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Chris Woods
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The STEM Everyday podcast focuses on how teachers can infuse STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) into their everyday lessons. We explore and share great ideas that inspire students to take ownership in their learning. Each week I interview educators & innovators & authors who are using creative ways to add STEM to their everyday classrooms, schools, and communities.
STEM Everyday #195 | Cybersecurity & STEM Education | feat. Kevin Nolten
Cybersecurity is more than just stopping hackers. Adding cybersecurity learning to a classroom can help kids experience more practical hands-on learning and expose them to careers they never dreamed of.A new report reveals that cybersecurity is a...
Mar 27
24 min
STEM Everyday #194 | A Growth Mindset in STEM | feat. Erik Youngman
Erik has thought a lot about how to get kids building a growth mindset through homework that truly enhances learning and isn't just busywork. His new book, 12 Characteristics of Deliberate Homework, defines what deliberate homework looks like and...
Mar 21
25 min
STEM Everyday #193 | The OurEcho Challenge  | feat. Philippe Cousteau Jr. & Stacey Rafalowski of EarthEcho
EarthEcho International, the global nonprofit founded on the belief that youth have the power to change our planet, is accepting submissions for the 2021 OurEcho Challenge until April 22, 2021.  The STEM competition is designed to engage young problem...
Mar 6
19 min
STEM Everyday #192 | Living on Planet Ocean  | feat. Patricia Newman
Did you know that our planet is over 70% covered by ocean? Maybe it should be called Ocean instead of Earth.Patricia Newman wrote Planet Ocean to share the story of what happens in the ocean. Patricia has also written a number of books with a nature...
Mar 6
14 min
STEM Everyday #190 | Open Source & STEM & Making | feat. Joshua Pearce
Joshua is a Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Michigan Tech. He currently runs the Michigan Tech in Open Sustainability Technology (MOST) group and is also an adjunct professor in Mech and at Queens University, Canada where I run the...
Feb 15
29 min
STEM Everyday #191 | 15 Minute STEM | feat. Emily Hunt
Emily just wants to help make STEM practical, simple, and easy enough for every classroom and every family to experience STEM learning together. Her new book 15-Minute STEM Part 2  is filled with 40 simple projects to get kids making and creating. Emily...
Feb 10
17 min
STEM Everyday #189 | Superhero STEM from DC Comics | feat. Shari & Matt Brady
Kids love superheroes. They know that superheroes solve big problems, and they want to solve big problems too.  Shari & Matt Brady are super educators who contributed to DC Comic's first STEM themed comic book Flash Facts!Flash Facts—DC’s newest...
Feb 1
22 min
STEM Everyday #188 | 1's and 0's for Every Child | feat. Miriam Tocino
Growing up, Miriam's dad wanted her to go into computer science. She thought that computers were gray and boring. "It took me 30 years to find the creative and human side of technology and I don't want the same to happen to our children."As a coding...
Jan 23
22 min
STEM Everyday #187 | Making Technology Accessible in Schools | feat. Keven Rinaman
Maybe you're an educator wondering how to really make technology easy in your school? Keven explains that it's all about trying, sometimes failing, and getting back up again. No matter what type of tech you're thinking of using in your classroom, there...
Jan 8
23 min
STEM Everyday #186 | The Virtual Science Fair | feat. Ashley Weiner of EVERFI & Future Goals
From now until Jan 15, 2021, your students in 4th-8th grade can participate in a Virtual Science Fair sponsored by Future Goals & EVERFI.The Future Goals Virtual Science Fair gives kids the chance to imagine how STEM can enhance the NHL hockey game...
Dec 17, 2020
10 min
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