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The Something Something Podcast is brought to you by Parade and Foobs. Topics will include video games, movies, comics, TV shows, and relevant current events. Podcasts will be recorded and uploaded whenever. Check out the podcast and prepare to lower your expectations - we're glad you're here.Email the podcast
Episode 8
This episode is all about the new Taco Volcano menu.I for one welcome our new Taco Bell overlords.If you're expecting something else - don't.Follow Parade here: be sure to try the new Volcano menu.Taco Bell please sponsor us. Thanks.Support the show
Jul 9, 2023
56 min
Episode 7
We talk Star Wars.We talk Jedi Survivor.We talk about sandwiches.Join us. Or not. I'm not your boss.Email the show:officialsspodcast@gmail.comFollow Parade here: our stupid IG page: the show
May 25, 2023
54 min
Episode 6
May the force be with you.Always.Follow our IG page here: Parade here: the show:officialsspodcast@gmail.comYou're welcome, folks.Support the show
May 4, 2023
55 min
Episode 5
Light the beam.Email the show:officialsspodcast@gmail.comSupport the show
Apr 20, 2023
59 min
Episode 4
Aaaaaaaand we're back,We talk a bit about Mandalorian (shocking) and tie it nicely with reader email.We're a pod for the people and have granted your sports talk request.We have a surprise guest on the podcast - and she like veggie chips.And we even throw in a bit of actual video game chit chat.Stay a while - and listen.We're glad you're here.Email the podcast here:officialsspodcast@gmail.comIt's also in the main show page now, Boog.Support the show
Mar 30, 2023
49 min
Episode 3
Favorite candy? Choose one. Watch the newest episode of The Mandalorian? We did.We also bring back an old favorite: listener email - so enjoy!Meaty podcast this week and we managed to sprinkle in some jokes.And as always - we're glad you're here - more or less. Tell no one.Email us at: officialsspodcast@gmail.comKeep up with Parade at: the show
Mar 2, 2023
49 min
Episode 2
Medical talk is on the menu.Does Watto make a guest spot?How allergic is Foo to penicillin?What's going with Parade and Foo?What's our freaking email for the podcast?What movie trailers were shown during the Super Bowl?Are you tired of these formatted lists for the podcast description?Found out the answer to these questions and more!Email us: officialsspodcast@gmail.comSupport the show
Feb 15, 2023
52 min
Episode 1
Picking up right where we left off. We go into life updates,What's the deal with cereal mascots?How great is Pedro Pascal and his new show?How much water is enough and when is the cut off point?Find out all this and more on the newest episode of SSP.We're glad you're here.Support the show
Jan 31, 2023
45 min