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Amazing show
My son turned me onto this show a couple weeks back. SO GOOD!!!!! Been listening for the past couple weeks and already on episode 35. Can’t get enough….
sup broham
Bubba Golf Nut
My daughters got me into the show I can’t get enough of it ! great job everyone!
Bubba Golf Nut
Don’t upload enough
Would prefer two episodes a week instead of the 3 hr weekly ones. We want to hear about the Stanley Cup final soon after not a week after. Better hockey podcasts out there.
D Wadez
Really enjoyed the two episode a week format, each episode was more focused and relevant to the day to day happenings in the sport. The once a week format now tends to ramble on and does not have as recent or relevant coverage of things happening in the game. Found their jokes and comedy to get repetitive and lose its edge. Will still tune in for intriguing guests but found it to be a struggle to get through a 3+ hour podcast that struggles to stay fresh.
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F Rear Admiral
Rear Ad Reads- All he’s good for.
The boys for sure buzz on this pod. Though it’s very obvious that since the pods popularity has sky rocketed, the success has gotten to RA’s head. At times it’s literally unlistenable when he rambles on babbling about god knows what. Ad reads are what he should solely stick to. It’s ashame he used to play his role perfect, now he’s just trying too hard, just facts.
Ryan Whitney is the Michael Rappaport of hockey. Aside from him, it’s a solid insider podcast and a blast to listen to during the playoffs.
Hilarious and great insight
Love the pod but…
RA is horrendous and is just getting worse
Pop Punk/ Hardcore
Islanders just smoked the Bruins! Not a big deal!
Let’s go buffalo
Eric Cernak (correction)
Hey Biz, Cernak has been a solid #4 d-man for us this year and last year. Maybe Shattenkirk was our #4 last year but real close. Luke Schenn has been filling in for Savard. Just wanted to correct you on that respectfully. Love the show.
Casey Doonan
Having Frankie on really ruined this for me
Biz’s TML-MTL bet
Biz, we want proof that you paid up on your bet
Levin Junkie
These guys and 31 questions are the only hockey podcasts you need. Only downside is that loser islanders fan, just fast forward through his interview.
Best sports podcast
These guys are awesome. Really funny with great insight to the greatest game on earth. Golf talk with Whit is tremendous. RAs obscure movie or Simpson’s references are perfect. Biz clowning himself is always lol. And Grinnelli deserved that Rolex 100%.
The Balls
Best hockey podcast out there. Covers the league action and awesome interviews. Great chemistry between the boys.
The problem
Love the show but they need to put out 2 episodes during the season a week when something happens in the league the day an episode drops you don’t hear them speak on it for a week and/or they don’t even bring it up bc it’s old news. During the season one show a week is too long between episodes
cr crunch
Grinelli stinks
RA has over stayed his welcome. Just a babbling idiot.
tommy tom 1955
Once Great
A once great podcast ruined by the hosts becoming too full of themselves
Bye bye
Im sure im not the only one to unsubscribe and give a 1 Star rating after the absurd Tom Wilson takes from these morons
Podcast stinks
Boring. dumb, as most stoolies are. Curated by 2 guys that were awful at the game. Better podcasts out there by far.
Laugh out loud funny
The chemistry this team has is better then any team on the ice. If you are not a hockey fan before you listen, you will be after. Down to Earth conversation, love it! Fees like you are in the room or hanging at a bar with “friends” for a few hours of a week.
After defending Todd Bertuzzi and now Tom Wilson, I have zero interest in Whit’s takes on anything. And somebody tell Grinelli to get off Twitter. He’s constantly making an absolute fool of himself.
Lassi Pirjeta
I don’t understand how anyone who wasn’t a fan of the 05-06 penguins could possibly enjoy this podcast but I was so I do haha
Used to be addicted
The guys are getting to cocky , we get it Whitney you golf all over America every and week and got into a great school because of only sports and Biz is the man but I don’t need to hear about your vacations to aspen or begging for views so you can travel the world to make us content
4 Stars
Would be 5 if they expanded their active player guest beyond Philly and Boston. We get it, you know Kevin Hayes.
Wheel, Tuck, Celly
It’s like Call Her Daddy for Canadian hockey dads
Love it
Easily one of the best hockey pods out there. If you’re sensitive and can’t take a joke like most of Twitter than this probably isn’t for you.
state of hockey guy
These guys never know what’s going on.
I left this pod behind. The guys never know what’s going on in the nhl and their shtick is too silly for my tastes.
Dino pontoon
Best hockey pod there is
Wouldn’t hate going back to shorter episodes twice a week but still an all around great product.
Too long, info is stale
3 hours for a podcast is getting insane. I love SC but never get to it anymore. It’s not worth a listen when I’m hearing a breakdown of every single team. There is so many other good pods to listen too that by the time I finally get to this one the info is irrelevant. I think one of the worst decisions by a podcast ever was going to once a week. No clue how they can justify that. Give me 1 hour twice a week and I couldn’t miss a thing.
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Not just a hockey pod.
These guys are the absolute nuts. You don’t need to be a die hard hockey fan to absolutely love this pod.
Podcast fell off
This pod used to be great but has fallen off since. If you’re looking for a great hockey podcast, Missin Curfew has passed these guys or Cam & Strick get actual good guest and not just guys who played on Coyotes Penguins or Bruins. Just an ok hockey podcast now
More episodes
We need some more epi’s!
Too much structure
Just talk about the most interesting stories of the week and stop going over everrrry singggggle teaaam. RA asking Mark Stone if he had been to any converts lately during a pandemic should show how fit he is for the job
Seriously , you guys bought the whole oprah megyn & harry interview? I thought u were smarter than that , disappointed
puck love
2x per week, please !
Would do anything to see the boys back at it twice a week. Best pod around.
Stick to sports talk
The sports talk is what we’re here for
RA blows
The boys are buzzing!
Kill it every pod.
This is getting boring since they went to a day a week
Need better guests
Still a great pod although they can go a bit too long. Need to up the interview list. Missing Curfew is getting way better guests.
Never a Dull Moment
The first podcast I actually enjoy listening to! Biz, Whit, RA, and Mikey G are really funny and smart hockey guys and make listening enjoyable for any hockey fan. Keep on Sonking boys!
Hilariously Great Hockey Commentary
Love these guys. Wish they didn’t have to do the same round table intro every episode.
Best Hockey Pod
Not much more I need to say, other than Chiclets is the best hockey pod out there, and also puts out the best content! Great job, boys!
Love it
Love everything about this podcast, never change.
Joey Port
Love the podcast
These guys are the best podcast gang out there. Keep up the good work guys
zac lucarelli
Best podcast out there
5 star chirps
Just started listening and loving it!
Rear Admiral
Stopped listening to the podcast after listening for a couple of years, Rear Admiral is just terrible, Whitney carried the podcast for a long time and Biz was a welcome injection of insight and humor. It’s gotten to the point that every time I hear RA I cringe, his questions are always misplaced and complete non sequiturs. Pretty much all he does at this point is throw in poorly timed film and Simpsons references and read ads. Podcast would benefit from a little addition by subtraction
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Back Shots Billy
Wilson Interview
Great interview with Colin Wilson. I’m a BU season ticket holder since mid-90’s and for my money he was the best player on the ‘09 national championship team. I always pegged him to be a regular 60-70 point producer in NHL and always wondered what was holding him back. I read the Players Tribune article a few months ago and had my answer. I thought he really sounded good in the interview and happy to see that it seems like he is doing well. McAvoy in the first half of the podcast was great too!
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