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All you need to know is that this podcast is sponsored by intellectually honest coffee🤢
Good "gateway podcast"
Every once in awhile these guys really nail it, and some of the segments are great. However, doesn't get nearly as deep as a Trap Set, ProtonicReversal, Kreative Kontrol. A fine place to start, as high production values make it easy to listen to (even with annoying sponsor messages) but please dig deeper than Sound Opinions if you are a true music obsessive.
So glad I found SO
Just discovered this podcast and love everything about it. Jim & Greg are excellent. The kind of guys you could talk to for hours on end about great music. Looking forward to hearing some of their older episodes
Why is the podcast summary used as the episode summary?
Surely someone with the ability to fix this has noticed. Right? Otherwise I love this show. Have listened for 15 years.
Music starts with the Velvet Underground
Just found this series and have been picking through past episodes. When he mentioned uncle Lou, I knew that we shared similar life experiences spending teenage years in the late 70s in record stores. Very respectful of The Ig, uncle Neil and The Rolling Stones. Gabba Gabba Hey
Friday Favorite
Makes my end of the week commute worth looking forward to.
Almost Deef
My Go-To During Quarantine
I'm a longtime fan of this show but now I'm going back to the start and listening to some of the ones I missed or don't remember well. I like the theme shows best - Cover Songs, First Impressions, Movie Music, etc. Jim and Greg are less combative then their models Siskel and Ebert and their friendly chemistry works well over the airwaves. They are both accomplished music writers and you can tell they love their subject (except for Jim's tireless work to expose R. Kelly). Great job, boys!
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It's getting stale, dudes
I've enjoyed this show for years, but it really is time to mix it up, in format, and in how popular music history is defined. The assumption of the show is that we want to hear the opinions of Kot and Derogatis; Kot seems genuinely curious and generous, but"professor" Derogatis is getting hard to listen to -- more often comes off as arrogant and condescending. And, please, please please stop referencing Eno and the Feelies every single show, it's getting weird.
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Still the best
Jim and Greg are having the conversations I want to have about music. Love the listener suggestions too turning me on to music I’d never hear otherwise. Keeps this city person sane until I get back to Chicago.
A standard in my podcast library
Jim & Greg know a lot about music. Like most humans they have great taste in music and they have terrible taste in music. Listening to them talk about music can be incredibly gratifying and/or ridiculously annoying. Their opinions may not converge with your own (that’s kind of the whole point), but there’s a lot more going on here than just reviews. Lots of interviews with interesting artists, musicologists, music historians and every other kind of music-related folks you can imagine. Highly recommended.
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More Kot, Less DeRogatis
That DeRogatis dude is annoying. Maybe others can tolerate him, but I cannot. Wish someone would modify the app to eliminate him from the podcast.
Re: clown brothers incorporated
Two know it all, insufferable asshats ruin music for everyone else. How do these two high art misfits get through the day without getting punched in the face?
Dominic Hendryx
Great overall, except...
The new Tool album is amazing, and they both thought it was crap. We’re talking about an album that has 5 absolutely incredibly written songs that are each over ten minutes long, but manage to make you think they are too short. The lyrics take on topics such as aging, the domino effect of nations falling to far right governments, and environmentalism. I’m not the type of person to like music because it’s complex, but the playing is absolutely virtuosic. It may not be 10,000 Days, but it’s a logical step forward in their sound, and is an amazingly cohesive album. I normally love this podcast, but this is a definite oversight of pure artwork. Tool will never be called commercial, and that is a good thing. Noah, age 13, Anchorage AK
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Outdated and predictable
Standard old whity guy opinions. areviews based on their own expectations for artists instesd of the work itself. Thought this sort of thing became obsolete in the late 90's
Neo-Marxist Propaganda?
Someone called this podcast that recently. I totally disagree with it. Just saw my review from last year and had to say ya are still Slayerrific no matter what haters say.
Erik 58
Best Music Podcast
The Robert Johnson episode was sorely lacking, almost insulting in substance.Rare miss.
Big Fan 67-78
Marvin Gaye and the Wah Wah Pedal
Sleeplessness led me to your podcast. Loved it, learned more about the history of R&B, Motown, Marvin Gaye’s artistry, Stevie, and the evolution of the Wah Wah Pedal, had no idea of the name, but recognized the sound. I look forward to finding you again.
Great show
The best music podcast out there. They have turned me on to some great bands I never would heard of. Even if an episode features a band I don’t care for, they make it interesting. Jim & Greg are infinitely knowledgeable and informative. I love this show!
