Soundrise Podcast
Soundrise Podcast
Vladimir Mihajlovic, Aleksandar Savic
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Love this show. Always keeps me interested and always look forward to new episodes. Can’t recommend it enough. -Tabby from Your New Best Friends Podcast
Good show
If you want to listen to information on music groups or just solo artists this podcast show would give you a lot of info on them. Make sure you check them out
Dope show!
I love that they cover a wide range of artists (I’m pretty eclectic when it comes to music). The hosts have great chemistry, and the show is engaging. I really enjoyed their breakdown on the Tina Turner episode.
Tamara tilthebreakof Dawn
Great music podcast
Blades and Aleks. Cover a wide array of musical genres, with in depth assessments of the history of the bands. Lots of research goes into this podcast, and you can tell. Love these guys!! Subscribe!
Great musical podcast
A superb mix of artists that the hosts are breaking down throughout each episode. You are sure to find the type of artist that you like, or discover an artist that you didn’t know you would like so much. Great podcast to listen to!
As a music nerd, this is just what I needed. Great content, awesome conversation and a lot of fun. 🎙🤘🏻🍻
Fat Drunk and Stupid Podcast
The Real Deal
Wow, just wow. Vlad and Alex are the real deal. If you want an insightful breakdown of key musical acts in the music industry, this is the podcast for you! Make sure you are ready for the history lesson that you didn’t know you needed!
Music Discovery
Music taste is so subjective to those that are listening; that it can be extremely hard to review. These guys do such an amazing job at not being biased when giving their opinion on the albums and artists they are reviewing. The thing we really enjoyed most about this podcast is that they provide a rating and their favorite song suggestions from each album. This gives those listening options to think about when checking out an artist they are not familiar with. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ -Bring the Mio Podcast
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Leti G
Excellent podcast!
I started with their Pearl Jam episode because it’s one of my favorite bands. I’ve enjoyed all of the bands records but I. know the hosts are mostly fans of the earlier ones. Please give “Lightning Bolt” another chance! I listened to the Chic episode and the quality has improved. I also loved the shade about the first album lol! Can’t wait for more new episodes!
I listened to their episode on Chic. To was very informative and they definitely did their research. Such a great concept for a podcast that I haven’t come a crossed before and I can’t wait to keep listening to the other bands they have covered.
They're Terrified & Tipsy
Listening to the Korn episode. I rememver this band from the early 2000's---I had no idea they were still making music! The epsode was super interesting, I love the host's dynamic and obvious interest in the topics they're talking about! Well done guys!
They're Terrified & Tipsy Pod
So good!
What an amazing concept! This podcast really dives in deep into albums and the result is incredible discussions and thought provoking ideas. I am a huge music fan and loved the different perspectives that have me looking at my favorite songs differently in the best way!
Historical AF Podcast
I love learning about all these different artists! It is so interesting and delivered well. I love music and look forward to future episodes. Keep up the great work!
I started listening to one episode of soundrise podcast because I wanted to try something new and now I am addicted to it! Every episode gives me so much info on the new bands that I havent heard about before. And to top it all the voice of the hosts are so calm and composed. Their review on each band totally resonates with me and I cant wait for more episodes! Keep going guys!!
I am a music lover, but not usually one that delves too deeply into understanding the who, why or how of it all. This show may change that for me though. I really appreciated how they broke down specific albums, discussing the strengths and short comings, giving their thoughts on the quality of that work in the artist's overall porfolio, and suggesting other songs or albums from the same artist for new listeners to check out first. I found this very informative. Perfect show for those who want to learn more about the music they love
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My favourite!
Always inspires me to check out bands I've never listened to before, or check out albums I haven't listened to from bands I already like! These guys aren't afraid to disagree either, which is both entertaining to listen to and important for the topic since people are so passionate about their music tastes!
The podcast I’ve always needed in my life! Hell yes! Love it. Bingeworthy! Keep up the rockin work!
Fun idea, Relatable hosts!
I definitely didn’t know a lot about the bands featured, and these guys bring the history! Very interesting premise concentrating on one band at a time and very much enjoyed listening, and the hosts are fun and the accents are a bonus for a relaxing listening experience.
Love this show :)
I love the concept of this show, really enjoyable to listen to. The hosts do a great job of sharing insight, and they're both so genuine about their love for music.
Thoughtful & Passionate
The hosts, Vlada and Aleksandar, are very passionate about music, and that passion comes through in every episode, even when they disagree about an artist. I like that the hosts discuss and rate multiple albums from each artist, as well as considering the artist’s wider career and sometimes even touching on other aspects of their lives. What I really appreciate is that they don’t just tell you their opinion, they explain why they feel the way they do very thoughtfully.
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Check these guys out!
They have great dialogue, definitely worth checking out!
Awesome Music Podcast w/ Dedicated Hosts!
Vlada and Aleks are the great hosts of Soundrise Podcast, covering a variety of bands and individuals and sharing their opinions on the discography. You can tell how passionate these two are about music as a whole, even if the artist or their sound isn’t quite their favorite. Definitely the right podcast to listen to if you’re a fellow music lover, or someone just looking to expand their musical horizon and find some new bands!
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