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Favorite Beer Pod
But can y’all please work on the audio levels?! I commute via the subway and can’t ever hear Augie!
Great crew
Always look forward to their reliable Monday beer banter. Great hosts and guests. Very honest info about beer and the industry.
Say what you will And you will It’s authentic
Shut ip Augie!
Great, informative podcast. Sometimes though, Augie needs to turn his New Jersey off and listen to what the guest, and John are saying.
NY sports radio, but for beer
Augie Carton is the Mike Francesca of Jamil Zainisheffs. And much like drive-time NY sports radio, it’s compelling to listen to, whether you love it or hate it. 5 stahs
dry hopper
Staycation Companion
It’s great to invite John and Augie, Brian and Cass (and their guests) into my day every Monday for an often irreverent, ever amusing discussion of all things beer.
Amicus Brief
As it were!
My weekly, slightly inebriated, masterclass in beer tasting! Love hearing the brewers chop it up about ingredients and processes. I listen for John Holl to say "as it were" (on all his podcasts) lol!!! I think he needs to do a new podcast by that title and just talk about whatever. Then he'll have 15 podcasts that he hosts. Keep up the good work, y’allz!
A real down to earth conversation about beer! One of the things I look forward to every week! Cheers to the STB crew!
Aaron Colvin
Real conversations about, and over, beer. I look forward to this show every week!
Beer and Hip Hop
Augie’s deep knowledge of all things beer and Hip Hop make this a weekly listen for me. Keep up the awesome work!
Please allow guests to contribute.
You talk to some amazing people but trample over them when they try to talk.
Grain Gang
Long time listener, first time reviewer. Checking in from Maine to say I love this show for its true crime undertones (never know when one host might murder the other). Drink Beer, Think Beer is also great, but from a quantitative angle, clearly not as awesome as Graining In. Keep the petty larceny going, guys 😘-CasaNoah
Augie LOVES himself
I listened to this podcast a ton when it started and had to stop cause of Augie. Checking back in due to DDB and still the same. Augie knew about DDB before everyone (lol) no one understands his beers (which are the best ever), back handed compliments only. Acts like he is an East Coast craft beer pioneer on level of Sam at Dogfish. So stuffy. I’m 90% sure he got a bunch of money from his parents, has a big time silver spoon vibe. John Holl is great.
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Needs more Holl
I sure wish other people besides Augie were allowed to contribute. He did a good job when John interviewed him, maybe he doesn’t know how to be part of the conversation and not the conversation.
T Wayne Mathieson
The Augie Carton podcast
Tell Augie to stop talking over people and this might be a five star podcast.
Mark Pellicle
Great stuff!
Team Holl
Stop Interrupting Guests
Solid podcast but the hosts do a bad job of letting the guests speak. Augie constantly states something then when someone argues he’s wrong he pulls some pedantic reason of of his rear end to try and justify his opinions. I’d like to hear him talk less and listen to people more. All in all it’s still an enjoyable weekly listen during my commute.
Feel bad for the guest
I tried listening to the Anchor Brewing episode and was truly astonished by how much the hosts interrupted the guest. I had to turn it off. Idk if it gets better but I'm all honesty, I'm listening for the guest, not for two guys to talk over them.
Great show !
I wouldn’t have reviewed myself but Facebook made me laugh thanks Evan Levine
Guy who thinks facepad is crap
Hey y'all, it's 5 o'clock on Monday.
Nope. Great discussions about what beer is in today's world!
If you like craft beer, listen
This is my favorite of the many craft beer podcasts that I listen to. Augie and John are hilarious foils of each other and their palates amaze me every episode. My only complaint with the show is that I want more of them!
Decent beer podcast
Pretty good podcast but I couldn’t get over the below avg audio quality and the hosts talking over each other in each episode. The ambient bar scene noises were unique at first and then just got annoying as I couldn’t hear the actual interviews at times.
Great show!
These guys make a long commute a little more manageable.
I used to like this app.
Shut up.
Let your guests speak. Your digressions ruin interesting conversations. The blind beer concept is not a good listen.
What is DDH?
Definitely the most double dry-hyped podcast ever!
Much love from Tim Hitchings
(My dad made me write this review because he doesn’t have an iPhone, go beer)
I really appreciate your podcast, it's about one of my favorite topics, beer. Also, it helps me get home from work without wanting to rip my steering wheel off my car....ha! Joking of course! But, keep it up I really love the show. Cheers!
Geney Boy
The Line Up
Angie - Always confident often wrong John - The voice of reason Justin- Hipster “producer” Brian - I had it before you bro
You’re my heeeeeero Justin Kennedy
In all seriousness you guys are great. I get answers to questions I would have probably never even asked (nor known where to even have asked them) and I’ve become a better taster and conversationalist in regards to flavors. My local watering hole a block from my house keeps my two black riedel somm glasses behind the bar for me and the bartenders and I (and also other guests sometimes) all have fun drinking beer blind. All because of this podcast. Be proud. Be true. Steal beer.
