Space Gab Podcast
Space Gab Podcast
Space Gab Podcast
Podcast (Audio Space Report) about space related topics. Mike Coletta, who supported the space industry for almost 2 decades, shares news of current and past events that relate to various space programs. Space and astronomical related events are also covered in this audio Space Report. Mike Coletta's Space Gab Podcast was featured in the opening scenes of the COSMOS 2019 Movie, a science fiction thriller about 3 Astro-Nuts in search of mysteries of the universe.
Space Gab Podcast #199 for 01 Oct 2022
Astronauts of NASA Crew5 arriving at KSC, Firefly ALPHA launch and payload deployment, North Korea has launched another ballistic missile test. Their 4th in a short time, Hubble was already prepared for missions such as the SpaceX Dragon idea, Space surveillance telescope developed by the U.S. begins operations in Australia, Next U.S. Space Force top guy, Science that could make Martian-grown potatoes a reality, China's Wentian laboratory moved for Mengtian laboratory cabin module arrival at Tiangong Space Station CSS, FCC says LEO satellites must be disposed of in set amount of time after nonop, SLS rollback to VAB, FTS batteries to be changed, Artemis1 cubesat payloads to be charged if possible, Cosmonauts return from ISS, Last flight for SOFIA Telescope, Russia not mentioned in China's search for new space partners, ULA Atlas V SES-20, 21 launch delayed due to hurricane, DART Mission impacts an asteroid.
Oct 1
30 min
Space Gab Podcast #198 for 10 Sep 2022
Report: Ligado’s wireless network will interfere with Iridium and some GPS services, Navy sends a STRONG message to UFO UAP ufotwitter enthusiasts. Because they can, and will, and did. You don't need to know!!!, China's flag displayed on the ISS, Full Moon, More SpaceX Starlink satellites to launch Saturday, SpaceX Starlink train and I saw it, Ship 24 rumbles to life with a 6 engine Static Fire, SLS Artemis launch could happen in September IF, NASA selects Axiom Space to develop Artemis spacesuit, Blue Origin NS23 launch,  window, KMI wins three Space Force study contracts for debris cleanup technology, China to launch flat panel satellites, China says US is militarizing space, doing harm, China performs two launches inside two hours, 40th launch of 2022 for SpaceX.
Sep 10
29 min
Space Gab Podcast #197 for 03 Sep 2022
SLS another NO GO, We'll go when it's ready.. says NASA administrator, A comparison... Tweets minutes apart, Russian cosmonaut spacewalk at ISS,  China's Shenzhou14 crew is performing a spacewalk outside the Tiangong space station CSS, Blue Origin NS23 is scrubbed today due to weather conditions at Launch Site One, Galaxy 15 continues to drift out of its geostationary orbit slot at 133 degrees West, and “will soon begin transiting through orbital locations licensed for other satellites, More space junk has been found in Australia! The SpaceX Crew1 Trunk re-entered over Australia on Saturday July 9 and was seen / heard across the region, NASA orders more SpaceX, Rocket Lab wet dress rehearsal, Expecting we'll get a lot of "what was that in the sky" questions from SoCal tonight. If you saw something weird in the sky at 10.40 pm PDT from the Los Angeles area,  it was the Falcon 9 launch from Vandenberg, South Korea seeks $459 million for lunar lander project, Orbit Fab announces in-space hydrazine refueling service, Ham Radio QSOs about SLS.
Sep 3
30 min
Space Gab Podcast #196 for 26 Aug 2022
NASA & Boeing have penciled in a launch date in February for the first piloted test flight of the Starliner commercial crew capsule, Funnel trying to drop at NASA Kennedy near the Artemis-1 rocket at LC-39B, SpaceX and T-Mobile partner for direct-to-cellphone satellite service, China's suborbital vehicle takes flight, This is not an invisible UFO or UAP or submersible attempting to land on water... this is a water spout I witnessed, ISS raised in orbit by progress cargo ship, Wednesday evening pass of China's Tiangong Space Station CSS over my location, Astrobotic wins NASA funding for CubeRover mission, China's 34th space launch for 2022, Pentagon spokesperson has told Liberation Times that Lue Elizondo, former director of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), is advising the U.S. Space Force on “classified topics”, UFO Twitter heating up again for reasons related to Elizondo, Tulsa’s Darnaby Elementary School takes their questions to the International Space Station, Industry has to face reality that commercial satellites will be targets in war, China's Tiangong space station robotic arm camera, All GO for SLS Artemis launch, NASA seeks ISS deorbit input, A proposed commercial space station has passed a key early NASA review, allowing it to move into the next phase of its design, JWST and Jupiter images.
Aug 26
28 min
Space Gab Podcast #195 for 19 Aug 2022
SpaceX launches another 53 Starlink satellites from Florida, Artemis 1 launch watch party, SLS on ther move it moved from the VAB to the launch pad, SpaceX cargo Dragon undocks from ISS, Water leaking spacesuit coming back from ISS to earth for inspection, emergency message during recent ISS spacewalk.. get back into the airlock and hookup to station power, My own UFO sighting early this morning... tracking with a Starlink train pass. It was bright, fast, and not listed with a TLE on the object tracking app, X-37B space plane sighting and capture, A very well written, thoughtful, and detailed thread about what's going on with the most recent, and controversial ufotwitter discussion concerning UFO stuff, SKY Perfect JSAT signed Launch Service Contract for Superbird-9 satellite with SpaceX using Starship, I scored four LIFE Magazines at a vintage shop. All from 1969, and all with moon related covers and stories, Will they work after placed in orbit? "Stuck within the rocket for more than a year because of launch delays, their batteries have drained to a level where some may be unable to boot up and unfurl their solar panels.", More on China's secretive spaceplane.
