual Report
Jul 8, 2019
48 min
Going to Camp with Sunni Markowitz
Sunni Markowitz is a community leader and volunteer, academic researcher or mother, Sunni's career has been defined by a singular commitment to children. She is the founder and Executive Director of Camp Lantern Creek.   In this episode we discuss: The importance of selecting an accredited camp for your child/children.  The inspiration of creating a sleep away camp. Knowing your mission as a parent. Contact Sunni: Camp Lantern Creek Contact CSTEM: Donate to CSTEM Annual Report  
Jun 19, 2019
33 min
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