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This beer podcast is the cat’s pajamas
The bee’s knees. The snake’s hips. The spider’s ankles. Or whatever other things the kids say these days. Do your ear holes a favor and listen.
Awful. Just. Awful.
Nothing more to say other than you must have paid off all the 5 star reviewers
Thank you!
Found your guys after looking for something to listen to while brewing. Found you guys in November and now done with every episode and now have to wait for it weekly. Keep up the good work Vido
You don’t need a fixie but get yourself a black glass
I subscribe to a lot of beer podcasts from industry/news, homebrewing, reviews to specifics like sour focused. I can’t recommend this enough - I’ll say this - when a new Steal This Beer podcast is released, I pause whatever podcast I’m in the middle of to listen to STB - then go back to finish the other one. Educational, funny, and more - you feel like you’re in Barcade with Auggie, John, Casse and ‘Brendan’ - and I don’t even own a fixie. Check it out!
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Cuvee de Beer
Hey look at the time it’s 5pm on a Monday! Augie, John Holl, their crew, and guest always provide an entertaining and for me an informative view on beer and the beer industry. What beer do you pair with a classic Italian sub from northern New Jersey - listen and find out. Learn the difference between a balanced beer, a “diabetus” beer, and why the letters ‘DDH’ on that can you just bought can’t really be quantified by most brewers. This is fun.
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You're not listening???
You're into craft beer and you're not listening to this podcast? What is wrong with you??? Start listening NOW! 3rd place at GABF? Pshhaw! 1st place gold medal all the way!
Great beer podcast
This podcast gets me through my hour drive to work. Really helped me appreciate beer better... #supportlocalbreweries
A must listen for all beer geeks!
Steal This Beer is an insightful, humorous, and thought-provoking podcast focusing on (but not limited to) the current happenings in the world of craft beer! Highly Recommended!
Easy, fun, informative
Started listening a few weeks ago and have pretty much caught up completely. Augie & his crew have great chemistry & their guests bring awesome insight into the beer world that I haven't found anywhere else. Cheers
Listening to this is painful.
5 Star Rating to Douchbags?!?
I just listened to the Meg Gill episode and I have to wonder, did these guys have a little too much to drink beforehand?!? Really disrespectful not only to their guest but others on here as well. I expected a little more professionalism since the podcast is highly rated. All I heard was a bunch of Douchbag Bro-dudes bagging on people and interrupting each other. Not for me.
Great show. Very informative!
Jack O'C
One day I'll write in a letter...
In January, I was really into Tired Hands Brewing Company, that I want to look into their history on the internet. That is when I stumbled upon the TH episode on Steal This Beer. I got sucked in instantly. I've been catching up since then from the beginning, and just finished the Firestone Walker episode (#94). The concept of the podcast is to discuss beer for what is it is, not what it is suppose to be - by drinking blindly out of black opaque glass. Very entertaining crew with some great guests. If you enjoy nerdy beer talk, with a style of comedy that you'll only find in Jersey - you'll enjoy this podcast. Cheers!
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This is the best beer podcast out there. Augie doesn't hold back and tells it like it is. I look forward to hearing it on Monday's @ 5.
Get at 'em y'all
Awesome podcast
Definitely one of the most interesting Beer podcasts I've ever listened to. Keep up the good work guys!
Great Show!
Love the show!
Great beer podcast
This is my favorite beer podcast. Lively, informative, humorous, sometimes silly and even inebriated. Everything you would want in a beer podcast.
Super casual
After listening for a year, it feels like beers with friends!
Jamaica plain guy
Fun, informative, and addictive
I've been a craft beer drinker for quite a while, and a podcast listener for the last 8 or 9 years. Last year, I tried some beer focused podcasts and a couple were good, but only when I started listening to STEAL THIS BEER a few weeks ago did I find my go-to beer podcast. I'm born and raised in NJ so I gravitated to this one because Augie Carton makes incredible beer and because this podcast often features people from the NJ beer community. Also, the wonderful atmosphere he's establed at his brewery comes through here on the podcast w/Jeff andh John. What's equally impressive is his knowledge of beer and the affable way he and John Holl shares that knowledge with listeners in a way that doesn't speak down to folks who aren't as intimately knowledgeable of the granularities of brewing and beer selling as two guys who've been in the industry as long as they have. I've found myself looking more towards beer and food pairings as a result. As much as I enjoyed the breadth of beer styles in the past, as a result of becoming a listener of this podcast, I appreciate the complexities and nuances of beers more.
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