Spark - True Stories Live
Spark - True Stories Live
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please bring this back!
I love this podcast, and I love hearing these stories from across the pond :)
Can’t get enough
Of this show
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Doesn't Measure Up
I’m a fan of other storytelling podcasts (The Moth, Risk, etc.) but the quality of the stories presented by “Spark” just doesn’t measure up. I expect in any live storytelling venue there are bound to be hits and misses, and maybe a lot more misses than hits, but for a podcast one would expect the producers to feature the cream of the crop. With Spark, it seems as if the producers pull stories at random. The storytellers generally suffer from poor presentation skills and and their stories generally lack a point: lots of rambling, lots of nervous laughter, lots of dead-end tangents. That the stories are told in London is a minor plus, and there tend to be lots of stories with an international setting. But if you are a fan of The Moth, you are likely to be disappointed with this podcast.
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Real people, lovely accents
I'm in the US, so everyone sounds like they have a beautiful accent to me. If you're from the UK, these folks won't sound remarkable to you, but to me it's worth a listen just for he great voices. Stories are excellent, too.
I love hearing about everybody's life!
People are the same wherever you a once famous song went. I love hearing the accents and I'm intrigued to hear an American voice every now and then. Kudos to all of the wonderful people who get up on stage and share their lives with the world. Keep it coming!
Love listening to the true stories! Overall, the sound quality is great! Definitely recommend!
Great True Story telling
I don't usually write reviews. But this is a really great Podcast. Some of my other favorites are Snap Judgment and Risk. If you like those you'll love this one.
Storytelling at it's finest
If you like The Moth, Risk and The Monti you will love this one as well.