Starving for Attention with Richard and Jazmin Blais
Starving for Attention with Richard and Jazmin Blais
Richard Blais
Get an entertaining, behind-the-scenes look at the world of food with this chef, television personality and author. Hear from anyone and everyone in the culinary industry, including restaurateurs, television hosts, famous chefs, producers of your favorite cooking and competition shows and more. They'll join the Blaises for spontaneous, back-of-house conversation about what it takes to make it in different parts of the food business, global trends and where the industry overlaps with entertainment. Plus, play along with their games, trivia and other wacky moments.
Essential Work with Andre Mack
Richard and Jazmin sit-down (virtually) with Andre Mack; renowned sommelier, winemaker and, most recently, essential worker in Brooklyn at his newly opened &Sons wine bar and market.  The guys wears a lot of hats and we get in to all of them on this episode.  Not to mention he finally settles the controversy over Taylor Pork Roll/Ham.  Plus, geek out with Richard as he asks those questions you always want to ask a sommelier from a Michelin-starred restaurant like: what's the oldest bottle you've opened or what was the most expensive bottle of wine you've sold? Come along for a inspiring talk and walk away with two solid sub sandwich recipes too.   Thanks for listening and remember to subscribe from wherever you get your podcast episodes.   Follow along for more on Instagram: @starving4pod @andrehmack @richardblais @jazminblais
Aug 7, 2020
1 hr 1 min
Stay at Home Sandwich with Rebecca Soldinger
Richard and Jazmin snuggle in with their favorite television producer, Rebecca Soldinger from the Rachael Ray Show and Broadway Sandwich.  They reminisce to pre-COVID times backstage and Richard finally gets Rebecca to admit the one dish she couldn't stand that he made on set! She also shares her top tips for producing at home that we can all learn from.  Plus an ice cream cake recipe, backyard wildlife and the great American road trip.  Subscribe, rate and listen!  For more fun, follow along on instagram: @jazminblais @starving4pod @rsoldinger @richardblais @broadwaysandwich
Jul 24, 2020
50 min
Self Producing with Aarti Sequeira
It's official! Our most popular guest and co-host is back on and Zooming with Richard and Jazmin! Food Network's own Aarti Sequeira joins us and to talk about producing content 24/7 in this interim moment and the challenges that come with it: spouses as directors, kids as cameramen, how ants equal airtime and that old school Triple G (Guys Grocery Games) mentality that gets them all in trouble.  Plus Richard and Jazmin's professional home kitchen sagas continue as do the woes for indoor dining in restaurants in California.  Join us for some commiseration and celebration!    Follow along on Instagram too: @aartipaartipics @starving4pod @richardblais @jazminblais
Jul 17, 2020
59 min
The Marvelous Mr. Warner
All the way from Rapids City, South Dakota, winner of Food Network Star, Justin Warner joins us via the technological wonders of Zoom. We talk about his newest book based on his hit digital show, Marvel Eat the Universe.  We pose the impossible question of who would Guy Fieri be in the Marvel Universe.  Plus we dig deep on home improvement, belching toilets, and how to live the RV life.  This episode has something for everyone, as always!  Follow along on Instagram for more fun... @starving4pod @jazminblais @richardblais @eatfellowhumans
Jul 10, 2020
52 min
Final-ly with Chef Melissa King
*Spoiler Alert* Totally worth the wait! Richard and Jazmin take to Zoom with the newest Top Chef All-Star Winner, Melissa King.  Join us as we chat all things Top Chef All-Star Finale, why she's still hustling and some hot take trends!  In the open, Richard gives a quick TED talk on brisket, they discuss why everything is breaking at the Blais house and Jazmin gives a long awaited update on foster kittens.  Can't take the excitement? Neither can we! Subscribe, rate and review!  And don't forget to follow along on INSTAGRAM: @chefmelissaking @richardblais @starving4pod @jazminblais
Jul 3, 2020
52 min
Top Chef All Stars Finale RECAP
SO many SPOILERS ahead! You've been warned!  Richard and Jazmin recap the Top Chef All Stars finale during the commercial breaks for your listening pleasure.  We recommend pushing play with us and watching the show while listening to our fearless hosts break the action down during the commercials.   You'll hear Richard lament sharing his crown, comparing selecting a sous chef to a Vice Presidential nominee and Jazmin gets all the feels on memory lane.  Plus who else wants a Tom Colicchio garden gnome that grills squab?!  Last warning! Spoiler ALERT! Follow along on Instagram too: @starving4pod @richardblais @jazminblais
Jun 19, 2020
38 min
Black Lives Matter.
Jazmin and Richard discuss the historical moment we are in and why they took a week off from podcasting (see our recs below for crucial listening). Plus BREAKINGNEWS, small business woes, and oh yeah, #summeriscoming. Some of our favorite podcasts featuring Black thought leaders, Black stories, and/or Black history.  Code Switch 1619 Pod Save the People Intersectionality Matters NPR Throughline : American Police Its Been a Minute with Sam Sanders Follow along on instagram for additional content: @jazminblais @richardblais @starving4pod
Jun 12, 2020
35 min
Re-emerging with Simon Majumdar
Richard and Jazmin pay a Zoom visit with longtime Food Network friend and fellow podcaster, Simon Majumdar.  Follow along as they talk perfect outdoor kitchen remodels, birthdays in quarantine, the brief history of Okinawan taco rice and how to regain your sense of purpose as everything slowly starts to reopen.  Come along for the ride! Thank you for subscribing. Don't forget to leave us a review and rate the podcast!  Follow along for more fun on instagram: @starving4pod @richardblais @jazminblais @simonmajumdar
May 29, 2020
37 min
The Quarantine Chronicles, vol V, featuring Ellen Bennett
The last great PIVOT of the Quarantine Chronicles brings you a shining ray of light and energy that is Ellen Bennett from Hedley and Bennett Aprons (and facemasks). We talk about making business decisions in the time of a pandemic, Jazmin rushes a kitten to the emergency vet and Richard is a ROBOT suffering a mid-life crisis.  Also, massive news for Richard and his love of BBQ.  Tune in! Follow along on instagram for more fun! @starving4pod @ellenmariebennett @jazminblais @richardblais
May 22, 2020
44 min
The Quarantine Chronicles, vol IV
Now with more gossip and pop culture hot takes!! The Quarantine Chronicles returns (because we aren't sure when it will end) with Richard and Jazmin diving deep into the depths of Robert Pattinson's quarantine culinary mind.  Alison Roman takes on Chrissy Teigen and Marie Kondo for some reason and we break down our thoughts on the dust-up. Finally a long list of celebrities are now food TV stars and food influencers and what does it all mean?? Tune in to find out.   Follow us on social media for more of the story:  @starving4pod @richardblais @jazminblais
May 15, 2020
40 min
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