Stay Tuned with Preet
Stay Tuned with Preet
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No Renewal warning
Podcast is great, poor review is the result of them renewing my subscription without sending me a warning email. Not cool.
Sebastian Junger
I am always pleased with Preet's appearances on Cable News however the format is quite limited and I am always wanting more of Preet's discernment. The is a wonderful way to get that discernment. Re: interview with Mr. Junger, I enjoyed the exploration of ideas that are relevant to today's scene. The historical references were enlightening as well especially the Easter Rising bit. Only one was Michael Collins not Connelly as the leader of the movement. I am looking forward to more intellectually stimulating conversations.
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Love Long Form
Cutting the public out of listening to full conversations is elitist and stingy.
Sky hammer
Great show, perspective. Wish Preet would stretch beyond his political bias
Preet is a great voice with a unique perspective. The way he analyzes and explains current events through a legal/technical lens provides is valuable resource to listeners seeking more than the typical, often superficial, headliney banter. The act that he makes it fun and often funny is gravy. Buuuuut I’m noticing a conspicuous lack of focus on any topics which warrant the expedient and sober analysis he provides if they (the Chinese lab investigation, etc.) are potentially critical of democratic policy and rhetoric. I hope he has the courage and integrity to hold the new administration etc as accountable. Also…I’m a liberal and voted for Biden. I believe Folks that listen to a Preet are here to get out of the ol’echo chamber.
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So What and Who Cards? Episode
Those of us who are paying attention care greatly. Richard A. Clarke wrote a book about it 👉🏻 Warnings: Finding Cassandras to Stop Catastrophes. The light at the end of our tunnel is a train coming full speed, and it’s not a love train.
going down hill
This used to be my favorite podcast--because of the topical discussions and backstory on things like the Magnitsky Act. Preet's interviews too often now devolve into a personal look at the interviewee--how they write, how they felt as a child, how they got to where they are today. Boring. I'm not learning anything any more from this podcast. I rarely make it more than a little way in. Even the interview with the lawyers from the Chauvin case stuck mostly to the "how did you feel" about this case rather than a debate about whether this case forwarded racial justice. (Yeah, I know, these guys probably wouldn't answer those questions.). I did get all the way through that episode. so it was above average for the past months.
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Great Show
Preet is truly brilliant and insightful. I am a lawyer, but not a criminal attorney. Preet’s offers an invaluable, articulate commentary on today’s legal issues.
What a guy!
Preet is a genius.
Fix your ads
You have Amazon ads in your antitrust episode…seriously?
May 13
Great content as always. This is one of my favorite podcasts, but please vet your guests for their annoying frequent misuse of the word, “like”.
elocution fan
The Very Best
Dear Preet, I have listen to you from the beginning and have learned so much. But your interview with the two lawyers for the prosecution in the Shauvin trail was the BEST of any interview you have ever posted. Thank you, thank you. I have listened to it multiple times, and will again.
new jetsey
Great podcast full of thoughtful discussions
I love this podcast. Great discussions and topics.
Must pay to hear.
Part way through the podcast I’m informed I would have to pay to hear the entire episode. Thanks for wasting my time.
A must listen
This is an outstanding, inspiring, and human interview with two men who should be household names. Bravo!
i drink Tab
The Chauvin prosecutors
One of the best interviews in an unfailingly excellent series of podcasts.
Every American needs to listen to this.
Preet does a great job breaking down the craziness of our times. The quality of his guests speaks to how respected he is. The July 26 episode with Jeremy Bash is one that deserves special attention. Need to amend my review to include May 2021 interview with the prosecutors in the Derek Chauvin trial. Brilliant!
Andy W in MN
The Chauvin prosecutor’s
Really excellent podcast. These three were terrific and at times lol funny, which was unexpected considering the topic. Loved the interaction and insight to the trial. So good!!
West Wing nut
Episode 197
I’ve been listening to Preet since episode 1. This interview was amazing...right up there with his interviews with Bill Browder. Thank you Preet! I voted for you to win the Webbie!
Chauvin prosecuting attorneys
Great, great episode. At times I thought I was hearing Barack Obama speaking, but it was Jerry Blackwell. His voice, cadence and language use was so similar. Gave me chills. Anyone else notice that?
Miss Goat
Teeter totter
I love this cast! It gives me such a great balance to my hour of SmartLess! Seriously, your selection of guests and wit are a great addition to our family.
Clarissa Ward
Riveting interview. Great questions Preet as always. Asking Joyce to join you was a fantastic choice!
chelsea rat
I love that Joyce Vance is your new cohost, Preet! I long admired Anne & celebrate her DEA nomination. But, you could not have done better with Joyce. With this first podcast, you’ve already established a great rapport & I’m so pleased to follow on Cafe Insider. Well done. 👏👏👏👏👏
lyn in cali
The best!! Thank you!! Perfect harmony!!
Very good but biased
Good podcast... 3 stars because of a very leftist bias of Mr. Bharara and some of his guests. But otherwise - supremely intelligent and knowledgeable host and a very topical and contemporary discussions about the legal system. To improve the show, invite those you disagree with, like more conservative commentators or lawmakers.
The best podcast I have found
Makes me want to go to law school. Extremely educational while being easy to listen to. Preet’s voice is calming and everyone on the show is well spoken. It’s like listening to natural conversation—very relaxed—but with really smart people who never miss a beat.
