South Texas Gardening with Bob Webster
South Texas Gardening with Bob Webster
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Decades of experience in a conversation
Really enjoy listening to Bob’s vast knowledge of gardening,livestock, and pets in a n natural and especially organic manner. Thank you for adding both shows to the podcast.
Farmer Chac 78840
Loves what he does!
You can tell Bob loves his job. So respectful to callers. I look forward to every show. PLEASE add both shows to podcast.
Great way to catch up
I work a lot of weekends and can’t always catch the live stream, Nacogdoches being outside the listening area, so the podcast is a great way to get what I missed.
Love this show…
Been listening via radio when I could… this podcast is fantastic… thank you.
First time gardener
My neighbor told me to Listen to Bobs show when I get the chance cause I wanted a better lawn but got started by using synthetic fertilizers. Thanks to Bob I am now using organic and have started a garden.
Best Gardening show on Earth
I have been listening to Bob on the weekends for years on AM radio. Sometimes it’s a struggle down to hear in RGV. This podcast makes my day every time it is uploaded. Thank everyone for taking the time to push it out!
Bobby from Texas
Bob Webster Is My Elvis
This man is THE MAN. From listening to this show, in a matter of months, I’ve gone from a total beginner that had never stepped foot in a garden to being knowledgeable and confident. I’ve established several trees and perennials, maintained and improved my existing landscape and I’m fearlessly planning out a huge native flower bed to plant this fall. My friends now ask me for advice! I love this show and my only criticism is that the episodes are randomly posted and I don’t think the post both weekend shows sometimes. It’s still my favorite podcast though. PS: take a shot every time Bob says “nematode” and you’re in for a very fun gardening experience!
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Bob Webster So Texas Gardening
PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE ! Podcast BOTH Saturday & SUNDAY broadcast. I can’t listen when working weekends. Only catch portions & often miss the punchline !
I sure would like bob and Co to post podcasts sooner !
Best Gardening Show
I have missed this show. This is the show that got me hooked on podcasts! So much information easy enough to understand.
Jim Bob Texas
Very informative!
I enjoy listening to Bob and the callers on weekend mornings over a cup of coffee. I write down the useful info and make plans for the rest of my day. The podcasts really help when I miss an episode. Keep up the great work!
Great for work!