Songs for Jenna Podcast
Songs for Jenna Podcast
Ryan Cassidy
Ryan pairs his most-loved 90's indie songs with new favorites. His sister Jenna is his reluctant audience who'd rather be tailgating a Dave Matthews concert.
EP21 - Rat Fancy
Diana and Greg from Rat Fancy play guest DJ and talk with us about their new "Suck a Lemon" EP. We hear a two new Rat Fancy songs as well as a couple of their fave indie pop songs from the 90s. Then we all do shots, suck lemons, and play a drinking game watching The Adventures of Pete and Pete. Fancy that!
Aug 8, 2017
35 min
Ep20 - One Billion Dog Abortion Jokes
Hashtag: Back in Action! We listen to some 90's songs by Poundsign, Number One Cup and Fuzzy. Jenna downs a couple Grape-a-rita Bombs as Ryan makes inappropriate jokes. The band Childbirth teaches Katie Holmes and Suri (and us) about online dating... and we rock out to new songs by Jay Som and Waxahatchee. Bombs away!
Jun 29, 2017
43 min
Ep19 - Sizzurp In The City
We're EX-ploding with brand new tracks from Air Sea Dolphin (ex-Apples in Stereo), Luxury Death and The Proper Ornaments... new finds from Tufthunter (ex-Heavenly) and The Fantasy Four (ex-Bunnygrunt)... and a classic from Air Miami (ex-Unrest). Jenna mixes us up some legit sizzurp as we sniff batteries and steal pink flamingos. Buckle your seatbelts! Songs featured in this episode: Air Sea Dolphin - Exploding Air Miami - Airplane Rider The Proper Ornaments - Back Pages Tufthunter - Venus The Fantasy Four - (All the way back in) Kansas City Luxury Death - Glue Go buy records and see live music!
May 5, 2017
42 min
Ep18 - Leggo My Leggins
Things start off sweet with an oldie from Boston indie-pop band Syrup USA. Then we get a little messy with more 90s songs by Poopiehead and PEE. We learn TMI about "the vaginas of kings and queens of yesteryear" which is NOT the name of the new Magnetic Fields song. I promise Lularoe did not pay us for Jenna's obsessive endorsement. Everyone pee your overalls! Songs in this episode: Syrup USA - Stardust P.E.E. - IHOP Poopiehead - I like Meat Bored Nothing - Shit for Brains Magnetic Fields - ’88: Ethan Frome Tashaki Miyaki - Girls on TV Go buy records and support artists by seeing live music!
Mar 30, 2017
43 min
Ep17 - Youth Against Fascism
Jenna preps for her SuperBowl bash as Trump fumbles our government. Good thing we have music to sing along to which conveys our frustration! We play some indie/punk songs from the 90s and today. Make America Rock Again! Songs in this episode: Liquorice - Trump Suit Sonic Youth - Youth Against Fascism The Evens - All these Governors The Thermals - A Pillar of Salt Coco Rosie and Anohni - Smoke 'em Out Pussy Riot - Make America Great Again Support these artists - Go see live music and buy records!
Feb 9, 2017
41 min
Ep16 - Honk For Tits
Ryan and Jenna finally agree! They're both fans of our first song by Velocity Girl, but then things get hairy when they hear an old recording with Jenna singing a Jale song. They talk about carpooling with homemade signs, making mac 'n' cheese with the Pioneer Woman, and three-legged dogs. Happy New Year! Songs in this episode: Velocity Girl – Sorry Again Stereolab – Lo Boob Oscillator The Courtneys – Silver Velvet Eux Autres – The Sundance Kid Islands – Back Into it Support the artists. Please buy their albums and go see live music.
Jan 15, 2017
39 min
Ep15 - Kleenex Girl Wonder
Ryan talks to Graham Smith about his new Kleenex Girl Wonder record, "The Comedy Album". Graham charms Jenna with his favorite mezcal cocktail recipe and he chats about his brand new songs, his resemblance to Lena Dunham, and his trip to see ICP. OMG Jenna Likes it! Songs featured on this episode: Kleenex Girl Wonder – Why I write Such Good Songs Kleenex Girl Wonder – The Best Shape Of My Life Kleenex Girl Wonder – Unrequitable Kleenex Girl Wonder – Lena Dunham Kleenex Girl Wonder – Magistermind Visit Graham's official website for more!
Dec 1, 2016
47 min
Ep14 - All About That Fuzz Bass
The siblings get fuzzy on this episode, and we aren't just talking about the blue drink Jenna mixes up. Ryan plays some favorite old fuzz-bass songs by Varnaline, Holiday and Spare Snare. We learn about hand-me-down Hondas and how a passive-aggressive roommate sold Ryan's stuff on eBay. Jenna doesn't hate new songs by LVL UP, John Congleton and the Nighty Nite, and AJJ. Turn up the bass! Featured Songs: Holiday – Fifteen Dollars Spare Snare – Bugs Varnaline – Lbs LVL UP – Hidden Driver John Congleton and the Nighty Nite – Until It Goes AJJ – Golden Eagle Support these bands by buying records and seeing them live!
Sep 27, 2016
38 min
Ep13 - Freddie Corduroy
The Olympics may be in Rio, but Jenna is at home making a bucket of frozen piña colada worthy of a gold medal. Ryan talks to our special guest Joey Coulter of Freddie Corduroy about his new album. Featured Songs: Freddie Corduroy – Bad Dog Freddie Corduroy – Sally Freddie Corduroy – Sore Freddie Corduroy – Friends Buy the album at !
Aug 18, 2016
33 min
Ep12 - The Dream Of The 90s
All the bands in this episode are from Portland, Oregon, which has one of the most prolific music scenes today (and all those hipsters). Ryan plays the songs while Jenna risks misdemeanor charges to mix up some jello shots. They talk about crustaceans, pimping out a rental van with a woman’s bra found on the side of the road, and a Britney Spears cardboard cutout. Put a bird on it! Songs featured in this episode: The Crabs – Anything and Everything Boy Crazy – Bad Things Quasi – California Houndstooth – No News From Home Sioux Falls – Dinosaur Dying Honey Bucket – Devo Hat Support these artists - Please buy their albums. And go see live music! Visit for more
Jul 28, 2016
39 min
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