Angela Sausage
This is an essential podcast
This is an important and interesting podcast. The interviews cough up a lot of good information. Preet is smart, sardonic, and very centered, exactly what we need these days. I look forward to this podcast every week. The interview with Jon Tester was really great. I wanted to donate to Jon but couldn’t find a donate button on his website. (Please tell Jon). In the future I’d love to Jon Tester on a national ticket.
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Stands The Test of Time
Senator Jon Tester is a GIFT.
So, so smart. I have learned more about civics and the law since I’ve been listening than I’ve learned in my entire life (and I’m not a spring chicken). Not only are the specific laws discussed, but the underpinnings—the history, the legal rationales, and the social and political forces behind them—are covered as well. All in a way that the biggest legal ignoramus can understand. The interviews are terrific. Preet always asks insightful questions and his guests are first rate. The conversations are like those of a great dinner party on steroids. All of this adds up to the best hour of brain sex in podcastdom.
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Normally a 3 3/4⭐️. None I’ve found under 3. A few true 5⭐️’s.
Preet, I really enjoy your Podcast. Don’t let the 3 3/4⭐️‘s get you down. The math works out above average. You Dahlia Lithwick interview was a solid 5⭐️. I know both of y’all are too big time to do one weekly, but if you had her on just once a month behind your paywall, release sneak peaks every quarter, you would see a noticeable jump in new subscriber and better sustained retention 👍.
Austin flake
Adam Gant
Love the podcast. I have to say I found Adam Gant to be low-key annoying. The moral relativism of not being able to say some people, or at least their views, are repugnant is irritating. A person who, for example, is a White supremacist is evil and repugnant full stop.
Interesting podcast
I throughly enjoyed hearing these two women talk about history. Would love to hear more of these. Thanks for all you do!
Adam Grant
Listening to your back and forth about taking the vaccine was so enlightening. Loved it! (I’ve had both of my doses because I work in healthcare and was so excited). The whole show was really good.
Was Obama presidency not a game-changer?
Excellent discussion by two historians. They did not mention President Obama at all — his administration was game changing: 1) just by the fact that he (a Black American) got himself elected 2) his big and fast actions saved the auto industry and other financial institutions, 3) and of course the game changing ACA happened soon in his first term. But, what do I know - I’m just a listener.
More Historians Please
Loved the latest episode with the two historians. So fascinating. More of this please!
Stop. The. “Bogus Bonus.” Episodes.
I am going to get rid of my subscription to the podcast if I keep on getting the old bait and switch with your five minutes of something. Please stop it it’s really really really annoying. Thank you.
I’m so glad you got fired
I knew of the position you held before 2017 (US Attorney for the Southern District of NY), but I did not know you. After DJT fired you and you began making media rounds I was always excited to hear you take on a topic. I just listened to a”Note From Preet: About and Beyond “ and you continue to explore and explain the beauties and extraordinary in our fellow people. Thank you.
I Love Each Episode!
Preet has great guests who are thoughtful and intelligent. I love how Preet interviews and his own thoughtful comments. I am and will be a faithful listener.
Great podcast
Asks a lot of questions that I’d ask myself, which is the reason I appreciate his interviewing ability. Smart, measured and thorough podcast.
Part through February 4
Was a fantastic episode. Great clear even talk. Thanks so much Preet.
Preset is serious, knowledgeable and yet understandable. If you are tired of the yuck-it-up coverage by the shallowly-informed, try this one. I do find Ann far less interesting, and she repeats pet phrases ad nauseam.
Arizona Now
Preet is a reliably balanced, ethical voice in the midst of loud & cynical political noise. A national treasure. Keep on keepin’ on!
Very Informative
This podcast consistently provides excellent information on the current state of politics, including interpretations from legal standpoints.
By the book
I have listened since day 1! I am an "insider” thank you very much & I truly believe as I do believe that most of the country believes Preet that you are changing the way information reaches the public as our national news needs CPR. ***disheartened & disgusted by the 2nd impeachment vote but not surprised*** FOR shame Senate Republicans YOU will see it back in your face one day. A sell-out for political power I am repulsed by ANYONE who can see it any other way but guilty. Our Republic died a little today!
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David Frum
Excellent interview with Mr. Frum! He is a very intelligent and interesting individual in this podcast as he was in the previous podcast!
doing Justice
Just a word to those who haven’t subscribed to Doing Justice. If you don’t get too agitated by the worst that humanity has to offer, then this is seriously interesting and important stuff. Give it a try. Well produced. Thanks.
Staying Tuned to all of Preet’s Pods
Entertaining, Educational, Uplifting & Reassuring!!
Jess GB
Are Secret Votes to Convict the Answer?
Mr. Bharara, Is it possible for the Senate to do secret voting on the decision to convict Trump next week? If so, I think the vote would go the way it did for Liz Cheney. Agree?
What an amazing show. It’s so reassuring to hear such a politically experienced, brilliant lawyer discussing such important and frightening political issues, with other calm, progressive, and brilliant people on your show. Every week, things in the news I find most frightening seem to be discussed on your show, leaving me more grounded, with deeper understanding. I just listened to Trial 2, and feel grateful for this connection.
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L.A. fan
Great podcast!
So informative and interesting. I look forward to it every week.
Tatown Girl
Jim Harold
Such a decent, intelligent, man
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