Aug 19
26 min
Space Gab Podcast #194 for 12 Aug 2022
Cubesats deployed from ISS, Progress MS-20 fired its engines at 0746 UTC Aug 10 to reboost the ISS orbit. The 2min 45s burn changed the ISS velocity by 0.3 m/s, Army looking at new ways to use space technology for unconventional warfare, WOW... what a SUPER HEAVY article about SpaceX Starship, NASA centers should be thinking really carefully, NASA could go away some day, Space Hipsters Facebook group not a good fit for me, Did you see the full moon last night, FCC considers new rules for emerging space capabilities, HAARP open house, Spaceflight’s chemically powered space tug heads for launch, The Aerospace Corp. is developing a network of remotely operated optical communications terminals to support existing and future small satellite missions, Tracking debris and space traffic a growing challenge for U.S. military, China's 31st space launch of 2022, Another module for China's Tiangong space station CSS, SpaceX Starlink launch, Russia launches Soyuz rocket with Iranian satellite and CubeSats, China's spaceplane radio signals have ceased, Benchmark unveils small satellite collision-avoidance kit (COLA-KIT), Galactic Energy of China registers third consecutive successful launch, NASA looking for new launch of remaining TROPICS cubesats, Northrop Grumman and Firefly have joined forces to provide an American-built first-stage upgrade for the Antares rocket and a new medium launch vehicle to serve commercial, civil and national security missions, India’s space agency said Sunday the inaugural demonstration flight of the country’s new Small Satellite Launch Vehicle — the fourth rocket in India’s fleet of launchers — failed to place two satellites into their targeted low Earth orbit, A Space Agency for the Crypto Nation.  Sending community members to space and funding SETI and Asteroid Defense.
Aug 12
31 min
Space Gab Podcast #193 for 05 Aug 2022
Astra cancels Rocket 3 to focus on larger vehicle, Virgin Galactic again delays start of commercial suborbital flights, SpaceX launches the Korean Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter, Blue Origin went up and came down successfully, Listening for China's experimental spaceplane, China's 28th and 29th space launch, 29th was a secret spaceplane, ULA Atlas 5 launches SBIRS satellite, NASA is not trusting private citizens to travel to the International Space Station on their own, A challeger in the GPS type navigational satellite constellation, the Chinese are testing out the new small robotic arm brought up with Wentian, ESA ends efforts to recover Sentinel-1B, Cool videos of China's rocket burning up on reentry, SpaceX space debris cleanup.
Aug 5
23 min
Space Gab Podcast #192 for 29 July 2022
Pieces and parts... SpaceX debris scattered here and there, Masten Space Systems, a company developing a lunar lander for a NASA mission, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy with plans to sell one of its major assets to a competitor, Draft Senate appropriations bill matches overall NASA request for fiscal year 2023, Boeing takes another Starliner charge against its earnings, Rocket Lab to supply solar power units for U.S. Space Force missile warning satellites, Russia pulling out of the ISS program, Some major details about the proposed Russian space station ROSS, China's Tianzhou-3 cargo spacecraft reentered atmosphere, China's 26th launch of 2022, Buzz Aldrin wore it during moon mission, now another can wear after $2.8m purchase, Korean Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter, ARISS contact: On July 30, 2022, Roscosmos cosmonauts will conduct a radio communication session aboard the ISS, China's Shenzhou14 crew enter the newly docked Wentian laboratory module, Joe Barnard of BPS Space said he has video of his model rocket landing after launch just like a SpaceX Falcon 9 first stage.
Jul 29
31 min
Space Gab Podcast #191 for 22 July 2022
First Egyptian and Portuguese Astronauts to join Dude Perfect Cofounder on New Shepard’s 22nd Flight, SpaceX Falcon 9 liftoff with Starlink satellites from California, Advisory panel concerned about future commercial space station program, Russian cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev and European astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti have completed a 7-hour, 5-minute spacewalk outside the International Space Station. They released 10 CubeSats and continued outfitting the station's new European Robotic Arm, NASA statement on the SpaceX Crew-5 mission that is now targeting September 29, Orbital debris avoidance maneuver for ISS, Moving a rocket with new module for China's Tiangong space station CSS from VAB to launch pad is no small affair. There's more than just remote cameras watching, I have this iconic Apollo 11 photo hanging in my office, Delayed Northrop Grumman ISS resupply launch, NASA announced Tuesday it awarded SpaceX a $255 million contract to launch the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope, the agency’s next flagship astronomy mission, on a Falcon Heavy rocket from the Kennedy Space Center in 2026, Meteor impact left 'uncorrectable' damage to the James Webb space telescope's mirror, Russian cosmonaut Anna Kikina to fly to ISS on next SpaceX crew Dragon.
Jul 22
22 min
Space Gab Podcast #190 for 15 July 2022
Oh no UFOtwitter will be getting false reports, Amazon plans to start delivering packages by drone in Texas later this year, ISS passed over me and I shared how to see it with my community, ROSCOSMOS Director General removed, Earth as seen from China's Tiangong space station CSS, NASA division proposing program to send scientists to ISS, SpaceX Falcon 9 cargo Dragon resupply launched last evening, China's Tiangong space station CSS to become a bit larger, Liftoff of the inaugural flight of Europe’s new Vega-C launcher, debuting upgraded solid rocket motors and carrying an Italian research satellite into orbit, Traffic management of space, Air Force completes draft environmental review of U.S. Space Command candidate locations, China's 23rd launch of 2022, Liftoff of Rocket Lab's Electron launcher from New Zealand on the NROL-162 mission, hoisting a classified payload into orbit for the US government's spy satellite agency, Something happened at SpaceX Texas launch complex.
Jul 15
26 min
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