Space Gab Podcast
Space Gab Podcast
Space Gab Podcast
Podcast (Audio Space Report) about space related topics. Mike Coletta, who supported the space industry for almost 2 decades, shares news of current and past events that relate to various space programs. Space and astronomical related events are also covered in this audio Space Report. Mike Coletta's Space Gab Podcast was featured in the opening scenes of the COSMOS 2019 Movie, a science fiction thriller about 3 Astro-Nuts in search of mysteries of the universe.
Space Gab Podcast #182 for 20 May
Mission managers polled “go” for rendezvous and docking of Boeing’s Starliner capsule, For the second time in as many months, debris from a Chinese rocket landed in India, OMG ... glowing green blinking lights are filling skies above Verdigris Oklahoma, all around me, James Webb space telescope successfully completed tracking test, Russia launched the 3rd Bars-M reconnaissance satellite aboard a Soyuz-2.1a from Plesetsk, NASA puts ISS spacewalks on hold to investigate water leak, Liftoff of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, the third mission in five days to deploy satellites for the privately-developed Starlink broadband network, ISS over Oklahoma, Cosmonauts not riding in Boeing Starliner, iSpace launch update : An orbital launch attempt by Chinese startup iSpace suffered failure early Friday, following on from two failures last year.
May 20
20 min
Space Gab Podcast #181 for 13 May
Lunar eclipse May 15-16, Starlink missions 19 and 20 by SpaceX, Boeing OFT-2 update, Liftoff of the fourth Hyperbola-1 solid rocket from iSpace, Manchin introduces bipartisan bill to establish Space National Guard, Oh my... is Moon dust cannabis in our future... a new type of Lunar high!, Space Force general: Commercial satellite internet in Ukraine showing power of megaconstellations, Boeing says it is considering redesigning the propellant valves on future CST-100 Starliner commercial crew spacecraft, Elon Musk says he thinks SpaceX can get an uncrewed Starship mission to Mars in 3 to 5 years, Astra to launch from U.K. spaceport, The TechEdSat-7 cubesat,  which tested an ExoBrake reentry drag device reentered on May 4, China's Tianzhou4 has docked with Tiangong space station. Quaking on Mars. Biggest one yet, Virgin Orbit to launch some government satellites, China's Tiangong space station to get ham radio equipment for communication.
May 13
22 min
Space Gab Podcast #180 for 6 May
Wow SpaceX Starlink launch with an awesome show, SpaceX crew Dragon with astronaut Crew 3 returns to earth from ISS, Video of Crew 3 re-entry, Boeing Starliner on top of rocket after leak on transport vehicle, DARPA in space, ExoMars official says launch unlikely before 2028, Rocket Lab payload inflatable solar arrays successfully unfurled, Rocket Lab launches smallsats, catches but drops booster, Another North Korean missile launch, Webb Space Telescope postage stamps, China plans 6 missions to complete its space station this year, Space Force canceled by Netflix.
May 6
19 min
Space Gab Podcast #179 for 29 April
China launches remote sensing SATS, Cosmonauts display banner while on spacewalk at ISS, Spacewalk at the ISS, My fish story about 37 fish caught reason why podcast delayed, Ax-1 Astronauts share Russian toilet on ISS, NY Times you got it wrong, again Mars alien UFO story, The lunar far-side, SpaceX crew Dragon arrive at ISS, Elon Musk and SpaceX has done so much for America, Elon Musk buys Twitter, Twitter purchase sparks panic from many, Sharing Shenzhou13 crew departure video, Planet alignment.
Apr 29
15 min
Space Gab Podcast #178 for 21 April 2022
Space slips, missions delayed for various reasons, SpaceX Falcon 9 static test, Lonestar emerges from stealth with plans for lunar data centers, Cool kites. China's Tiangong space station kite, and Shenzhou crew capsule kite. Docking optional, Repairs to SLS, how to? SLS going back to the VAB for repairs, U.S. declares ban on anti-satellite missile tests, calls for other nations to join, China's space telescope update, ISS spacewalk, Not many launch photos of the SpaceX Falcon 9 NROL85 mission, but many more of the stage 1 landing, Apollo 16 50th anniversary, KSC amateur radio club had a special event too, US Military Confirms an Interstellar Meteorite Hit Earth in 2014, China's Shenzhou13 crew touchdown.