Mr. Tinkerman
Best in Class
There is no better popular music podcast than Sound Opinions. My life is richer with this podcast in my life.
Love Sound Opinion Summer School!
I have always been a full album guy so this is right up my alley. Very thoughtful analysis as always. Great work!
I appreciate a good (bad) pun
Also this is a great podcast.
Arielle Levy
Something for Everyone
Lots of great guests. Good stuff here.
SJW Opinions?
This is no longer a music review podcast. Neo-marxist propoganda under the guise of being a music podcast.
Chopper Machias
Without Derogatis this would be better
Better than most music review podcasts, but Jim Derogatis might be the most insufferable conceited music critic around.
Love music? Listen to this!
Knowledgeable, likable hosts and inspired topics make this a podcast not to be missed for music fans.
Consistently well informed & informative
Jim and Greg do their research and always offer new perspectives on music. This is one of those podcasts that I listen to regularly.
Best music podcast there is
Best music podcast there is
Used to love Picstitch
13 years and still going.
A sophisticated "Oldie but Goodie" program
They spend way too much time lauding over artists from yesteryear. Artists well past their prime are given positive current reviews based solely on past glory. Musically, I've moved on from high school and college. They should too.
Great podcast for positive reinforcement
I only listen to this podcast when I run. Thus when the weather is bad, and I am not feeling it, the thought of listening to Jim and Greg gets me out of the door and on the road. They never disappoint.
Very entertaining
I’ve lived in Chicago for 4 years and feel weird that I just came across this show a few months ago. I love it :-)
Never Not Good!
Always listen. It's always good- even when they (mostly Jim) infuriate you. These guys have the passion and the experience. The show is fun and informative.
No every one cares about music that cover current issue.
For a artist to be good according to them they need to be singing about political topics or LGTB rights or female, or racial issue or all the stuff people actually don’t care about. Not every one listen to music to be reminded about how crappy things are. There are better music out there that don’t talk about such issues
Ryan Adams is terrible.
Ryan Adams is absolutely awful.
For all the music nerds out there
Been listening to this show for years, ever since I lived in Chicago! Jim and Greg are living the dream, thanks for keeping us in the loop.
Mi gusta !
Jim doesn’t understand the genius of Ryan Adams. For me, that means he’s simply too much of a moron about music for me. This would be fine, but he’s a jerk about it.
Deep wells of rock knowledge and passion
Experts on rock, and knowledgeable fans of contemporary rap and pop. I don't think there's a rivalry with the other bit NPR music show, All Songs Considered, but if there is, these guys should win. Also they're good about bringing in diverse perspectives and guests.
The Best 😁😁
This is one of my favorite podcasts
Gary Carter kid
Best Music Podcast
For my money this is the best music podcast. Greg and Jim really know their stuff and their album dissections are always super informative and educational.
Stick to music
It seems that as time goes on they feel the need to make the show political and I've had enough. If I wanted politics I would download a political podcast. I've been listening to Sound Opinions for well over 10 years but now it’s time to say goodbye.
Pretty good compendium
Other than Jim's bizarre hatred of Bowie, most of the hosts' quirks are forgivable. I enjoy the efforts to deal with timely and/or topical issues in the music world.
every week
This is one of the few podcasts that I've listened to religiously for the past five years at least. I don't always agree with Jim and Greg, but I learn about new music and about "old" music that I had never heard before. They have great musical guests and they actually conduct intelligent interviews with interesting questions.
Awesome way to learn about new music!
A number of my friends and family are big music fans and I feel like I can never keep up with all the new music they talk about, or at least that's how I felt before I subscribed to Sound Opinions! I'm always impressed with the variety of music they discuss and their insight into lyrics, themes etc. If you're a NPR fan you'll get this- they are like "Click and Clark the Tappet Brothers" reviewing music instead of cars! :)
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Great music podcast
This is the best podcast about music that I have found. I have been a dedicated listener for years.
Lose the rap
Must every episode include some coverage of another new terrible rap "artist?" This would be a great podcast if they would stop covering awful "music" to be p.c.
Great for music!
Keep up the good work!
Best podcast on music out there!
Viva Sound Opinions!
M Pajamas
I learn something everytime I listen
These guys are seasoned in their music knowledge and have an ability to share it with interesting and compelling storylines and topics. All of sudden the most murky or foreign of topics becomes accessible...for music lovers like me I totally appreciate it! Where else can you have those conversations about music that no one in your regular life understands or cares about? Nowhere....I love that I can download these guys at anytime and they never disappoint.
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