Spilled Milk
Spilled Milk
Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton
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Long time listener
I've listened to this show since the first year. I loved it. But recently the banter has been not as fun or funny, the focus isn't on the food, and it feels like they're over thinking every comment and thought in a way they didn't previously. It no longer feels natural and fun. It feels forced and pretentious, like an elementary school putting on Titus Andronicus.
Can’t Anymore
I listened to every single episode since the first one (10 years ago??) but have stopped since Jan/Feb this year since it is not funny OR entertaining anymore at all. There was a thing about weird animals at one point, they don’t talk about food, the jokes are painful. Molly plays “the look how dumb/indifferent I am” trope and Matthew’s humor is just: no. Sorry guys.
The CONSTANT Stupidity
I always start listening with great anticipation of actually learning something but can’t get past the constant stupid comments. Especially annoying is when they pretend not to know something. Do your research BEFORE the podcast rather than pretend to guess … and guess … and guess … and then read aloud a Wikipedia paragraph.
Like a smoothie for your spirit!
Molly and Matthew are such a hoot - Spilled Milk has become a sanity-saving listen through the craziness of the last year! Sending a huge thanks for the much-needed dose of levity!
Arlie K
Sanity-saving and a pure joy
I’ve known about this podcast for many years peripherally through Molly’s blog, but I’m a more recent listener. I feel it’s like being a kid listening in on your cool older brother & sister or cousins jabbering away at the kitchen table about different foods they like/dislike/trying for the first time, being silly, sometimes making snide remarks at each other, and wailing/ranting with/at each other, and it’s just one of the best, purely joyful things to listen to for me. I listen to it on the car while commuting nearly every day, and sometimes during work if I am doing more manual things, and it’s always the highlight of my day. I learn cool facts and history about food products and ingredients (although that’s almost secondary to the point of the show), and often laugh out loud at their antics. I love hearing Molly laughing until she’s out of breath and her tiny shrieks trying to recover, Matthew’s boisterous laugh in which he throws his head back away from the mic so it’s heard in the background, Matthew’s eager “yes yes!”, Molly’s scolding “Matthew! Shut up!” when he keeps interrupting her with more and more jokes.... I could go on. I also like that they do their best to be culturally sensitive (and respond to feedback if they cross the line), and honestly, it’s nice to know even food writers were picky eaters as kids and still have strong food preferences and dislikes. Thank you for creating this show, Molly and Matthew. It makes me wish I could be your friend in real life (but that would be a bit too weird), but I feel like I sort of vicariously am part of your friend group through listening to your show, and that speaks to how genuine and relatable you guys make the show for your listeners. Thank you.
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❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️love this show!
Just started listening
Hi! Just started listening to this podcast mainly because of all the Japanese food! For me, comfort food at its finest! I hope one of these days, you can take up kashi pan. I can’t readily get them now where I live so I have resorted to making them myself but I love the variety of kashi pan back home in Japan!
Bye bye
Listened to occasionally until they went into politics and who they are voting for.
Moved from always listen to rarely listen
Thanks for the comedy in the past episodes! The heavy doses of woke is a new feature and frankly, it’s tiresome.
Favorite! A great escape!
Love this podcast. Always funny and informative — don’t sleep on the episodes you think might bore you to tears — I’m looking at you “Kohlrabi” and “Napkins”. I’ve learned so much and there are so many episodes —- even the earliest ones are great!
Consistently Silly and Enjoyable
I had heard of this podcast a while ago, but only started listening a couple years back. One of my favorites, I appreciate their silly digressions and hot takes.
Gone on too long
I loved this show for a while, and I somehow keep listening even though it’s really not very funny anymore and most of the episodes are barely about food. I think it’s time to let it go, but it’s become a habit.
I’ve been a listener since the podcast began. The “ comedy “ angle that reaches into the liberal political zone has turned me away and I unsubscribed. Why not keep with the foodie slant? Absolutely enjoyed for many years, but no more.
