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Congrats On the Engagement Biz
Katie is a luckkkkkkky Gal
RA stop takin yourself so serious
RA was by far my fav person on the show but has taken himself too serious as of late. How many times has Biz had to apologize for poking fun at him? Be the funny townie and drop the whole big j journo schtick. It’s evident chiclets time is winding down and he has to be versatile for his next move, but he’s got no brand now as he moves further from “the townie janitor”. Boring media personalities are a dime a dozen now and he’s rapidly working his way there.
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Derrin Mcberrin
Love these guys HOWEVER at 3+ Hours - TOO LONG
You guys have to either split into two 90min segments or even back to an hour MAX, too too long, willing to share ear space but this one put you all into the box, suspending you till it’s shorter segments!!!
Rambo JoBo
Love these guys
I love these guys! Love them so much I got my dad to start listening. Any chance I get to listen I do. The podcast is amazing and the guests are just as awesome. Forever a chiclets family
Best Hockey Show Ever!
The chemistry between all the guys is electric. They talk about hockey the same way my buddies and I do, none of that horrible saying a lot but still saying nothing. Biz and Whit are regular guys who happen to be NHL players talking sports and I cant get enough! Even R.A. The none professional athlete of the group is a stud in podcast entertainment. LETS GO BOYS!
Get rid of RA
Fantastic podcast except when RA speaks. He can’t even get a thought off without having to get flustered and start cursing.
Without guests this podcast would be horrible
The former and current players who are interviewed are the only thing worth listening to. I can’t stand Rear Admirals Boston accent talking about boner pills and Bissonette and Whitney are about as good at being funny and entertaining as they were when they played for the Pittsburgh Penguins, just not very good. I don't know how these guys manage to get good guests, but they do, and that’s the only thing saving the podcast. 2/5. 2 for the guests, 0 for the “hosts”.
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Less Interviews, More League Talk.
1 episode a week and 75% of it is interviews. 2 episodes a week or 1 interview a week please.
Love it
Best hockey and lifestyle podcast around.
Best in the BIZ
All the hosts balance each other out very well and it’s simply the most entertaining hockey podcast out there. This is a must listen every single week.
Team seas
You guys should promote the TEAM SEAS initiative.
What a joke.
These guys are worse at this than they were in the league (where they washed out). It’s a bunch of terrible takes, from terrible people, on the worst network in media. The only thing they have to offer is the guests, but not a one of them has learned how to conduct an interview. If the guest can’t carry the conversation without them, it’s just a mess. All in all, a total dumpster fire by garbage people.
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Too much RA and needs 2 episodes
RA can dish out criticism but can't take it. References the Simpsons every episode. Recaps games from 6 days before the episode comes out
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Bring back 2 Episode format
By far the best and original when it comes to hockey Pods. Getting lapped by competitors as for relevancy, feel like they’re always catching up or just missing NHL/Hockey news lately.
Best sports podcast out there!
White and Biz are hilarious. RA is the weirdest person in the history of the world
Missin curfew is better.
Used to be good - Now they rush guests through their story so RA can talk about some movie he watched for the 17th time.
Toe Rogan
Love it
Thanks Fellas
A couple of years ago I got buddied by a priest at my cousins wedding. Ever since then my life hasn’t been the same, but the Spittin Chiclets podcast is one of the few things keeping me going… Thanks boys
what a listen
Man robin lehner is the man. i live in buffalo new york and seeing lehner go through what he went through here for those 3 seasons breaks my heart. as someone that has mental illness and being able to identify with someone that i used to watch as a season ticket holder is truly life altering. this podcast has helped me with and through so much that it’s even tough to put into words how much you guys have on affecting my life, all i do is look forward to listening to you and it makes whatever i have going on or am dealing with go away for a couple of hours. i love you guys and keep up the good work!
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This is a great podcast wether you know what offsides or icing is, or have no idea what a neutral zone trap is. I’m biased because I’m from Massachusetts but holy shi$ this is worth every minute of every episode. Also, but Pink Whitney !!!
Fire Grinelli.
Shows are WAY to long and terrible editing. Grinelli is absolutely Ruining the brand one Twitter post at a time.
