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Spoken Label
Andy N
Spoken Label is a podcast series designed to interview and record sessions from authors, poets, artists, musicians etc in North West England and beyond. Formed in 2015 and ran / edited by Andy N, author of ‘Return to Kemptown’ and ‘The End of Summer’,it is always often to submissions from interested artists. Email: aen1mpo@yahoo.co.uk
Mary Cunningham (Spoken Label, December 2021)
Latest Spoken Label features a dear friend of Spoken Label, the wonderful Mary Cunningham. More about Mary can be found at: www.facebook.com/mary.cunningham.poet www.instagram.com/mary.cunningham.poet/ www.marycunningham.co.uk Pieces read out include: 1. Taken 2. Kathleen 3. Another Manchester Dawn 4. Stretford Precident
Dec 3
31 min
Tom Stocks (Spoken Label, November 2021)
Latest session features the wonderful Tom Stocks, co-host of Mic at the Mill, found of Actor Awareness, Chubby Northern Writer, producer, poet & award winning writer. More about Tom can be found at: twitter.com/tom_stocks twitter.com/actorawareness twitter.com/IYAF t.co/v4Ot5PHnfT?amp=1 uk.linkedin.com/in/tom-stocks-864410190 Poems read out in this session include: 1. Here's to the lads 2. Generation Rent 3. B & M 4. Up here
Nov 26
43 min
P D Alleva (Spoken Label, November 2021)
Latest session from Spoken Label (Author / Poetry talk Podcast) features the wonderful P D Alleva. PD Alleva in his own words "writes thrillers. Whether those thrillers are Sci-Fi Fantasy’s about Alien Vampires attempting to subjugate the human race, or steeped in a haunting horror novel, or an urban fantasy with supernatural themes, PD always provides readers with a profound, entertaining, and satisfying reader experience, in a new genre he has coined as alternative fiction. His novels blend mystery, conspiracy, psychology, and action with the supernatural, horror, fantasy, and science fiction. Alternative fiction is PD's attempt at describing what readers uncover in any one of his books, a new discovery towards mainstream storytelling. He's been writing since childhood, creating and developing stories with brash and impactful concepts he describes are metaphors for the shifting energies that exist in the universe. PD lives inside of his own universe, working diligently on the Sci-Fi/Fantasy series, The Rose Vol. II, the urban fantasy novella series, Girl on a Mission, and Jigglyspot and the Zero Intellect, PD’s upcoming horror thriller." "This author delivers on each and every count. And he does it in style!" ~ Laura D. Child The Magic Book Corner (Top 5 Goodreads Reviewer) More about PD can be found out on his website at: https://pdalleva.com/
Nov 22
39 min
Sarra Culleno (Spoken Label, November 2021)
Latest Spoken Label features our lovely and returning friend Sara Culleno. Sarra Culleno is a British writer, mother and English teacher who performs her writing at events across the UK. Sarra is widely published. She has written fiction and poetry for publication, performance, print, audiodramas, podcasts and radio. Sarra was longlisted for the Cinnamon Press Pamphlet Prize, for Nightingale and Sparrow’s Full Collections 2020, and nominated for Best of the Net 2020 by iambapoet. Sarra co-hosts Write Out Loud at Waterside Arts, and performs as guest and featured poet at numerous literary festivals.  Her debut book Bonds is now out from CAAB Publishing Ltd.  More details about Sarra can be found at:  Youtube.com/user/sarra1978 – YouTube   @sarracullenopoetry – Instagram  @sarra1978 – Twitter  Sarra1978@hotmail.com – Email  facebook.com/sarracullenopoetry – FaceBook 
Nov 16
43 min
Kevin Crowe (Spoken Label, November 2021)
In conjunction as part of Book Week Scotland and Fly on the Wall Press, the latest session is with Kevin Crowe Author of 'No Home in this World' with Nick Newman asking additional questions and then reading a story from Kevin's book 'Texas Condom' as the second part of this book.   'No Home in this World' as described on Amazon by Cath F is described as "This challenging and gritty first collection of short stories is hard hitting and thought provoking. Each one needs reflection and the experience lingers with you . I found myself returning to absorb and dwell on the detail. This is not necessarily a comfortable experience, but neither are the issues which Kevin shows us and explores through his writing. But despite and through the bleak despair there is the redeeming power of love and Art. Let us see more from this gifted and brave writer!"   More about this book can be read at Fly on the Wall Press here - https://www.flyonthewallpress.co.uk/product-page/no-home-in-this-world-by-kevin-crowe and the book can be purchased at all the usual places.  Special thanks to Nick for his help with this session.