Nan in OKC
Downhill Big Time
I can’t believe that, after listening to this podcast loyally for about six years, having heard almost every single episode ever created, even after buying and reading one of Molly’s book, I unsubscribed and stopped listening. I couldn’t do it anymore. This used to be funny and about food. I appreciated the personal stories and nostalgia. I loved the deep dives and family stories - the talk about kids and partners was relatable. Now, though, Molly and Matthew have become absolutely insufferable. This podcast isn’t funny anymore, it is just a weird, narcissistic rant-fest without any charm. They trash people who have different opinions about food - or anything, really (and I share a lot of their opinions!). I’ve tried to listen and remain loyal but it’s been downhill for the past year or so. I’m done. My friends who listen feel the same way. I would still recommend the earlier episodes. They’ve lost their purpose and their charm, there’s zero self awareness. Find it again, Matthew and Molly, and maybe listeners will come back.
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Whoo hoo!
I look forward to listening to Spilled Milk every week. The combination of random history, good tips, and relatable humor makes me very happy.
Comfort food for my ears
I love listening to Spilled Milk! It’s timeless and comforting, like toast slathered with butter and honey. Both are good at bedtime.
Binge worthy
Do yourself a favor, make yourself hungry and listen to this podcast.
Exactly what I like
I’ve never played it myself, but I would listen to a whole podcast of Molly talking about Animal Crossing.
So Entertaining!
This podcast is always in my top recommendations for friends. It’s hilarious and you learn interesting things about food and cooking! Fantastic!!
I need a podcast to fall asleep to and not a actual sleeping podcast I need something exciting and funny and this is perfect
My Best Friends
I’ve listened to every episode, and at this point it’s like hanging out with my best friends that not only know a TON about food, but also go off on perfect tangents that tend to end in bad singing or something unanswered questions. Magnum Bonum stars.
Ridiculous and Hilarious
Better than Planet Money.
Funny entertaining light hearted
Such a good show.
Lost interest
At first this seemed like it could be a nice entertaining and quick podcast. I’m really not trying to be negative but I just couldn’t get into it. Seemed to lack substance and humor. To each their own I guess.
A wonderful accident
I first started listening to this podcast by accident, but it quickly became my favorite podcast ever. A friend had recommended “Milk Street Radio” but all I remembered was “Milk” and found this instead. And this is 10x better than Milk Street Radio! Please keep doing what you’re doing, Molly and Matthew. This shows gets me through the good and the bad.
Always delightful
I always enjoy Spilled Milk and have enjoyed hearing about Molly and Matthew’s lives over the past five years that I have listened to the show. It’s amazing that two incredibly sophisticated food writers have such lighthearted, silly show. It always makes me laugh and helps my anxiety.
Yeast stupidity
I could care less about how you lost your virginity. TOO Much information. Very narcissistic!
yeast 5
Comfort food for your ears :)
I’ve listened and relistened to every single episode of Spilled Milk. Mathew and Molly’s conversations got me through dealing with my father’s cancer and eventual passing. Their friendship is so palpable and always makes me happy to listen to them. The episodes are about food, nostalgia, and friendship, and they’re always laced with humor. I highly recommend listening and supporting this podcast!
The best friends I wish I had
Matthew and Molly are extremely hilarious, witty, and a delight to have with you in any locale. I started listening around episode 330, am current, and went back to episode 1 and am now around 250. AKA I have absorbed nearly ALL of their content and have loved it.
The best food comedy podcast
Matthew and Molly are the best. They are incredibly funny and knowledgeable and if you love Korea and France and tangents with some peppered in sex humor they are for you!
Ginger am
Always love listening to yalls podcast to brighten up my commute. Especially love getting swept up into the loveable and impassioned rants that Molly and Matt get lost in. Molly, you should check out the cheese counter at DeLaurenti’s in Pike Place because they have Langres cheese every once in awhile! Stupid delicious!
Love you guys!