Best pod going right now
Even if you don’t know hockey you will be laughing non stop!
Best podcast
This podcast is single handedly the best podcast right now
Chiclets fan since 2016
Best podcast ever.
Having a hard time getting through episodes
Huge chiclets fan, but it’s gotta be said… it’s been really tough listening to these episodes this summer. Pods are way too long. I’ve been getting bored about 75% of the way through. I wish they’d go back to twice a week during the season with more concise podcasts. Lately the episodes just feel dragged out. The long interviews get kind of boring too. I doubt they read these or care but just an opinion of a longtime fan.
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Douche bags
These guys are douches. Wish my podcast app would stop recommending them.
Seattle Kraken’t
Not relevant
The random Dumb golf talk can ruin the flow, I listen to this pod for hockey not golf. Missin Curfew is a lot better
Love this pod - stop apologizing !
I just wish Biz would embrace his pronunciations and stop apologizing. RA, stop apologizing ! We love ya guys
Wish it was still 2 a week
RA> Longer episodes and 2 eps a week go back to it please. Still the best Pod keep it up guys.
chris armand
Best Hockey Pod Out There
These guys are were born to podcast together. It’s hard to balance being that funny and still have great takes on the game and these guys do it perfectly.
Eric Stoney
Amazing show
My son turned me onto this show a couple weeks back. SO GOOD!!!!! Been listening for the past couple weeks and already on episode 35. Can’t get enough….
sup broham
Bubba Golf Nut
My daughters got me into the show I can’t get enough of it ! great job everyone!
Bubba Golf Nut
Don’t upload enough
Would prefer two episodes a week instead of the 3 hr weekly ones. We want to hear about the Stanley Cup final soon after not a week after. Better hockey podcasts out there.
D Wadez
Really enjoyed the two episode a week format, each episode was more focused and relevant to the day to day happenings in the sport. The once a week format now tends to ramble on and does not have as recent or relevant coverage of things happening in the game. Found their jokes and comedy to get repetitive and lose its edge. Will still tune in for intriguing guests but found it to be a struggle to get through a 3+ hour podcast that struggles to stay fresh.
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F Rear Admiral
Rear Ad Reads- All he’s good for.
The boys for sure buzz on this pod. Though it’s very obvious that since the pods popularity has sky rocketed, the success has gotten to RA’s head. At times it’s literally unlistenable when he rambles on babbling about god knows what. Ad reads are what he should solely stick to. It’s ashame he used to play his role perfect, now he’s just trying too hard, just facts.
Ryan Whitney is the Michael Rappaport of hockey. Aside from him, it’s a solid insider podcast and a blast to listen to during the playoffs.
Hilarious and great insight
Love the pod but…
RA is horrendous and is just getting worse
Pop Punk/ Hardcore
Islanders just smoked the Bruins! Not a big deal!
Let’s go buffalo
Eric Cernak (correction)
Hey Biz, Cernak has been a solid #4 d-man for us this year and last year. Maybe Shattenkirk was our #4 last year but real close. Luke Schenn has been filling in for Savard. Just wanted to correct you on that respectfully. Love the show.
Casey Doonan
Having Frankie on really ruined this for me
Biz’s TML-MTL bet
Biz, we want proof that you paid up on your bet
Levin Junkie
These guys and 31 questions are the only hockey podcasts you need. Only downside is that loser islanders fan, just fast forward through his interview.
Best sports podcast
These guys are awesome. Really funny with great insight to the greatest game on earth. Golf talk with Whit is tremendous. RAs obscure movie or Simpson’s references are perfect. Biz clowning himself is always lol. And Grinnelli deserved that Rolex 100%.
The Balls
Best hockey podcast out there. Covers the league action and awesome interviews. Great chemistry between the boys.
The problem
Love the show but they need to put out 2 episodes during the season a week when something happens in the league the day an episode drops you don’t hear them speak on it for a week and/or they don’t even bring it up bc it’s old news. During the season one show a week is too long between episodes
cr crunch
Grinelli stinks
RA has over stayed his welcome. Just a babbling idiot.
tommy tom 1955
Once Great
A once great podcast ruined by the hosts becoming too full of themselves
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