Apr 21
21 min
Space Gab Podcast #177 for 14 April 2022
Will Elon Musk buy Twitter, will Twitter employees meltdown to the max if he does, will Twitter employees need many additional days off because of their stress due to free speech being allowed if Musk takes over?... we shall see, SLS WDR will go maybe delayed but now on track, Satellite cybersecurity threats, China gears up for new space station missions, record-breaking crew set to return home, Massive solar storm, I'd rather be fishing, Trying to sound impressive, Putin says Russia will resume lunar program, US Space Command relocation update, White House releases in-space servicing strategy, South Korea hires SpaceX to launch five spy satellites by 2025, Rocket Lab plans the first attempt to catch one of its returning small satellite boosters by helicopter after a launch later this month, 11 at the ISS.
Apr 14
18 min
Space Gab Podcast #176 for 07 April 2022
HAARP support of INCAA rocket launch happened today with NASA support too, Poker Flat RR successfully launches two rockets into the ionosphere for numerous tests, A newly revealed letter from the Army Corps of Engineers to SpaceX details a withdrawal of the company's permit application for Starbase expansion, The Tulsa Air and Space Museum is getting a full scale mockup of the Mars Curiosity Rover from NASA, Space Force training command location update, Military space chiefs from 15 countries gather amid growing security concerns, CEO of Twitter welcomes Elon Musk to Twitter Board... and Musk responded. Changes ahead, I'm sure, Amazon just announced the biggest commercial launch purchase ever. Basically, they bought every available Western rocket for the next five years that didn't have a Falcon stenciled on it, SSTV to be transmitted from the ISS, Axiom Mission 1 (Ax-1) is now targeting launch no earlier than Friday, April 8, Space Gab Podcast now ranked 11th of top 50 space podcasts, Space Gab Podcast shout out to certified meteorologist Laura Mock of FOX23 in Tulsa, OK. Laura shares space related information and helps educate the viewing audience on a regular basis with her Sky Watch segment. Cool space stuff!
Apr 7
22 min
Space Gab Podcast #175 for 31 Mar 2022
Blue Origin New Shepard NS20 mission launched and landed, HAARP conducts or supports two experiments during March and April, HAARP is supporting Ion Neutral Coupling during Active Aurora (INCAA) sounding rocket mission, HAARP is supporting HF Ocean Scatter mission, New China space probe, Missile test from California back on the calendar, The mainstream media can rest easy. After continuing their hype about an astronaut being left on the ISS, he has now returned to earth, Budgeted big bucks added for U.S. Space Force, Sailing the solar seas French startup raises funding to develop solar sails, Mars sample return mission delay, Data for satellite jamming detection, China's Tiangong space station just got a bit smaller. Cargo spacecraft undocked from Tianhe module.
Mar 31
22 min
Space Gab Podcast #174 for 24 Mar 2022
North Korean missile flew for 71 minutes, OTD Gemini III astronaut & NASA legend John Young smuggled a corned beef sandwich into space hiding it in a pocket of his spacesuit, Artemis astronauts on a SpaceX Starship, Moon missions galore, Progress with SpaceX lander, Astronauts spacewalk outside ISS, eff Bezos’ space company, Blue Origin, said it will replace Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson with a long-time employee on the company’s next supersonic jaunt to the edge of space, China plans to open its Tiangong space station for tourism within a decade, SpaceX ends relationship with partner, Russian satellite on its way, Wow!!! Lunar dust associated with astronaut Neil Armstrong to be auctioned, Hope fading for recovery of European radar imaging satellite, Mars helicopter makes 22nd fight, SpaceX Starlink user numbers, SpaceX to launch OneWeb satellite constellation and others, The Soyuz #S21 spacecraft carrying 3 cosmonauts to the ISS has docked.
Mar 24
24 min
Space Gab Podcast #173 for 17 Mar 2022
Rollout for moon rocket crawling to LC39B, James Webb space telescope image shares wonderful things, Stop tweeting bad stuff you former astronauts, Walmart fire seen from space, Failure with recent North Korean missile test, Hypersonic missile tracking costs, DoD estimates $2.5 billion price tag for global constellation to track hypersonic missiles, Latest Astra launch and payload insertion is successful, Astronauts Kayla Barron and Raja Chari floated out of the International Space Station airlock for a spacewalk Tuesday to install brackets and struts to support new solar arrays to upgrade the research lab’s power system, Next Soyuz launch to ISS is Friday at the earliest, Astronaut not in danger of being left on ISS, Mars Perseverance still gathering samples, A mural on a local building. Astronaut Stuart Roosa born in Durango Colorado and grew up in Claremore Oklahoma, Mars helicopter Ingenuity flight 21 is successful, All welcome aboard China's manned space program.
Mar 17
22 min
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