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Best Pod on the app
Biz is a beauty, whits a beauty. Everyone’s a beauty on this pod
Tristan Neubart
Best hockey podcast
I love this podcast would recommend to any NHL FAN. I tell my buddies about it and we just laugh at the “dumb” things these guys say or the jokes they make love it guys keep it up.
Why do RA and Grinelli have mics?
Take the wheel away from RA.
tommy tom 1955
Don’t believe the others
These guys complaining about golf are not real hockey fans. Everyone knows every hockey player golfs in the offseason. Get over it. Whit doesn’t even talk too long. Also that “cryingsnowflake” user who wrote the 1 star review- dude guess you’re living up to your name because that’s exactly what you are. This show caters to the younger crowd and if you can’t get past the locker room talk or blatant over-use of profanity then you don’t belong anywhere hockey guys…never mind a podcast. Pipe down, take some of Biz’s CBD, and enjoy this unreal pod.
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Simply one of the best podcast!
By far the best podcast out here. Such an entertaining podcast. Every road trip I go on I make sure to have episodes saved to listen the entire time. Love the crew
Used to be better
They went from good league-wide coverage to mostly talking about just a few teams (Oilers, Leafs, Bruins, etc). Biz and Whit’s egos have grown tremendously and spend too much time talking about golf, personal bets, money or other nonsense. And they bring on too many former players talking about their lives rather than analysts that can offer more insight on specific teams or current league news. Wish it could go back to how it was a year or two ago
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Best sports podcast period. Biz is one of the best personalities in the entertainment world. Everyone well spoken enough to respect their opinions and childish enough to laugh at themselves and have fun. In hundreds of episodes there hasn’t been a single dud. Hope this podcast continues for decades
Hasn’t aged well
Was a big early fan of the pod, listened to every episode for a long time, back when biz was just a guest. Unfortunately now I have to sit through 3 hours of a 5th overall bust counting his $, talking about golf, and plugging pink sugar vodka or some other garbage late night tv product, before getting 15 minutes of homer bruins updates. Biz can calm down with the profanity too, the shrooms get him a little too loose from time to time. I appreciate what they’ve done to make hockey more fun and engaging for a younger audience, but maybe rethink how far they’ve taken certain segments of the show, and keep it hockey focused and unbiased.
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A Fraud - by Bernie's measure
Imagine hosting a pod about the NHL and wasting peoples times ragging on certain teams in particular….great marketing strategy from two nobodies
A hockey podcast that takes time off during the playoffs
I sometimes enjoy the talk these guys have. They talk too much about golf…. Don’t care about golf…. If I did I would find a golf podcast. I want to hear their takes of the current playoffs and they decide, let’s do once a week…. Off-season that makes sense. Regular season that also make sense. But a full series in the conference finals could be over before they give anything more then a preview for the series. Would love to hear more of them. But unfortunately it’s too much golfing it appears. Just frustrating wanting more during the time of year you expect it.
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i like hockey not golf
Listened during the playoffs - fantastic if you want some salt from a loved team that got eliminated in between ads every 20 minutes. It’s great for figuring out what teams to root against to see that. Other than that, it’s a bunch of vain dude-bros ranting about whatever. Not much in terms of insight into the game and the league from the hosts.
I thoroughly enjoy the podcast. I love that all of the guys are completely REAL. No fluff, no faking. Just the real deal. They get some great guests too. Overall just an awesome hockey podcast. Biz completely trashing the Rangers fans is hilarious and the icing on the cake ! Lololol
Maine Flyers Fan
I wanna like it.
I’ve listened to a few episodes. I like how often it comes out, especially during the playoffs when the news changes every day. I tried to ignore the blatant homophobia in the Russian spa episode. So much for Pride night in hockey and creating a welcoming culture for all but whatever. But at the end of the Tim Peel episode, abusing hookers? Come on man, no one even laughed, quit punching down. I used to make jokes like that too when I was like 19. If you make jokes like that, you aren’t creative enough to actually be funny. You can do better.
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Best Hockey Pod
Best hockey pod and it’s not even close. Their hockey knowledge is great and their personal life stories and entertaining. Much better than the Curfew podcast
By far the best hockey podcast
There isn’t a better hockey podcast in the world , and I even dare to say , this is one of the best sports podcasts in the world in my opinion. Super entertaining and Biz is one of my favorite tv hockey analysts so it’s awesome to find this podcast to hear his uncensored thoughts , especially around playoff time. If I had any thing to say , it would just be I wish the episodes would come out sooner after each night to discuss the games but I understand how busy this guys probably are around this time so I get it. Great job guys 👍🏻
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Stop whispering
Biz awesome pod please stop whispering
ma inspector
Tell RA to stop getting buckled on the pod
Beer league bender
Love the Pod!
You guys are the best hockey pod out there. Been a huge fan and haven’t missed an episode for about 2 years now. Keep it up! That being said, I don’t know if it’s just me but RA has become BRUTAL lately…. He’s absolutely the worst part of the pod and I’m starting to wish it was just Biz and Whit.
Replace RA
This is my number one podcast. Haven’t missed an episode since the episode way back when Kevin Hayes and Johnny Ham and Cheese were on together. RA’s game is slipping big time. He takes everything so personally. All the little digs that Biz and Whit throw at him seem to effect him way more and he is off his game with the stats. The little things like screwing up an ad read or the horrible gambling picks are one thing but could also be a sign of worse to come. I know this podcast was originally his and Whit’s idea together but he makes the podcasts not as enjoyable. The fame has gone to his head it seems and he has forgotten his place as the bus driver of the show, the human punching bag for Biz and Whit, and the knowledgeable well vocabularized blogger/writer.
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Tommy lambs
RA .....
