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"Welcome to The Somethin' Like That with Nav podcast! I am your host, Nav, and I am excited to bring you insights and stories from the music ,entertainment and arts scene. On this show, we focus on showcasing the talents and experiences of musicians, artists, actors, DJs, and more. If you're a fan of these creative industries, then you won't want to miss an episode. Each week, I bring on guests and ask them all the questions that have been on my mind. So join me on this journey as we explore the fascinating world of entertainment and arts with The Somethin' Like That with Nav podcast."
This is kinda unique and interesting episode for me as I speak to a man who is part of not only one band but five ( that I know of) Sweet Rasta, Malacca Drum Corps ,Raag X ,Music on the Run and Mysterious drops  . He also goes by several names which is Paul Stephen Theseira ,Paul Black , Paul Rasta, Stephen .t and Sweet Chocolate Man . This podcast was suppose to be about his band but somehow ended up being something else. Take a listen and you'll know why as we find what he does and how does it. For more visit
Mar 19
49 min
In this episode, we catch up with our regular guest Azmyl Yunor as he shares exclusive insights into his highly anticipated John Bangi Blues Tour 2023. Alongside that, we delve into his music and explore what makes his sound and tour so unique. But that's not all, as we also touch on the current state of the gig industry and what the future holds for musicians and performers. This is an episode not to be missed by anyone who is passionate about music and the creative arts. So tune in and discover the world of Azmyl Yunor and the John Bangi Blues Tour 2023.  For more visit
Feb 26
55 min
Singer and dancer Justin Lewis, better known by his stage as JLewis. Justin, who has a sizable fan base and a love for music, has become well-known thanks to the success of his song "Oh Kinabalu." The fact that he has continued to enthrall audiences with songs like "My Lady," "Gotta Let You Go," "Lonely," "Tragedy," and more shows that this is only the beginning of his success. He is definitely on a streak when it comes to releasing his music in 2023! Prepare to be amazed. On this week's podcast episode, join us as we speak to Justin Lewis to discover more about this budding talent. For more visit
Feb 8
1 hr 2 min
In this episode, Jay Ivanez rejoins the podcast after a year away. We discuss his new single, "A Lot To Say," written after a tragic lost of a friend, as well as other re-releases and what Jay has been up to. Hear about his hometown and who he has been collaborating with for his music. Get a sneak peek at what's in store for 2023 from Jay . For more visit
Jan 9
53 min
Starting off as a couple of college friends with a shared love of Rock & Roll , The Wicked Livers have grown to play at multiple venues, participate in competitions and create their own original songs which is available on streaming platforms. Playing alongside the likes of KAYA , AZMYL YUNOR , BLISTER and many more , The Wicked Livers have grown into a unique Rock Band , bringing a new twist to classic songs, rock versions of popular tunes and killer head-banging originals. SET ME FREE and SON OF A GUN are their most recent singles taken from the their upcoming album FISH . In this episode, join me as I chat with the members of The Wicked Livers and find out what makes them an awesome rock band. For more visit www.sltwithnav/thewickedlivers
Dec 12, 2022
1 hr 6 min
CATS IN LOVE is under no grand illusion that life is going to be easy plying a route less-travelled, but the band’s guiding light has always been the music, and that’s exactly what these five musicians live(and die) for . And customary with rock music from the golden era of the genre–60s and 70s–CIL throws in smatterings of all things that have come to define classic rock music, so there’ll be equal amounts of rock, blues, pop, country, prog, funk and jazz (ok, we exaggerate =P ).The band is on the cusp of releasing its debut album, No Paws For Regret, which, if all goes to plan, will see the light of day sooner rather than later. It's been 17 years since the band began, and while in today's terms that seems a lifetime, never forget AC/DC's prophetic words-it's a long way to the top if you want to rock n' roll. While the band’s personnel eased through a revolving door over the years, the seats that were finally filled include that of NRLOHAN(guitars, vocals), EU GENE (bass) and ASHWIN GOBINATH (drums).The band is sometimes augmented by LK WONG on keyboards . In this episode , LOHAN gives us a glimpse of Cats In Love’s brand new single titled BLACK MONDAY and their journey.  For more visit
Dec 9, 2022
1 hr 22 min
Tim Lim , an Independent artist who is no stranger to the scene. With couple of albums, EPs and single , Tim continues to spread his brand of music to the world. In this episode , I had the pleasure to chat with Tim and have a glimpse on what he’s been up to . For more visit www.sltwithnav/timlim
Dec 6, 2022
43 min
K-town Clan, the original Crunk Mafia is an award winning English rap group from Malaysia. They have shared the stage with acts like Demi Lovato, Tata Young, 2NE1, Status Quo, Backstreet Boys, and nearly all of Malaysia's top English artists. The trio were the opening act for both Lil Jon and Fatman Scoop Live In Malaysia. They have performed all across Malaysia and have graced stages all the way in South Korea, India and the Philippines. Members are Roshan Jamrock (Rapper / Producer), Big Bo (Rapper) & Dravid (Rapper) After a gap of 10 years from my previous interview with them I finally got to chat with them again in this episode. It was sure a fun filled one. For more visit . There's a clip of the previous chat too .
Nov 30, 2022
1 hr 24 min
Porcelane is a Malaysian rock outfit based in Kelana Jaya. With the vision to enthral audiences through story and music, the band challenges the limits of genres by combining the sounds of midwest-emo, shoegaze and pop-punk in hopes of birthing something chaotic and new. Fueled by "ikat-tepi" drinks and a burning drive, the band consists of members Adam Ariff(Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Ajith Nair(Lead Guitar), Sandro Guerzo(Bass Guitar) and Daud Ho(Drums). With each of them bringing a unique perspective, Porcelane is inspired by bands such as Basement and Nothing, blending chugging bass lines and swirling guitars, to conjure up feelings of languish, sorrow, perseverance and prevalence.  Join us in this episode and let’s get to know the band and their music. For more visit www.sltwithnav/porcelane This podcast episode is supported by Malaysia’s Cultural Economy Development Agency ( CENDANA )
Nov 28, 2022
48 min
Born in Singapore and raised in Canada, Masia One broke stereotypes for Asian and female artists in Toronto's bourgeoning Hiphop scene. She earned her stripes working from L.A. to New York as a song writer and creative consultant with studio Kops & Robbers, and later moved to Jamaica to record at Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong Studios . She has also shared her work with top artists and producers such as Che Pope (Kanye West, Jay-Z, Lauryn Hill), Pharrell Williams, John Frusciante, RZA (Wu-Tang Clan) and more. Masia One joins us in this episode and shares some of  her experience , journey and her brand new release 'Wait In Vain', in collaboration with Indonesian prince of ska and soul, Denny Frust . To celebrate the release of WAIT IN VAIN there's also a contest where you stand a chance to win a Sennheiser Wireless Headphones (worth $1500RM)  . For more visit This podcast episode is supported by Malaysia’s Cultural Economy Development Agency ( CENDANA )
Nov 26, 2022
40 min
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