Specialty Stories
Specialty Stories
Ryan Gray
Specialty Stories is a podcast to help premed and medical students choose a career. What would you do if you started your career and realized that it wasn't what you expected? Specialty Stories will talk to physicians and residency program directors from every specialty to help you make the most informed decision possible. Check out our others shows at MededMedia.com
229: The Path to Pediatric Neuromuscular Neurology
Dr. Perlman is a Pediatric Neuromuscular Neurologist- what is this specialty, and what was his journey to his current career?Links:Full Episode Blog PostMeded MediaBlueprint MCAT
Jun 29, 2022
39 min
228: The Heart of Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology
Dr. Hlaing is a Critical Care Cardiothoracic Anesthesiologist. Let's chat about their path to this anesthesia subspecialty.Links:Full Episode Blog PostMeded MediaBlueprint MCAT
Jun 22, 2022
33 min
227: It's In The Genes: Medical Genetics & Diagnostics
Dr. Grody specializes in Medical Genetics & Molecular Diagnostics. Let's talk about their journey and the lessons learned over their 33 years of practice.Links:Full Episode Blog PostAmerican College of Medical GeneticsNational Society of Genetic CounselorsAmerican Medical Association (AMA)Journal: Gene Editing — A Cure for Transthyretin Amyloidosis?Meded MediaBlueprint MCAT
Jun 8, 2022
43 min
226: The Road to a Renal Hypertension Specialist
Today we chat with Dr. Derek about his journey to specializing in Nephrology and Hypertension.Links:Full Episode Blog PostAmerican Society of NephrologyMeded MediaBlueprint MCAT
Apr 27, 2022
35 min
225: Route to Rheumatology
Dr. Ramsey-Goldman has been a Rheumatologist since 1986, and today, she spills everything on her journey and specialty. Tune in for her wisdom!Links:Full Episode Blog PostMeded MediaBlueprint MCATAmerican College of Rheumatology
Apr 21, 2022
49 min
223: Thoughts on Transplant Surgery
Today we talk to an abdominal transplant surgeon who's been practicing for 18 years in an Academic setting. Let's talk about their journey.Links:Full Episode Blog PostMeded MediaBlueprint MCATAmerican Society of Transplant Surgeons
Mar 30, 2022
38 min
222: The Path To GI and Liver Pathology
Dr. Cao is a physician who specializes in the pathology of the GI and Liver. Let's chat about his journey and the type of person this specialty is a fit for.Links:Full Episode Blog PostMeded MediaBlueprint MCAT
Mar 23, 2022
36 min
221: Teaching and Practicing Hepatology
Dr. Sterling has been an academic Gastroenterology and Transplant Hepatology physician for 26 years. Let's talk about his journey.Links:Full Episode Blog PostMeded MediaBlueprint MCATThe American Society of TransplantationAmerican Association for the Study of Liver Diseases
Mar 16, 2022
41 min
220: A Sports Medicine Story
Today we chat with a community sports medicine physician about his journey from med school to residency and beyond. Tune in now!Links:Full Episode Blog PostAmerican Orthopaedic Society for Sports MedicineMeded MediaBlueprint MCAT
Mar 9, 2022
37 min
219: Adolescent Medicine: Connecting with Teens
Today we chat with Kenisha Campbell, MD about her experience working in Adolescent medicine.Links:Full Episode Blog PostMeded MediaMelanin Hues PodcastThe Society of Adolescent Health and MedicineBlueprint MCAT
Feb 23, 2022
32 min
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