Love this pod so much but RA is so unbearable. Such a bum
great show
biz and whit are great to listen to when they actually talk hockey. RA is absolutely brutal to listen to for more than 20 seconds at a time. pods are way too long
RA is unbearable to listen to when he’s been drinking.
Casey Doonan
Ryan Whitney is a drunk who likes pink vodka and the podcast is chowderheads droning on about absolutely nothing
Hockey for dummies
Out of all the hockey podcasts this one is the least informative. Listening to a NHL draft bust, an illiterate tripod, and whitey bulgers step brother talk about hockey for 4 hours is a full on chore. The only bright spots are the interviews where the host shut their traps and let the real hockey players talk about real hockey stories
Friendly neighborhood AWL
Way too long
Had to stop listening. Is this a hockey podcast or a current events/comedy show?
My name is grinelli I produce the number one hockey pod! Worst editing for the goat interview. Choppier than whit on a breakaway.
Fast forward the opening to miss the idiot grinelli talk and it’s the best show ever.
Stick to hockey!
(Reference 4/19/22 episode) Mr. Brightside is one of the worst songs ever made! Sorry G! And please don’t ever sing on the pod again... but hearing Whit do “We Didn’t Start the Fire” was priceless! 🤣 Also, enough with the celebrity gossip and talking about who is the best dressed. 🤮And I usually stop listening when they start talking about golf!
Biz nasty is the best in the Business
Biz makes the yotes interesting. Love the Pod and have gone back and listened to every episode. Great take on everything. Their banter reminds me of being inside a locker room again, great interviews as well.
Amazing show
My son turned me onto this show last June (2020). I listen everyday at work. I just finished up episode 369. Love the show, love the guests, love the stories!!!! Keep up the amazing work gentlemen!!!!!!!
sup broham
NGL pretty good
For us fans that are not on Twitter
Would you guys consider in the future moving to a platform that doesn’t suspend Americans for different beliefs? Of course when one can compete with Twitter. Some of us pro constitutional Americans refuse to entertain these suppression platforms. Love you guys! Tuesdays at work are much better listening to y’all.
I loved this show when I first started listening to it but lately RA and Grinelli have been getting on my nerves. Mute G’s mic, doesn’t need to be heard from at all, and cut down RA’s speaking time. He’s such a Boston homer it’s ridiculous. Anytime someone tied to the B’s organization has a milestone he brings it up but barely the same for anyone else. Whit and Biz are hilarious but it’s getting harder and harder to listen to because of RA and G.
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Hockey does not feel inclusive here.
I get there is a complicated debate to discuss and all, but the rant about a single trans athlete felt really hateful/broad and lacked compassion for trans folk and their athletic pursuits. As if the suffering and struggles of a certain kind of person matters more to you and is the only side of the story you tell, and because of the actions of one athlete, you just shouted about the freedom to play sports with the passion queer folk use to just exist. It’s just a bummer vibe.
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Go Flames
Love the hockey talk and guests. Dislike the occasional chatter about drugs.
Front Admiral
I know you guys are boys with Jack. But you should have someone on to give an opposing view point on how disliked he was around here. My wife works at the arena and Jack is one of the most disliked Sabre amongst people around the arena of all time . Just the lack of respect he treated people with. Still love the POD an always listen.
Not a BIG deal!!!!
THE BEST Hockey Podcast out
RA, Whit, Biz & G do an outstanding job here. It’s got everything from current NHL news, A+ interviews with current & former NHL players, coaches, broadcasters etc. The banter is also 2nd to none. Also, being that Whit & Biz are former NHL players themselves, they’re able to really give insight in what it’s like to live the life of an NHL player. 10/10.
Best pod
Best sports podcast out there!
Bunch of dicks
Great pod, best insight and production. These guys know the spot and aren’t politically correct- let it swing.
Playing it safe
Listened to every episode until they felt the need to talk politics. Left wing nut jobs!!! Playing it safe with the their views and following this dumpster fire of a culture we have…. Happy to unfollow!!!
Great podcast. Intro music too loud!
The intro music is so loud that it scares my dog, wakes my baby and makes me turn down the volume of the podcast. Then I can’t hear RAs intro. You should make the music lower so the listener turns the volume up, not down!! It’s been bugging me forever. I can’t be alone.
weiner luv
Biz 20 promo
Best hockey pod out! Never miss a week and never will. Keep up the great work boys!
Congrats On the Engagement Biz
Katie is a luckkkkkkky Gal
RA stop takin yourself so serious
RA was by far my fav person on the show but has taken himself too serious as of late. How many times has Biz had to apologize for poking fun at him? Be the funny townie and drop the whole big j journo schtick. It’s evident chiclets time is winding down and he has to be versatile for his next move, but he’s got no brand now as he moves further from “the townie janitor”. Boring media personalities are a dime a dozen now and he’s rapidly working his way there.
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Derrin Mcberrin
Love these guys HOWEVER at 3+ Hours - TOO LONG
You guys have to either split into two 90min segments or even back to an hour MAX, too too long, willing to share ear space but this one put you all into the box, suspending you till it’s shorter segments!!!
Rambo JoBo
Love these guys
I love these guys! Love them so much I got my dad to start listening. Any chance I get to listen I do. The podcast is amazing and the guests are just as awesome. Forever a chiclets family
Best Hockey Show Ever!
The chemistry between all the guys is electric. They talk about hockey the same way my buddies and I do, none of that horrible saying a lot but still saying nothing. Biz and Whit are regular guys who happen to be NHL players talking sports and I cant get enough! Even R.A. The none professional athlete of the group is a stud in podcast entertainment. LETS GO BOYS!
Get rid of RA
Fantastic podcast except when RA speaks. He can’t even get a thought off without having to get flustered and start cursing.
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