Spanish for Beginners Pedro
Spanish for Beginners Pedro
Spanish Teacher Pedro Fdez
Spanish for beginners: Practical lessons in Spanish to learn how to have a conversation. Español para principiantes: lecciones prácticas para aprender a conversar.
66. Money
Today we learn vocabulary and structures related to money. If you would like to follow the audios with the printouts, please send me an email: Interested in the Spanish-Spanish podcast? Here you will find it:
Oct 7
13 min
65. Guess How Old I Am.
The verb To guess and how to use the future to make hypothesis. If you like the podcast, please recommend it on the internet and on the platform that you use: Apple, Spotify... My website:
Oct 4
12 min
64. My Rented Flat.
Una conversación sobre el piso de alquiler: ubicación (location), tamaño (size), vistas (views). If you are looking for a Podcast in Spanish, here is the link: Indefinido. Si tienes preguntas, puedes escribirme un mensaje: Mi página de internet:
Sep 30
15 min
63. María te escribe. Situación.
Today I will read aloud an email from María. Afterwards I will read some questions to check whether you have understood the content of the email or not. Please let me know if you find this type of exercise useful or not:
Sep 27
13 min
62. Professions
What do you do for a living? Today we talk about jobs. If you would like to listen to a similar podcast but in Spanish, you can find more information here:
Sep 23
13 min
61. ha habido, va a haber, y encima
We are talking today about hay, ha habido, va a haber and some linking words: ya que, como, y encima. Would you like to listen to a similar podcast but entirely in Spanish? Español intermedio: 
Sep 20
14 min
60. Moving into an Apartment. A Conversation.
Una lección para practicar vocabulario de muebles, pronombres de objeto directo y cómo hacer planes. Would you like to listen to a similar podcast for low-intermediate students?
Sep 16
18 min
59. Formal Commands
¡Estudie mucho y no pierda el tiempo! Envíeme un mensaje si necesita los documentos: Más información:
Sep 13
17 min
58. The Weather
Tiempo means weather and time. What is the weather like? ¿Qué tiempo hace? To receive the documents, please send me an email: Más información:
Sep 9
13 min
57. Let´s Dance with the Verbs
Combinaciones de verbos: querer, necesitar, pasar, pensar... If you buy the PDFs, you will learn more and you will help keep this podcast for free and without advertising:
Sep 6
18 min
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