Nov 9
58 min
Eden Gruger (Spoken Label, November 2021)
Latest Spoken Label session features the wonderful Eden Gruger. Eden is a "Essex woman in her mid forties, on her second husband, with two dogs and no children.  Inspired by David Sedaris’s humour, Barbara Conwys writing style, and Sarah Millican’s unashamed love of food.  As well as being the author of two books, and a blog, Eden is a creativity coach with a variety of workshops, and an author coaching programme, called ‘Out of your head and onto the page’. Her first book ‘Down With Frogs’ (released August 2018), a collection of humorous, candid and occasionally tragic stories about the frogs you have to kiss before you find your prince, or give up looking. Eden’s second book ‘Laughing at Myself'(released June 2020), a collection of stories about the times life conspires to make you look like an idiot, and how to survive the embarrassment." More about Eden can be found on her website which is: https://edengrugerwriter.online/
Oct 31
29 min
Rebecca D'Harlingue (Spoken Label, October 2021)
Latest Up from Spoken Label (Author / Artist / Poet Podcast) features the wonderful Rebecca D'Harlingue, author of 'The Lines Between Us'.    Rebecca in her own words In writing my first novel, The Lines Between Us, I returned to an early love, Spanish literature and history, which I studied in graduate school. The idea of setting part of my novel in seventeenth-century Spain, their Golden Age of literature, offered me the chance to explore a time and place with which many readers are unfamiliar. Study of this subject matter, and writing a novel, however, were hardly a straight shot.  Deciding that academia was not for me, I abandoned my dissertation, got an MBA, and worked in hospital administration for some years. I then took a break to start my novel, only to later put it aside to teach English as a Second Language to adults. Getting to know hundreds of students from dozens of countries, as we reflected together on language and culture, was an experience for which I will always be grateful.  Almost twenty years after I had started my novel, my sister and I discovered some family papers. We were already aware of certain family secrets, but the documents provided more mystery than explanation. Supported by a writing group that met twice a month, I returned to my novel, exploring the topic of what we choose to tell those whom we most love, and how those decisions can have repercussions for generations to come."   More about Rebecca can be found at: https://rebeccadharlingue.com/
Oct 28
33 min
Katy Konrad (Spoken Label, October 2021)
Latest Spoken Label (Poetry/Artist/Writer Podcast) features Katy Konrad aka the Rebel Poetess. More about Katy can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/TheRebelPoetess/ https://twitter.com/TheRebelPoetess https://www.instagram.com/katypoet1/ https://www.instagram.com/purplepoetess/ https://www.tiktok.com/@katypoet1 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkpXOlYFff5F4aUkt_o4JYw Pieces read in this session include: 1. Disney is dead inside 2. You are enough 3. This is England  4. 2006 5. Our holidays and public properties
Oct 25
37 min
Suki Rae (Spoken Label, October 2021)
Latest Spoken Label session (Author / Poet / Artist Chat) features the wonderful Suki Rae. Suki is "A native Chicagoan, Suki began playing piano at the age of five under the tutelage of her mother, a classical pianist. Classical flute instruction followed with Ralph Johnson and Walfried Kujala of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. She attended Hull House Arts Camp; Interlochen Music Camp and Interlochen Arts Academy as well as the Northwestern University School of Music Cherub Program where she was awarded a Certificate of Merit for Flute Performance. Awarded a scholarship to the prestigious Benington College Jazz Lab, she also studied with Harvey Estrin; and Frank Wess of the New York Jazz Quartet. She has a BA from the University of California Berkeley and an MA from NYU in Music and Film. Suki has been the recipient of many awards for her playing as well as her songwriting including: ASCAP PLUS AWARDS(1994 until the present day);only American Finalist in the Hoiellart Jazz Festival in Belgium;Honorary Award from American Song Festival;Award from Nashville Song Festival;two Runner-up Awards from the Song of the Year Awards;Viewer's Choice Award from Kweevak.com;Nomination for Just Plain Folks Awards and NAR Best Song Awards." Her debut book "Neshama: (Breath of God)" which we talk about in depth in this session is described as "My intimate spiritual journey through Israel combining original poetry,original music and colorful tapestries/pictures by Bracha Lavee. Please be aware that the interactive music links are available only on 3rd generation or newer Fire tablets and on free Kindle reading apps for Android phones and Android tablets.These features are not available on free Kindle reading apps for iPad and iPhone. If you are unable to hear the music on your device please listen at https://soundcloud.com>sukiatry" Pieces read in this session include:  1. Neshama 2. Divine Sparks (Gap) 3. Lost Red Bag 4. Suki in the desert  More about Suki can be found at:  https://www.sukiatry.com/ Her book 'Neshama: (Breath of God)' can be easily found on Amazon.
Oct 17
37 min
Skye Hearn (Spoken Label, October 2021)
​Latest Spoken Label (Poetry/Artist/Writer Podcast) features the wonderful Skye Hearn, author of her debut poetry collection"Rhythm of Darkness" Rhythm of Darkness is described as "Blinded by the darkness, feeling as though life could not get any worse?  It can always be worse. Put yourself in the shoes of others. Take the time to imagine; to feel what they have felt when their lives took a terrible turn. Open up your soul to those who have loved and lost.  One's who have been broken and put back together, just to be shattered all over again.  Embrace the utter sadness, and relate to the experiences of despair.  Once you open yourself up to it then let it in, you will explore a whole new world." More about https://www.booksbyskye.ca/ Pieces read out in this session include: 1) The End 2) Yours truely 3) Blind 4) Change 5) Shadow
Oct 11
28 min
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