I have a long Boston commute which tends to be the WORST on Thursday afternoons but I actually enjoy it because it’s my time with you guys! Love the laughs and sometimes I learn something new! Thanks for a great show!
Amusing podcast
Have been listening for years. Amusing banter. I only have issues when they sing... and sometimes the use of the word anyway... as a transition.
courtney 511111
Always look forward to new episodes
Much love for Molly & Matthew. I learn little about food but laugh often while listening! Have loved spilled milk podcast for years.
mal 🙂
Love it!
This podcast makes me laugh out loud and also get those delightful bursts of "I know just what you're talking about!". (P.S. I saw your live show in LA, but I was too afraid to say hi!)
Love Spilled Milk!
Love this podcast!
Abby not Abigail
Love love love
One of my favorite podcasts of all time. Food related, and so funny !!! Thank you! And, please keep these coming 💜
nurse emily
Interesting Content but Too Much Interupting
The content is super interesting and draws me to keep re-subscribing after I inevitably unsubscribe . The problem is , Molly never gets to finish a sentence and it’s really distracting. Her cohost is entertaining but maybe not as much as he thinks. More food and drink, less mansplaining.
Calamity Lane
Makes me laugh inappropriately in a good way
I love this podcast. How I could find a podcast of two science nerds who love food, and one who rode horses is truly serendipity. I love all the side randomness and sometimes learn things about food! Honestly, I could listen to them talk about almost anything. Which is good, because they do. ❤️ I am going to be sad when I finally catch up on them all.
Taking with food in their mouths
Lordy. Love the subject matter, interesting and fun to listen to but OH MY GOD please don’t talk with food in your mouth. It’s so terrible to hear in my headphones. I’ve only listened to a handful of episodes so far and I want to love the podcast but if that’s a trend, I’ll have to give up on it.
Ala Wit
Happy :)
This podcast—and its hosts—make me so happy. When I listen, I feel happy. Such a joyous, fun, funny, and lovely podcast!
So much more than just a food podcast
Just okay.
If you want to listen to the lady moaning and crunching, give this a listen. Topics were semi interesting.
Lola's lovely
Amazing light-hearted food comedy
If you need a fun light-hearted break in your day try Spilled Milk. Hosts Matthew and Molly pick a food theme, maybe talk about it or maybe discuss something totally tangential, but always leave you laughing. This is my favorite podcast for when I just need a break and want to smile as two friends discuss international junk food or their childhood memories of hummus. Thanks Molly and Matthew!
Like siblings from mid1970s
Laugh out loud . These Two make Me Feel like I was Hanging In a bunk bed talking to my sibling about Jello Pudding and whatever else. Soo funny and Real and Natural!
Comfort food but for your ears?
I’ve been a listener to the pod for so long I can’t even remember how I found it. Lately I’ve been binge listening to old episodes as self care (is there a less cringe way to describe that act..) I need a break from all of the political/social everything. This is one of my only safe podcasts that doesn’t trigger some sort of negative spiraling. I have to thank you deeply from the bottom of my heart ♥️ It’s warm and comforting but still engaging and hilarious. I should leave this as a review on Apple podcasts.....
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Love love love
Listen, you’re going to get 50% of the facts or less with these two. They don’t try to hide it. But sincerely, every single topic has me ready to try something new (or something not new, long forgotten) like corn on the cob or Kir Royals. I love their not-so-serious take on food and life. Sometimes food podcasts can be so pretentious add full of rules. This podcast is not that. Will you learn about food? Yes. Will you be laughing to tears? Definitely yes.
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Longtime listener, first time reviewer!
I’ve listened to every episode on a weekly basis for several years at this point! I usually listen to the weekly episode when it first comes out even if I have stacks of other podcast episodes waiting for me. Molly and Matthew always make me laugh and they can never quit making this little treasure of a podcast!
Must you use the word “like” all the time. The topics are interesting. I would rank the show much higher otherwise
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